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Healing is Manifesting: Revelations & My New Journey

Holy bananas are you in for a treat today! Am I hyping up my own blog post? You bet I am! Because I know what's contained within is going to help you transform your life into an even more magical one than it already is.

You don't have to be on a healing journey (as in, healing from an illness or condition) to glean nuggets of wisdom, insight, and inspiration from this post. And no, I don't mean I'm the example and the inspiration! If I am for you? Cool! But I'm just referring to the downloads that have been coming to me and my own personal story.

Here's what we'll be covering in this post:

  • HOW healing is manifesting

    • The energetics of joy, love, choosing the "best," and surrender

  • How healing relates to "success" (particularly in business)

    • Everything is connected

    • Your energy is attached to everything you do

  • My current healing journey

    • My journey of healing up until now

      • It all began in childhood - my brain and body never felt safe

      • Hormone imbalances in high school

      • Mental health challenges

      • Eating disorder and not giving my body proper recovery time

    • Current learnings/revelations on hormone & total body health

Let's get started with good ole manifestation!

How Healing is Manifesting

As I was beginning to type out the ideas for this post, I first typed that healing helps you manifest. And then it hit me: No, healing is manifesting. (If you are curious about what in the world manifestation it, head on over to this page for a quick rundown and then head back over here! But, in a nutshell, it's using the energetic laws of the universe to bring your dreams to life in your physical reality. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me!)

Manifestation, at the core, is an energetic process. And we also know that everything holds energy - actions, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc. (Manifestation is not always about the "thing" that you're wanting to manifest. You can have that idea, of course! But once you do, it becomes about the energy. It becomes about embodying the energy of that manifestation, whatever you have in mind. With this embodiment comes a surrender to the absolute best coming forth, even if it is different than what you initially visualized/dreamt of. When you embody the highest energies, the best has no choice but to come through!)

Healing encompasses actions, thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and an identity that all carry with them certain energies. Heck, even the decision to heal carries an energy that begins to shift your entire reality! Let's talk about some of those energies now.

Energies of Joy, Love, Choosing the "Best," & Surrender

There are a multitude of energies that can get you to the point of deciding to heal, such as fear, anger, and sadness. Those have been my big three! They've helped me wake the heck up. They've kicked my butt into gear. Are they meant to sustain me? Nope! See, even the energies that we've labeled "bad" or "wrong" or "negative" serve a purpose! If we let them do their job. And once they've done that job? We can let em go and move on to energies like...

Joy! Well, of course I have to start with joy. This is The Joy Babe after all! So, how can joy be a part of healing? When you make the decision to heal, you must believe (with at least the tiniest amount of faith/belief!) that it is possible. You tap into the vision. You tap into the identity of the healed version of you. You feel it. You see it. You know it's possible and that it's coming. There's simply no other energy that could be tied to those knowings, visualizations, and feelings other than joy! And from joy comes excitement, wonder, curiosity, and a multitude of other energies that are essential for manifestation. (Remember that manifestation comes down to embodying the energies!)

What to say about love? Well, my dear, can healing be anything but a loving decision? You are choosing the most loving thing in the world for yourself - to have the best life and the best body and the best mind possible! You are choosing to love yourself - through action, belief, and so much more. You are also choosing to love the world - when you are the healthiest you that you can possibly be (within your control), you are of the most "service" to others and the world. I like to put service in quotes because, really, all we have to do to be of service is to be the Truth of Who We Are (the Soul). When we are the Soul, we are connected to our light and what we are here to be and do; keeping this connection, this embodiment, means that we get to follow our alignment to naturally do the things that only we get to do to be of "service." In other words, we don't have to force it! It's a natural outflow of being the Soul Truth of Who You Are. So, yeah, it's impossible for healing to be anything other than loving!

Now, you may have noticed that I put best in quotes, as well, when I mentioned (in the title for this subsection) the energy of choosing the "best." Well, this goes back to what I said about manifestation being, truly, a process of embodying the energy of what you desire. You already have an idea of what you believe is best, but you (sweet human) do not have the full picture! God does. The Universe does. Your Soul has a grander view. On a human level (guided by the Soul, of course, but still on a human level!), you get to dream about and visualize what you desire - what you believe is best. But, as you do so, you identify the energies associated with whatever in the world you're dreaming of! Your intention is always on the best. Your focus is always on what you believe to be one of the highest timelines. And that's all that matters! Your attention/focus is in the perfect place. Intending to heal (well, I don't want to make that sound like it's an attempt or something - it's guaranteed!) is choosing the best. And then...

