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How Can Your Health Impact the World?

Sometimes we hesitate to embark upon any sort of journey to "improve ourselves" because we think we need to take care of other people first. Or we tell ourselves we're being selfish. Or something of that sort! You know what I'm talking about. I know you do! So, no need to go on more there, huh?

The counterargument to that is often that you are as worthy and deserving of love and care and attention as any other human on this planet. Or ever in existence. Or that will ever be in existence. And this is 100% the truth!

But, guess what? The reasons that you can embark upon a "self improvement" journey 100% guilt free goes beyond your worth and deservingness. (I don't like using "improvement" because you're not's really more of a journey to Truth and Potential. But, let's keep on with using "improvement" for the now, just to keep it simple!)

Let's home in on one spefic "self improvement" journey (whew, now we're going to get away from that term!).

The Health & Wellness Journey

Now, that's a broad label! I get that. But I'm intentionally keeping it broad because everyone has different goals. These can include (but are certainly not limited to!)...

  • Increasing muscle mass

  • Decreasing body fat

  • Improving health markers

  • Bettering a relationship with food & exercise

(Psst...these are my areas of expertise in my nutrition coaching!)

And you know what? Those goals are pretty broad, too! That's because everyone's journey is (and totally should be!) unique.

But, why would you decide to change your nutrition and fitness habits to achieve any of those goals in the first place?

I'm sure you can come up with a few answers right off the bat. Maybe something like...

  • Feeling better

  • Looking better

  • Having more energy

  • Improving quality of life

  • Being able to do more activities with your friends and family

And so on!

Your list is personal to you, and I know you do or would have more detailed reasons.

Now, let me just go ahead and say that wanting to look good is not vain! It's not. It's 100% fine. You want to communicate to the world that you care about yourself and how you look to others. This is completely different from tying your identity up in your looks, prioritizing them above all else, and so on. We could get into that, but that's not the topic of this post, my friends. In the future!

So, anyway...

Let's create a hypothetical scenario where you're thinking about embarking on this type of journey and you create your lists: Goals and why you even want to do all this in the first place.

You look at your lists. convince yourself that your goals really aren't all that important. I mean, they can wait. Right? Certainly there's other stuff you need to take care of first.

Then, you keep on going like you have been. You stay the same. Life stays the same.

But, let me ask you these questions:

Are you truly happy?

Do you feel that your life is all it could be?

Are you living a life you've dreamed about?

If the answer to any of these is, "No," then something has to change. Now.


Because this is not how you came here to live! This is not how you are going to have the impact your soul came here to have. This is not your path.

But, what the heck does this have to do with health? Physique?? Fitness??? Nutrition????

Let me tell ya.

First, It's Gonna Change YOUR World

Regardless of whether or not "love" is one of the first words that pops in your mind when you think about your health journey, it's applicable.

I'll tell you how in just a second. But, I just want to get a "duh" statement out of the way:

Of course your world is going to change when you achieve your goals! DUH!

Achieving your goals feels good. Having better health feels good. Feeling confident in how you look feels good.

But we're going deeper than that. We're getting into the energetics of all of this.

And here's where love comes back in.

The Energy of Love

When you embark upon a health improvement journey (I do like using the word "improvement" here!), you're being loving toward yourself.

You are showing your body love, of course - you're taking care of it!

You are also showing your soul some love - you're making sure it's home (the body) is the best it can be!

And love is more than just a feeling or an action - it's an energy.

(If you want to learn more about the importance of energy and how it impacts the reality we experience, you can check out my page on the basic foundations of manifestation here!)

When you do anything at all in the energy of love, it serves to propel you toward one of your dream lives that are 100% available to you (and I say "one of" because there are an infinite number).

A dream life is simply one that is aligned with your soul. You get to choose.

The energy of love also aligns you with/connects you to your soul. It aligns you with/connects you to Source.

Love = spiritual connection.

Spiritual connection is the place from which we are meant to live.

Love Shifts Reality

Our reality begins to shift when we enter into and exist from the energy of love.

Our entire vibration changes, rising higher and calling into our physical reality all that matches those vibrations (what is in resonance).

This is a vital part of the manifestation process, aligning the energy.

You can have anything you want that's aligned with your sweet soul - this is what exists within the field of infinite possibilities. (We get to experience contrast when we're resisting our alignment.)

