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Finding the path that's in alignment for YOU


Everything is energy - that’s true in the "physical" world we see and in health.

(You can read more about energetics and reality here! If you're curious...)

When we say this in the spiritual space, we’re talking about manipulating and working with the metaphysical energies of the universe - picking and choosing our realities from the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Pretty freaking cool, right?

But when it comes to health...

We consume energy, we expend energy, we restore our energy.


How we interact with this physical energy determines how we feel, how the body performs, how the body looks.


Just as how we interact with metaphysical energies determines the life we live, the life we create.


Do you see the parallels?


But the relationship between the physical & nonphysical doesn't stop there...

"The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


This, sweet soul, is a quantumspiritually-based nutrition coaching experience.

This is about soul and body. This is about tapping into the field of infinite possibilities (the quantum field). This is about merging the spiritual and physical to bring about the absolute best imaginable.


We can’t live our best lives without taking care of our whole selves, soul + body.


Wait. I just said something about living our "best lives." What does that mean? What does a “best life” look like? Broadly, I define a “best life” (also known as a "dream life") as…


A life connected to God/Source and aligned with the soul


A life full of dreams, goals, and passions - specific to you


A life where you have plenty of energy to enjoy this human existence and transform the world in your unique way


None of that can happen without taking the physical body into account.


The body houses the soul.


The body is a tool we get use to create our realities.


The body is a vehicle of energy (both spiritual and physical) that is required to fully live and step into all that’s possible.


The body is quite literally how we exist on this earth.


You get to take charge of your health and allow it to serve you and your physical body, enabling your soul to be here fully (as it intended all along!).


See, you’re here to live in alignment with your soul and express the truth of Who You Really Are. Your soul planned this whole adventure! You have stuff to do, my friend. You have stuff to experience. You have a purpose. What is that? At the foundation...


Your purpose is to be - be the soul that you Are (expressing through this human body).


From your being comes your doing.


Both being and doing inevitably involve the physical body.



What is one surefire way we get to care for the physical body so that we can fully embody it as a soul and be and do all we came here to be and do?



See, sweet souls, the spiritual and physical cannot be separated. The spiritual will always be the foundation of my nutrition work (if you want to learn more about my quantum approach to nutrition, please check out this page here!). Taking care of our health does so much more for us than just create the bodily aesthetics we crave (but this remains an awesome side effect!).


It allows us to fully live.

Of course my work is based, as well, in nutritional science! Just because spirituality is my foundation doesn't mean my nutrition coaching doesn't involve macronutrients, calories, food groups, and more.


So, now that we have this important groundwork complete, let's talk more about taking care of these bodies...

The body is your home


We all know that feeling good, well, feels good! So, why aren't we all doing what we can to feel good? Some reasons may be...

  • Being overwhelmed with all of the nutrition/fitness/health information out there

  • Not believing we're worth it

  • Time

  • Not knowing how to plot a course forward

  • Believing we must take care of everyone else first

And those are just some possible reasons!


You do deserve amazing health. You deserve to achieve your physical goals, whatever they may be. And most importantly? You can. It is possible.


Some of you may be wondering why you would hire a coach if you can just get information for free from the internet, podcasts, and social media.

That's a valid question!

See, coaching provides you with a different experience. Coaching provides you with...

  • A personalized approach for you and someone to brainstorm with when a chosen path doesn't work the way you predicted or intended

  • Someone to help you weed through the (sometimes) complicated and confusing information out there


    Someone to take the unnecessary fear out of nutrition, fitness, and health information (someone to be a calming presence, to help you chill out)

  • Accountability so that you keep taking consistent action, staying dedicated to the path (because, remember, you are worth it)

  • Direct encouragement all along the way


Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? (Here's where I would add the "wink" emoji if I could!)

Oh, and if you haven't checked out the page on the quantum elements of my nutrition coaching (which I highly recommend that you do because it's going to give you a lot of important information about my approach!), here are the benefits of having a coach from a quantum perspective:

  • You have someone to tap into the field of infinite possibilities with you, perhaps going above and beyond what is thought to be possible when going by the "norm" (a quantum perspective is much more expansive!)

  • Someone is holding the energy of your chosen version of reality/timeline with you and for you, if you ever drop away from believing in it yourself

  • A coach coming from a quantum perspective is always sending the energy of your chosen version of reality/timeline toward you as well as toward all of the physical elements of the coaching (i.e., the nutrition plan, the coaching calls, etc.)

  • Quantum-based coaching creates an energetic space of possibility, freedom, cucuriosity, and joy

"All possibilities exist in the quantum field - there is no past and no future. Only the eternal present moment."
Dr. Joe Dispenza


Does it feel good to look good? Certainly! But, what feels even better?

Being truly healthy.


When we are truly healthy, not only do we very simply feel good, but we are able to fully be ourselves and fully engage with life when.