Surrendering! Yes, surrendering to what is truly best coming about. It might match your vision exactly! Or, it may be different. But you're guaranteed of one thing - it will be the best. As you focus on embodying the energy of your desire, of your healed state/healed self/healed reality, you simultaneously surrender the results up to God/the Universe. You can keep the vision, of course! With that detachment of, "I know what's truly best is coming my way! Whoo hoo!" And you completely melt into that. In bliss. In love. In peace. In joy. In excitement.

With all of these wonderful energies swirling around, how in the world could you not manifest the absolute best in all other areas of your life?! I mean...if manifestation is about energy...then you simply embodying these energies touches every single part of your reality. Which leads me to this interconnectedness of all things...

Healing and Success

What in the world is success??? Well, it's something you have to define for yourself! Broadly, I would define it as getting the results that you set out to achieve. And, yes, this can coincide with the surrender of manifestation. Success would be achieving/manifesting the circumstances or things that align with the energy you set out to have more of in your reality in the first place! (When you first had the dream or desire!) And success doesn't have to be a solo venture. Manifestation isn't a solo venture! While you're in the driver's seat as the human, because of free will, the Universe/God and the universe (with its many energetic laws) do the "work" behind the scenes! Work is in quotes because it's simply natural and doesn't fit the conception of "work" that we have as humans!

Whew. Okay. Success. We've got that down (or, at least we've got my take on it down!). But what kind of success am I talking about here? I'm talking about business/entrepreneurial/impact/service success. Why? Well, it's what's top of the list for me right now! As I grow The Joy Babe and Joy Babe Nutrition and have visions of where they will go, what they will do, the impact they will have, what this will all look like...

And while I know that actually taking business-centered actions is, of course, important, I also know that...

Everything is Connected

I was listening to a podcast by the lovely Marley Rose Harris the other week (she's amazing and you should totally check her out!), she was talking about how she learned that what she needed to do for one of her launches was not to work on the launch itself (i.e., the landing page), but to focus on her own energy outside of that launch.

And as I was listening I realized, for the umpteenth time, that everything is connected. That it's not all about our "practical" actions. That nothing about us is separate. That what we do "outside" of our business/work/entrepreneurial actions matters just as much as those actual actions.

It's about Who We Are and how we show up and the energy we embody and the thoughts we think and how we treat ourselves and the identity from which we make decisions...


Your Energy Flows Through Everything That You Do

And it is attached to everything that you do. Let me illustrate this with a product example:

When you write a book and put it out into the world, it's not just the content that matters. It's the energy with which you wrote the book and it's the energy that you put into those words.

Your state as you wrote that book can be energetically felt by all who come in contact with your book and all who actually go forth to read your book.

But it's not just the energy with which you wrote the book (past tense) that makes a difference. Your energy in the now influences how others interact with your book!

Yes, if your energy is "off" (unaligned) in the now, the energy of your product is "off!"

This goes for your entire business. This goes for everything from services to products to social media accounts to podcasts and more.

Think about it this way: What you've put out into the world gets to be charged with your authentic, aligned energy. You, by your alignment alone, send energy to what you have created/what you are offering. This energy is sent whether you intentionally focus upon its whereabouts or not! Because everything is connected. (And yes, of course you can intentionally send out that energy as well!)

Creation is important - write the book, make the product, etc. Coming up with and building out your service offers is important - write the plan, make the website, create the landing pages, sign up for the platforms where you'll host the services and receive payments, etc.

But more than that? Focus on Who You Are, your energy, and how you are being.

Align. Align with your Soul, the Truth of Who You Are. This is aligning with love. This is aligning with your mission. This is aligning with Truth. This is aligning with your unique service to planet earth and all of humanity.

This is the energetic charging of all the physical, practical actions you have taken up to this point.

And guess what's always going to be aligning with your Soul, your Truth, and with love?


Always and forevermore. So, sweet love, you can be sure that choosing to heal is going to charge your other ventures - guaranteed. And this can go for so much more than starting your own business or what have you! I'm just using my own personal trajectory as an example.

So, this is what I am stepping into now - I've built so much and I will continue to build and write and share and be available, yes! But I also surrender into the knowing that as I heal, everything else is taken care of and is rising higher with me.

Seems like it's time to get into...