It's only up and up and up! If that's what you choose, of course.

Choosing Health is Choosing Alignment

See, pursuing your health is in alignment.

It's choosing to become all you can become as a human.

It's allowing your soul to be here fully, in this human body, because it has the best home it can possibly have.

It's nurturing. Hospitable.

You're beginning to embody all of the energies that you want to see and experience in the world.

It starts with you...

Next, It's Gonna Change the Rest of the World

Okay, so we know that when your vibration rises, you call in some pretty awesome things to your reality, right? Yep, we already went over that.

But do you know what else your vibration does? Impacts those around you.

Energy is Contagious

We can't see energy, but we can feel it.

And we can witness its effects on physical reality.

So, you're already going to be emitting the energy of love out into the world because you've made the loving decision to care for your health.

People are going to feel this. It's going to radiate off of you. It's also going to change how you show up.

People are going to want to be around you more and more and more.

And, at the same time, you're going to be experiencing some other awesome energies and states as you go along this journey. Energies & states like...








& so much more.

All of these? Yeah, they're going to be doing the same things as love: Radiating off of you, being felt by others, etc.

Again, people are going to want to be around you so much more.

And this is a good thing! Even if you're an introvert, so don't freak out. It doesn't mean you all of a sudden have to be social. People can take in your energy, even from a distance! They don't have to be hanging out with you. They can just see you and feel it. Energy is that powerful.

You're becoming an inspiration, you see?

Not only inspiring others to care for their health. But inspiring others to choose themselves (because this is a win-win universe and you choosing yourself does not automatically mean sometone else loses). Choose love. Choose another way.

Feeling Better & Doing

And, guess what else? Because you feel better, you can do more.

Everything in you functions better. You have more energy. You have more strength. You have more brain power. You can take action to be the change you want to see.

And now you know the change you want to see! Because you've connected with your soul (it's continual and not a one-and-done, but you've rekindled the connection that you can now maintain!), which connects you with your dreams and your purpose.

You are connected with the Being you are here to be. It's meant to be being > doing, but the being will always lead to the doing.

And you better have the energy for the doing!

This is what health brings.


And (wow, we just keep going!), you're adding to the beauty of the world. Yes, by taking care of your aesthetics, you are adding to the beauty of the world.

We are meant to be beautiful. Just like the flowers. Just like sunsets. Just like the ocean. Just like the animals.

Beauty is also unique to each person and has to do with soul alignment.

When you are aligning with your soul in all you do for your health, your aesthetics will follow. Plain and simple.

Now, this is not to say that when you align with your soul you will automatically know everything you need to do to reach an aesthetic goal and you never have to work with professionals or read books or listen to podcasts or take courses or anything like that!

No, it's about alignment along the way.

As you align with your soul first, you can continue choosing alignment every step of the way.

You get to take in the information that others have discovered, either through science, training, or personal experience.

You get to filter this through your soul and choose what's in alignment.

The routines, the foods, the workouts, etc. What's aligned for you?

Choosing this alignment will lead you to health which will lead to your aesthetics - the ones aligned for you, meant for you. The ones that are perfect, regardless of societal standards. They meet soul standards, and that's the most important thing in the whole entire universe.

When you're connected to your soul, you know you're aligned. And opinions don't matter. You're rooted and confident and bold.

Over time, people will feel this. They will know. They will think to themselves or say, "You know, so-and-so doesn't meet all the "conventional" beauty standards, but I can just tell they are healthy and are doing exactly what is right for them."

In Conclusion...

See, alignment isn't just about one thing. It's about every single area of life, because everything is connected. Career, home, relationships, hobbies, your body...all of it!

Your soul chose this body. This body that you have is perfect for your mission. Perfect for all you came here intending to experience. Absolutely, 100% perfect.

Better take care of it, huh?

See how a physical health journey is more than important?

It's vital.

If you would like to work together for nutrition coaching, I got you! I offer 1:1 coaching where we will take all the practical steps necessary to meet your goals while at the same time connect you to your soul, your purpose, your dreams, and so much more. Spirituality is always the foundation. If you want to learn more, head to my nutrition coaching page and have a read! Then, be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you want more information.

XOXO Katie Anne


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