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Allow Me To Introduce Myself...


And I am here to help you live your absolutely best life, tap into the infinite possibilities before you, and carve your own path forward.

Seriously. That's it in a nutshell. But, why is this my mission?

Each Soul comes to this earth with certain missions; I have always known, on a deep level, that what I just listed is one of mine.

Second, I've seen a whole lot of people living joyless lives from comparing and trying to fit one mold (in any area of life), while I've also had periods of living a joyless one myself from doing the same! All throughout life, I've heard a lot of messaging about "the way life has to be." I've been around a lot of negativity when it comes to beliefs and perspectives. Something always felt "off" about all of this.

Eventually, I began to wonder...

Does this have to be true? Is there another way? Is life really destined to be mundane, mostly full of struggle, just sprinkled with moments of joy and goodness? Are we all supposed to be and do the same?

The conclusion? No.

I'm kind of tired of living that sort of a life. Aren't you? I'm ready for something new, joyful, wild, exciting, magical, free, unique, and world-changing.

My mission is to teach about and be an example of what life can be, that we can choose another way. I'm here to share what I have learned, both from others and from personal experience. I'm here to offer you a totally new way of looking at life, a brand new perspective. I'm here to help you align (spiritually & physically) with who you truly are as a Soul.

Let me share my story with you so that you know more about who I am and how I got here...

“The only service you can render God is to give expression to what he is trying to give the world, through you. The only service you can render God is to make the very most of yourself in order that God may live in you to the utmost of your possibilities.”

Wallace Wattles


Combining Who I am (my Soul identity/personality), my gifts, Soul mission, experiences growing up, exploration in spirituality, formal education, solo learning, and lived experience (holy moly that was a lot!)- I know I got you (meaning, I know I can help make your life kick-a** and amazing!)


Who I Am & Soul Misison

My nickname, for as long as I can remember, has always been Sunshine. I've always known, deep down in my Soul, that I'm here to bring more joy to this world. And one way I get to do this is through helping you experience more joy by living the life you are meant to live (the one you're dreaming of). 

Early Childhood

My experiences growing up filled me with a lot of beliefs that I have gotten to rewire and shift over the years (i.e., "money is hard to come by," "you're only worthy of good things if you work hard," "some people can have success & others can't"...etc.). These beliefs were integral in me waking up, knowing something had to change, and pushing me to explore other ways of living. My early years set me up to be where I am today, having gone through massive changes, to lead you awesome Souls through your own massive changes, too. (Still rewiring beliefs and changing on the daily!)

Spiritual Exploration

Part of what got me to where I am today was exploring spirituality. I was raised in the Christian church, and about the time I turned 20 in 2017, I began to explore outside of this faith tradition. For a while, I turned away from it. I convinced myself it was harmful, as I had seen the suffering that many had experienced as a result of being a part of the Church. Yet, I came to understand that humans in any spiritual space can use principles, teachings, and texts to bring about harm. I had my time away, my time on a journey, exploring other realms of spirituality. Now, I embrace my Christian roots with the expanded beliefs I have come to over the years (and the expansion is definitely ongoing!). Spirituality is the foundation for all I do, even the nutrition coaching.

Psychology, Health & Wellness Coaching, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching

I do have some formal education, too, my friends. I have a degree in psychology, a certificate in health & wellness coaching (Maryland Institute of Integrative Health), a certificate in personal training (NASM-CPT), and a certificate in nutrition coaching (NASM-CNC). All of these have helped me better understand how we humans work (brain, body, etc.) and the process of change. While we are truly Souls, we all have these human bodies with human brains; we have to work with the brain and body - they are here to be our partners in this lifetime.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Lastly, I want to mention that I have been through and recovered from an eating disorder. This was one of the most pivotal moments in my life. It helped me awaken even more (spiritually), lit an even more intense fire within me to live this one life extraordinarily well & help everyone else do the same, reignited my interest in/passion for true physical wellness, and it taught me the most about changing thoughts and beliefs. One of the most profound things recovery showed me was the importance of pairing action with new thoughts and beliefs. Through this time, I learned about the process of neural/subconscious rewiring - how our brains can change with repetition of new thoughts & behaviors. Everything I gained from this experience, I bring to you!

My Spiritual Foundation

The Core

Spirituality sits at the core of my work. We live in a loving universe, with a Universe (God) Who is always protecting and guiding us.

We are all Souls, simply living in human bodies for just a short time here on earth. We chose to be here; we chose these bodies to take care of; and we each have unique missions, goals, and experiences we want to have.

We're All Souls

We Chose This

In our choosing to come to earth, we came in knowing our immense purpose and potential. We, as Souls, have so much we want to accomplish, heal, and experience. Things just for each of us, individually. Therefore, the world needs exactly who you are.

Living in your purpose, changing the world, and experiencing your dreams becoming a reality are all one and the same. We are all worthy of joyful lives.

Living Your Dreams & Changing the World

It Doesn't Take Time - It Just Take Alignment.

Abraham Hicks

Remember These 3 Things

We Are In Times Of Great Change

And you, Sweet Soul, came here with the intention of being a part of it - to be the change, in some beautiful, magical way. You are an integral part of bringing in the New Earth/heaven on earth.

You Are A Powerful Creator

Beliefs & Energy

You have all of the power and potential within you to create the reality that you desire, by aligning with your Soul and partnering with the Universe. And when you create the reality you desire for yourself, the realities of everyone around you begin to shift as well. Yes, you are that powerful.

Is action important? Of course! But action is not enough without beliefs and energy as the foundations. You must believe in who you are and what is possible first. You must align your energy with what you desire. Then, the actions will come. The path will reveal itself. You will know what to do.

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