My Journey

I've been on a journey to heal my brain and body for...hmmm...10+ years? It began with experiencing anxiety and depression in high school. Back then, I wasn't trying to heal, necessarily - I was just trying to make the feelings go away! I just tried medication after medication after medication...I didn't want to look inside myself, talk to a counselor, or seek support from my friends and family. I was a miserable little closed book! But, I seriously didn't know there was another way. I mean...yeah, there were times I thought it might be more beneficial for me to talk and be open? But, on a grander scale, it felt safer to be closed off.

After the initial experiences of anxiety and depression, I experienced: hormone imbalances, gut and GI challenges, and an eating disorder. These will all be touched on as we move along!

But, looking back, things started even before high school...

Never Safe (So My Brain and Body Thought)

The brain and the body don't have eyes. Okay, the body has eyes! But, what I mean is that they do not have eyes to see whether or not the environment is safe. The body and brain rely on our perception to know whether we are safe or not. Based on the information we provide based on our perception of life, the body and brain respond accordingly. For most of my life, I've been sending them the "threat" signal.

When I was itty bitty, my family wasn't doing so hot. There was a lot of anger. There wasn't a ton of love shown amongst all members (I'm thankful that I always felt loved). There were a lot of fights. There were a lot of tears. There was a lot of fear.

I was learning that this world is not a safe place. Perhaps other people aren't safe. Relationships might not be safe. Is family safe? How was I supposed to feel safe? What does that actually feel like?

I didn't know. My brain didn't know. My body didn't know. From the time I was a toddler on, my nervous system has been in "fight" mode. Living as if there's an ever-present threat to survival. Even though there never has been one!

But when you're little and just learning about the world? You don't know! You don't know how to respond, interpret, react, and regulate. You rely on the adults around you to teach you. But when the adults around you are immersed in their own challenges? They do the best they can and that may not include this kind of education and modeling.

I want to say that I blame absolutely no one in my family and I hold absolutely no anger toward them whatsoever. They were doing the very best they could for themselves. They were also in their own versions of survival mode. They were not happy with life. They were taking care of me to the degree that they could. I had my basic needs cared for, I have many fun memories from my childhood, my mom and I had a super close relationship, and so much more. I'm not here to paint my past in dark colors at all! But to deny the realities of the effects the environment and circumstances had on my emotional development, my body, and my brain would be denial. Now, I can look back and choose a new story with a new meaning; new meanings change the story. Which changes the present. And I also recognize that, in the present, my power is right here. My future can be whatever I choose. Which is why we're here talking about full healing!

Okay, so the stage is set: I'm in survival mode and I don't really know any different. I also don't know how to get out. Life just keeps trucking this way...I'm just living in this stressed-out state. Which led to anxiety experiences and phobias as well as some IBS symptoms that began around the age of 8 (and have continued since!). Let's hop to high school where things started to hit a peak...

Hormone Imbalances & Mental Health

Looking back now, I see that my hormones were out of whack in high school even before I began taking hormonal birth control. Now, I want to note that hormone imbalances are something I'm working on healing today, which I will get to when we get to the present! Particularly, low progesterone and subsequent estrogen dominance.

When I was in high school, I was experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance around my period. When I went to the doctor about painful cramps, they offered me "the pill" and told me it would take care of it. I just thought, "Sweet!" I was on board, ready to be pain-free.

And, yes, it did work! My periods were lighter, more regular, and a whole lot more comfortable. Things should just be awesome, right? No...

While on hormonal birth control, my mental health continued to decline. I was feeling anxious and depressed so much of the time. I was miserable, so back to the doctor we went. This time, I was offered antidepressants. Again, I thought, "Sweet!" And, once again, I was totally on board. But holy cow I was not prepared for that ride.

If you've ever been on antidepressants (either for depression or anxiety), you know that it's a bit of a journey to find which one and which dose "works" for you. (Yes, I put works in quotes because there's huge contention nowadays as to what these medications actually do and their efficacy in treating experiences of anxiety and depression!)

Once I found what "worked" for me...things were okay I guess?

I still didn't feel great. But I felt better.

Now, I cannot remember what sparked my desire to quit hormonal birth control, but at age 17, I decided to be done. And...

My period never came back.


I thought it might just take time after coming off birth control, but it just didn't return at all! I went to the doctor, they checked everything out, said things seemed normal and told me to just give it time. And I did. But...nothing. To this day (which we'll get to soon!).

