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There are different levels of needs when it comes to having nutrition, fitness, or health questions. Sometimes, you're totally fine with general answers that you get on the internet, in books, or on podcasts! Sometimes, you can get a specific-ish answer from someone on social media or the internet, where you ask them a question (via a direct message, email, etc.) unique to you and they do the best they can based on the limited information able to be communicated via those methods. Sometimes? You are ready for full-on coaching!


What's yet another option for where you could be?

You're right in between having the generic be sufficient and being ready for 1:1 coaching!

That's exactly what this is for.

Here, you get to ask me any question(s) you have and we get to hop on a video call and chat. Calls are for 30 minutes. You can provide me as much backstory as you like and ask me as many questions as time allows for! I will do my absolute best to answer them all during the call and give you guidance going forward. If I need to do more research to help you out, I will! Then, if that's the case, you will receive a follow-up email with that information.

These calls are for questions and/or guidance about:


General Health

The Spiritual Components of Health




*All information I provide is within my scope of practice as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. I am not a licensed medical or mental health professional and am therefore unable to diagnose or prescribe.*

You know how in my nutrition coaching program I give you all these bonuses???

(Okay, if you didn't know that, I do!) They are:

Macro Guidebook

Workout Template

Exercise Example Guide

Calorie Guidebook

Meal Prepping Tips

Breakfast Ideas E-Book

Well, my friend, you're going to get all of those here as well!

Consultation calls are only $22.00 USD!


Once you fill out the form below (make sure to let me know your question, where you're feeling stuck, etc. in the message box!), you will be redirected to my scheduling page to book your nutrition consultation session! (These calls take place on Mondays!)

Here, you will also be able to submit your payment for your session. How's that for a one-stop shop?!

After all of that is said and done, be on the lookout for a welcome email from me with all of your bonuses!

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