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In multiple places on this site already, I've mentioned the fact that we can create our own realities - but not everyone is familiar with this whole concept and wonderful, magical truth! So, let's dig deeper into what in the world this process is all about. I just want to start by reminding you that any life you want is available to you. It's all about aligning with your soul and partnering up with our loving God/Universe to bring about (from the field of infinite possibilities) the best you can imagine. "The best you can imagine" (while it will be unique to each person) is going to include a life where you are changing the world with your unique gifts and enjoying this human existence for all it can be - simultaneously. (You cannot have one without the other - you cannot live in alignment and not be changing the world nor live in alignment and not enjoy this human existence for all it can be.)


My aim with this page is to help you build the foundations for manifestation, to help you understand energy a bit more. Building the foundations includes adopting some foundational beliefs (which are connected to your mindset & identity) as well as finding alignment in every area of life (work, relationships, finances, home, etc.). This allows you to make intentional reality creation a lifestyle - your way of being.


As you lay the groundwork with foundational beliefs, identity, and alignment across all areas of life, you're creating the right environment for your own unique manifestation process. For you to partner with the Universe to bring all you truly (on a Soul level) desire, from here on out, into reality - each and every single day. (And, yes, you will have more desires than can come forth in this one lifetime! That's okay. There's no pressure. There's no right or wrong. It's just about choosing one aligned thing over and over again. I believe that's one definition of perfection, my friends!)


What I offer, here, is my own perspective - from what I've learned, what I've experienced, what I've done, and what messages have come to & through me. None of it I am claiming to be the way or the truth. This is all information for you to decide what to do with, whatever aligns with the truth of Who You Are. This is here for you, however you decide to use it - to do or believe the same, for inspiration, to go a totally different way, etc. Your way is perfect! Trust yourself.


Okay, let's get into the details!



Manifestation is a lot like building muscle.

When exercising to build muscle, there are some key, foundational elements to prioritize: Exercise (duh!), nutrition, & rest.

Those three elements create the right environment for building muscle & gaining strength.

With manifestation, we create the right environment for our desires coming into this physical reality by prioritizing: connection to the Universe, alignment with Who We Truly Are (identity), beliefs, intentions, and energy.

Also, you create the right environment by aligning each area of your life - work, relationships, finances, home, health, etc. This is you energetically aligning your entire environment with the dreams & desires that you are calling in. You, basically, get your whole life ready.


Let's keep with the muscle-building example for a sec.

Do you know when the muscle building actually takes place? During rest!

Do you know what takes care of that muscle building? Your body!

It is not a process you are consciously in control of. You are only responsible for creating the environment (with your exercise, nutrition, rest, etc.). That's your job. The bulk of the muscle building? That's your body's job.

In the same way, after we've created the environment for manifestation, we leave it to God/the Universe! We're not supposed to be in charge of it all (alright all you hyper-independent people...time to calm down...[totally talking to myself here, too!]). We just have to focus on our role, do our part, be receptive to what is coming in, and follow God/the Universe for the next action steps. (Psst...we'll always need to take some sort of action! But it's not the "hustle, grind, gotta do it all myself" action that we're so used to seeing! We'll talk about action down below.)



First, let's lay some more groundwork by allowing yourself to dream and visualize. Tap into your desires. You can do this by digging in to some simple questions about your dreams.

What are you dreaming about becoming, doing, having?

(Listen, this can be anything. Usually, dreams are talked about in terms of cars, mansions, travel, millions of dollars...but your dreams are whatever you decide they are. Even if you think it's "small," it's a dream of yours and it matters. No dream is too "small.")

What is the energy connected to these dreams? (What do they feel like? This is absolutely, essentially, crazily KEY!) 

What are all the little bits and pieces of these dreams, the details?

This is the start.

You want to have a picture of where you're headed, along with the feeling, even before digging into where you are currently trending in terms of beliefs and energy.

Your dreams and their energy are going to be pulling you forward.

We're starting with positive momentum.

(Psst...get with your Soul here. Your Soul is where your true desires come from. If we start with the physical/human side of ourselves and only work from there? We might be misguided and be starting off on the wrong foot.)