Looking back, I understand. I understand that I was "estrogen dominant" way back then. I was experiencing a myriad of those symptoms. And I recognize that it was likely caused by the same thing that's causing my estrogen dominance today: low progesterone. (Note: Because the estrogen dominance is caused by low progesterone, it's technically known as relative estrogen dominance, as it's caused by an imbalance between progesterone and estrogen.)

Now, I'm not going to go into the roles of each hormone! I just want to home in on one of the main causes of low progesterone: stress.

To make adequate amounts of progesterone, the body must feel safe. There must be a sense of safety for the body to be in a fertile state. To know that everything is okay should it need to support growing another life.

And regardless of whether or not you want to have a child (or children), healthy hormones to where you ARE fertile and ARE able to support growing another life is necessary for full health in your "reproductive years" (i.e., pre menopause).

This goes back to my body and brain never believing they were safe (even though we were safe).

On top of low progesterone contributing to relative estrogen dominance, it is associated with:

  • Anxiety and other mood challenges

  • Higher stress (progesterone plays a role in modulating stress hormone production)

  • Acne

  • Irregular (or missing) periods

  • Low libido

  • Dry hair, skin, and nails

  • Lower thyroid function (and subsequent down regulation of the metabolism [i.e., a slower metabolism])

Just to name a few.

But back then, I just didn't know. I accepted what I was feeling and what was going on with my body as normal. I thought there was just something weird going on with me that the doctors couldn't pinpoint but that wasn't life-threatening. I just thought I was a bit of an anomaly.

I didn't know there was another way. Yet.

Eating Disorder

Well, ya know what didn't help my hormones or mental health or my health at all? The eating disorder (which started in high school but really took at turn for the worse in 2020). Duh.

Now, I'm not making light of it. It was a scary time and these are serious conditions from which people do die. I understand and I would never joke about it. However, I do want to look back on my own experience with some lightness and humor. I'm on the other side, and we all get to talk about our own stories in ways that feel best for us, right? Just know that I don't mean to imply it was not serious nor that they are not serious experiences for others!

Anyway...if you would like to read more about this adventure, check out this page here! For this post, I want to fast forward to the healing part. I did heal, I did recover, but...

I Jumped Back in Too Soon

I decided to fully commit to healing at the end of my one-year special education teaching adventure. That was May of 2022. That whole summer, I committed to healing. I was back in my joy. I was reconnecting to life - finally! I was feeling back on track with purpose and dreams...I was dating! And then...

I jumped right back into life. Full force. After about only 3-4 months of recovering.

I thought, erroneously, that all was well because I was at a healthy weight again and I was eating more.


I didn't take the mental piece into account. I didn't take the stress piece into account. I didn't take the nervous system piece into account. I didn't take the hormonal piece into account (still no regular cycle!).

I didn't take into account that healing is about a lot more than simply gaining back body fat and muscle.

There were layers that I ignored because I was itching to "get back to life." But I realize now that this "itching" was simply my stressed out, "in survival mode" nervous system taking the lead.

I had never known a pace other than busy! Well, maybe when I was in elementary and middle school...but even if I wasn't experiencing that sort of life for myself, I saw it modeled in those around me. Constant work. Stress. So, when I say that I really have never known another way of life...I mean it! In some capacity, that has always been true.

I didn't know what I was doing, of course. I thought I was really just ready to get back to it!

I wanted to work again. I wanted to move out on my own. I! I wanted to begin stepping into the life that I was dreaming of.

I was beginning to work on The Joy Babe at that time and I knew I wanted it to grow into my full time occupation - some how, some way. I also knew that before that became reality, I could still work another job to make money. But I needed one that allowed me a lot of freedom so that I could take ample time for this blog, writing books, recording podcasts, creating content for social media, etc. And it dawned on me...

Why not work with my dad in his tree service business like I had done years ago? What better flexible job than that?

I figured I hit the jackpot! And, in a way, I did. But I forgot to take into account the stress that comes along with said adventure...

My dad and I have an interesting past and my dad is an interesting character. I would list the ways in which he is interesting, but I don't want to seem like I'm putting him down. Let's just say that he's very skilled at creating stress where there doesn't need to be any. Think: mindset, temper, responsibility, and outlook on life.

Growing up, family life was tumultuous. Yes, my dad was a key player in that. Actually...I'd call him the main character. No blame here! Just stating facts.