And, here's the coolest thing: As we pursue genuine health (taking into account the Whole Self first, the aesthetics will follow.


As we work on the inside (reconnecting with Who We Are, listening once again to intuition, taking aligned action with the soul, etc.), the outside will begin responding even without our intentional focus upon it.


The body is wise - we can trust this wisdom.

This journey gets to be about so much more than muscle gain or fat loss.


It even gets to be about more than improving your general, overall health!


It's about stepping into All That You Are and living the life that you are meant to live.


This is just one stepping stone on your journey to changing the world in all the ways that only you can.


Yes, true health is that powerful.

"Every transformation demands as its precondition the "ending of a world" - the collapse of an old philosophy of life."
Carl Jung


We all have unique goals, current circumstances, preferences, bodies, etc.


We get to make everything in this life our own, tailored specifically to us - including our journeys to health! Yes, there are objective guidelines to follow, but there is so much subjectivity within those objective guidelines - plenty of room for you to create what works best for you.

You get to decide what your health journey looks like. You decide your goals. You help chart the path toward them, guided by your preferences. You align the process with who you are.

In our coaching, we start with where you are, what you want, what you have, and we go from there.

"As certainly as the soil gives back like unto which we place into it, so also does the mind of man give back in human circumstance that which we place into it by our choice of human thought."
Jim Rohn


Hey, challenge can be a part of any journey. And that's okay! Challenge is good for us.

We get to choose how we see and handle challenge. We get to discover the immense power we hold to choose our perspective, attitude, and actions.

We become stronger the more we charge through challenges, showing ourselves what we're made of. We see the truth of who we are.

Challenges help us grow, preparing us for other challenges we may encounter in other areas of life.

I'm not saying you will or won't have challenges. But, if you do, it can just be counted a part of the process - and it is beautiful. We can do the tough stuff, my friends. It's all worth it.

"Our only limitations are those which we set up in our own minds or permit to be set up by the circumstances with which we deal."
Napoleon Hill


Traditionally, we are taught how to set the "right" goals, aren't we? Ever heard of SMART goals? SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely

A wonderful framework, I do agree! However, does every element work for everyone? Nope.

Some people are more abstract thinkers, not working best within specific, detailed, objective parameters. Does that mean these people will never be able to accomplish anything because SMART goals (and the like) are not their jam? Nope!

If you have a specific goal in mind with a specific timeframe and you know the steps you want to take to get there? Awesome!

If you have a vague idea of what your goal is, knowing what it looks like and feels like but you just can't quite put it into a paragraph...Awesome! We can work with that! (Now, truly being a more abstract/vague/non-specific/subjective thinker is not the same as not putting in the energy and effort to really dream about, visualize, and choose your goals! Remember: You are worth the energy and effort this journey requires.)

This is all about change. You're here because you know it's time to change. You want to change! You believe this change is possible. And that's all we need right at the beginning.

Everything will become clearer as you continue on your journey. And, guess what else? You may always be a "vague" goal-setter! And that's more than okay. *If you're a manifestation & Human Design person, this is an extension of how some people are specific manifestors and some are nonspecific manifestors. I fall in the latter category, so I get this whole "being general" thing! We get to work with how you are designed.*


Now, let's jump into what you'll get in coaching with me!

I'll outline the process in just a second, but I want you to know these things first:

  • Coaching is 100% online and I work with people from all over the globe

  • Coaching lasts for a minimum of 3 months, as this is the time we need to begin to experience true transformation - in body, mind, and life

  • Coaching spots open up on a rolling basis & I currently work with 3 clients at a time. So, there's no set start month! Yes, we work together for a minimum of 3 months, but that 3 months will be calculated based upon the time you sign up and we have our first initial session. Once the spots are full, I will let you know and the waitlist will open! When more spots open, I will of course also let you know!

  • Coaching is $257/month - monthly & weekly payment plan options are 




Initial Zoom Call

Once you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, we will schedule an initial (FREE!), 15- 30-minute Zoom call to make sure this is the best fit! We'll get to know each other, talk about your goals, and make a decision to move forward with coaching or go a different route.


Questionnaires & General Information

If we decide to move forward with coaching (yay!), I will email you forms for you to complete and information sheets on the rest of the coaching process details (i.e., what apps we'll be using, the schedule for check-ins, etc.). Additionally, we will schedule our first coaching call where we will begin to develop your plan in more depth.


First Coaching Call & Plan

We'll have already gotten a bit of a starting place figured out during our discovery call, but now we're going to dive deeper into your goals and how to get started toward achieving them.

Throughout our time together, we'll be using an app/online platform (both forms are available!) that is completely free to you. I will get you set up on this platform during this first call where we begin to develop your plan. Here on this app/online platform is where you will be able to find your plan, log your food, log your activity/workouts, upload pictures (i.e., progress pictures, pictures of your meals, etc.), find feedback from me, chat with me, and more! We'll go over all of the features together. I will also get you set up with any other apps/online platforms we'll be using (i.e., Google Forms).