Next comes a baseline for where you are currently trending with your beliefs & energy.
Broadly, this is about what you dominantly believe about you & life (both your own personal life and how you believe life works in general). It also has to do with how aligned different areas of your life are with where you want to be. You get to think about your dreams and desires and see if your relationships, work, health, etc. align with what you are calling in.
Now, you don't have to know the root causes of all your beliefs or areas of misalignment in order to make shifts, but you do have to have this starting place of what you currently believe and where you currently are. All beliefs can be shifted, and the limiting ones cannot be ignored.
This baseline can be established by asking questions such as...
Do you believe creating the life of your dreams is all up to you?
What do you believe is possible for you? What do you believe is possible overall?
What do you believe about why you're here on the planet?
How in touch are you with what you feel to be your Truth?
What do you believe about the nature of reality?
And so on...
In addition to these general questions, you can download my guide to the 17 foundational beliefs I believe are crucial for beginning to make manifestation a lifestyle. Be sure to do the questionnaire at the end!
*Special note: As you move along your process of manifesting your dreams, living your dreams, aligning with & embodying your Soul...any limiting beliefs that GOTTA go in order for you to keep changing WILL be made known. They'll come up because they will not be in resonance with who you are anymore! A big ole energetic mismatch. They can present in a number of ways, but please don't shy away from them. See them. They are not you. Acknowledge them. Ask for guidance on how to release. Actively choose to tell them, "No" and choose another way. You can be and will be free. But sometimes it takes going on the journey before more is made known to you. So, don't worry if you don't know all your limiting beliefs and old programming right from the start!*


Now that you've got the baseline, it's time to "work!" But this is some of the most joyous "work" you'll ever, ever do.

First, begin finding & creating joy, both in your everyday life & specifically related to your desires. Joy is going to help you release resistance to what is already flowing to you, help you clear any blocks (i.e., limiting beliefs), and make you an even stronger magnet for all the magic that is on its way.

This joy is beginning to shift your energy already, starting to align you with the truth of Who You Are.

From here, you're going to dive into working to shift the energy and beliefs that you already recognized were out-of-alignment and not serving you. You're going to continue intentionally choosing your energetic alignment each and every moment.

You're going to keep that joy-based energy while you envision your dreams & envision them becoming reality. You're going to keep that joy-based energy as you continue to move through any beliefs that continue to arise that are not leading you to the life you're dreaming of. You're going to keep that joy-based energy as you begin to implement aligned actions, which is STEP 4...


Wow, you've done a lot of internal work up to this point. Even though the main focus is on beliefs, mindset, identity, and energy, those must be paired with action (aligned action) at some point! Action steps are what will actually get all areas of your life in alignment with what beliefs you want to live by and the dreams that you have.
Baby steps are amazing. Big leaps are amazing. Anything in between is amazing. What matters is that the actions are aligned with your new beliefs & mindset, the new energy & identity you're embodying (the energy & identity of your desires and dreams [if you would like to learn more about discovering & creating your identity for manifesting absolutely anything, be sure to check out my e-book written for the very purpose of helping you with that!]). These actions might be journaling, creating vision boards, changing your daily routine to align with your dream-matching identity (which remember, IS a version of you that already exists - you're not faking this!), making larger life changes (again, to align with the identity and Your Truth), and so much more. Your action steps are unique to you, sweet soul. Just know that when you pair your new beliefs, mindset, & energy with aligned action? That's your recipe for a dream life. Guaranteed.


These are only the foundations, my sweet souls.
There are countless layers underneath these broad steps. But do not let that burden you, weigh you down, or boggle your mind. There is absolutely no pressure here.
Of course you can take manifestation seriously, as in you care about creating your very best reality. You care because you want the best for you and everyone else! (See how pure and loving you Truly are?)
But you don't have to take it seriously in such a way that brings about stress and worry and comparison and all that stuff we just don't need one bit of!
You get to make the details your own. As you embark on the path of implementing the basics, your unique steps will be made known to you. You Soul is ready. God is ready. The Universe has been waiting for you, sweet soul.
You just gotta take that first step.

“Getting yourself feeling good before you take action is always the best process.”

Abraham Hicks

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