Therefore, I find myself getting easily triggered around him when the slightest thing doesn't go to plan. Or someone gets mad. Or there's the teeniest amount of stress.

Can I heal these triggers? Of course! It just hasn't happened. Yet.

Okay, I promise all of that was important! Because it means this:

I threw myself into an incredibly stressful situation.

After not giving my Whole Self ample time to fully recover from the eating disorder and years of survival mode and stress.

To be fair, I really didn't know this was the case. I only know it looking back now.

I also didn't know that all that I had experienced up until this point with hormones and mental health challenges was related to stress and being in survival mode; I was still of the mind that there was just something amiss with my body. (Now I know this truth [even before experiencing the physical reality of this truth]: The body's natural state is healed and whole (specifically for it!). It just needs the right conditions to align with that reality. My body. Your body.)

So, since we're talking about looking back from the present moment, let's hop into talking about the present moment!

Current Health Understandings and Situation

About six months ago, I felt very strongly that something was off. Something just wasn't right with my health and I knew I could fix it. What this feeling was and where it came from, I can't say. Of course it was my intuition and my Soul speaking to me! But I mean that I just don't know what triggered it. I don't think it was one event, but it was more like I was just fed up with feeling less than great. I was fed up with seeing a vision for my life and having that feel so out of reach.

I decided to get in touch with a functional medicine practitioner and I began working with one of her dietitians. I got to do functional lab testing which blew my mind! I had, of course, had routine bloodwork at the doctor before, but nothing like this. I got an in-depth look at my hormones, my gut bacteria, my cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and so much more. I also found out that I had an E. coli infection in my gut that was causing a whole heck of a lot of my symptoms! I am happy to say we took care of that with natural supplementation, which gave me a new respect and sense of gratitude for sweet Mama Nature; she truly does have all that we need to heal!

On top of healing the gut infection, we've spent the last six months diving into cortisol regulation and hormone balance optimization. We've talked through nutrition and lifestyle strategies, as well as supplementation protocols. I have learned so much about my body and I am even more grateful for her amazing abilities, strength, and love. She has been through so much and she keeps on being absolutely awesome. I pray you can come to love your body in the same way, Sweet Souls.

Now, here's where it goes beyond the coaching and into what's bringing me to write this blog post today:

I've begun to learn a lot on my own about hormones, stress, the gut, mental health, energy, and so much more.

Let me just say this once again: Everything is connected.

I know we're taught that, but sometimes it takes your own personal experience before you truly understand it for yourself! Before it really sinks in.

I now know these Truths:

Not only is everything within my body connected, but my body is connected to my business.

My body is connected to my relationships. My body is connected to my manifestations.

My body is connected to everything in my life.

My body is the home for my Soul.

It comes full circle to healing being the secret sauce to the life of your dreams.

The healing of the body is quantum leaping into a new reality.

The healing of the body is hopping timelines.

The healing of the body is creating a new life.

The healing of the body is success in business.

The healing of the body is following the Soul's path.

The healing of the body is the dream home, the aligned relationships, the expansive opportunities.

The healing of the body is the foundation for it all.

This is what I have come to know and this is where I am.

I see my healed self and I am stepping into her more and more every single moment.

To Conclude, Lovely Souls

I channel pretty much every day (I want to say every day, but maybe there are times I don't and I just don't know? I haven't really taken stock of frequency before!). It just comes to me and I know it's time to let it through. I don't have a dedicated practice (right now) to create space for channeling. I feel the energy coming in and it's go time. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing. Truly, I'm just a recipient! It's really cool. And you're meant to be a channel in your own way, too. But that's a topic for another day!

Why I mentioned channeling is because I have a "Channellings" folder in my Notes app on my phone. In there I have a ton of things that come to me about this healing journey, many of which have been put into this post.

But here's the last thing I want to really say:

Everything I (you) want is on the other side of healing.

Healing is manifesting. Healing is an energy.

Healing is simply all about aligning with the healthiest version of you, whatever that next level looks like.

It's continuing to level up/optimize all the time.

Being oh so grateful for where you are and peacefully, excitedly saying, "I know I can be better."

It's an adventurous determination and not a putting down. You're not saying you're broken, you're just committed to always pursuing your greatest potential.

Of which you will discover more and more as you keep stepping forward. One little bite at a time.

The rest of your life, Dear Soul, will begin to respond to your decision to heal.

It is of utmost importance.

May we heal the world by healing ourselves.

XOXO Katie Anne


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