Daily Logging

As I mentioned, you can log your food (including uploading pictures of meals or snacks!), activity/workouts, and measurements/metrics in the app/on the online platform we'll be using. Measurements/metrics can include body weight, body measurements, or other progress-tracking metrics we decide to utilize. That's really all measurements/metrics are - ways to track progress. So, don't worry if you don't want to take progress pictures! Totally not a necessity. We will decide what works best for you.


Weekly Check-Ins

In addition to logging your progress each day on the app/online platform, I'll be sending you a check-in form each week for you to complete. This will help me get an idea of how you progressed (or didn't!) the previous week, what went well, what could have been better, and what changes you'd like to make moving forward (if any!). After I receive your check-in form, I will combine data from the app/online platform from the previous week with your check-in form answers and send you a detailed email with feedback! The schedule for these weekly check-ins and feedback emails are detailed in your welcome packet forms.



This is an ongoing part of coaching. You are welcome to chat with me anytime via WhatsApp or the app/online platform we'll be using! I will respond to you as quickly as possible during business hours, which are Monday - Friday 9 AM-5 PM EST (US). If it is outside of business hours, I cannot guarantee an immediate response. You can send me messages with questions, wins, or anything else related to your plan!


Monthly Zoom Calls

Once a month, at the end of four weeks (1 month) of us working together, we'll have another Zoom call where we will delve deeper into the previous month's progress. Upon signing up for your 3 months of coaching, we can go ahead and schedule all 3 calls.



In addition to all of the coaching above, upon sign-up, you will receive the following bonuses:

Macro Guidebook

Workout Template

Exercise Example Guide

Calorie Guidebook

Meal Prepping Tips

Breakfast Ideas E-Book


I know that delving into coaching and investing in yourself can feel intimidating - especially with a new coach! I don't want to gloss over that fact. Let's be real!

While I fully believe in what I do and my ability to get you where you want to go (achieving your goals!), I am going to offer a money-back guarantee from the first month of coaching.

If, by the end of the first month, you are not satisfied in any way, I will return your money and the coaching contract will be put to an end.

You gotta be relaxed as you head into this venture. Relaxed yet invested at the same time!

I'm so excited to begin this venture with you!


I would like to share with you my views on money, charging, and business. If you're not interested, no worries! This is not a necessary read. Just a bit of openness from little ole me!

There's a lot of variation in how we people think about and have relationship with money, that's for sure! I see there being a lot of positive change here (in terms of how many people are viewing & relating to money), though, which is absolutely amazing. But, for me and my business, I always want to be transparent about why I'm charging what I'm charging and why I'm charging for certain products and services over others! (Like free content on social media, the blog, the podcast, etc.)

First of all, I love the framing of charging and spending money as an energetic exchange. Money truly is an energy! It is an energy with a physical representation, as is everything else in our reality. As a business owner, the concept of an energetic exchange means you charge a certain amount of money (energy) for the energy that you put into a product or service. Energy comes back (creating the flow) by individuals paying for products and services with money (energy).


Energy is always flowing, whether that be in creating, receiving, learning, benefitting from a product or service, or in paying for something. Energy never stops.

Of course there are people out there who do manipulative, sneaky, harmful things with money. But that's not what you and I are about, is it? So let's not even go there!

When someone is charging from an authentic place, an aligned place, a place where they truly believe in the value of their product or service, it can be felt - energetically. See? There's that energy piece again!

So, my loves, I fully believe in my coaching program and all that it can bring you: improved health; a kick-a** relationship with food, movement, and your body; a sense of boldness in carving your own path; body confidence; a connection to the quantum field; a reconnection to Who You Truly Are; and so much more.

When it comes to the money back guarantee, I just want to explain a little deeper. Yes, as I just said, I believe in my coaching full force! I also want you to be relaxed. And if having a risk-free first month of coaching gives you peace, I want to offer that to you.


Then why would I even charge in the first place? As in, why have a money back guarantee and not just a free month?

Because money is part of what makes the world go round! This is one of my jobs, sweet souls, and we all need money. (I fully intend for coaching, writing, podcasting, (and their many extensions sure to come!) to become my full-time ventures. In order for that to happen, money must be in circulation here!)

I value the energy I have put into in creating this program (and everything else I do!) and I value energy I will continue to put out in working with each one of you precious people. Therefore, I must honor myself and charge what I believe it is all worth (this goes for my nutrition consultation sessions and my books as well!). I must be an example for what I would love to see everyone doing in their own businesses. I get to help carve the path for a new way forward.

I love transparency! I love honesty. I love doing things differently.

All that being said, thank you for allowing me to be your coach, your guide, someone you learn from & alongside, and/or just a fellow traveler on this planet!

(once you submit, you'll be redirected to my scheduling page to book your discovery call!)

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