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How to Choose Who to Learn from and/or Work with

There are a whole heck of a lot of people out there doing the “same” things in any industry. I put same in quotation marks because even though something looks the same, underneath and energetically it will always be different. Because each person is different! And that right there is the foundation for this post.

Now, first, I want to super quickly address something for the people out there who think their dream path is “oversaturated.” What this means is that there’s already “too many” people in your chosen field (i.e., career field) and if you try to get in there’s just no space and you won’t be seen.

This is B.S.

Sure, there can be a lot of people doing what you want to be doing! Teaching on what you want to be teaching on. Speaking about what you want to speak about. Writing about what you want to write about…you get my point!

But numbers don’t mean a thing! What matters is whether or not something is aligned for you.

That is simply all that matters.

If it’s aligned, you can do it! You’re supposed to do it!

Then, here’s another thing that matters (I guess that alignment wasn’t ALL that matters, huh? Haha): That you do it with YOUR energy and your energy alone. You don’t try to copy or compare of follow others or do what others tell you that you have to do or any of that stuff. 

Yes, inspiration is amazing! Learning from others is amazing (which we’re going to talk about in a second). But trying to BE someone else and do the things others are doing just because you think you should or have been told that’s THE way? Huh uh. That’s not your path. That’s not your alignment.

Now, can you follow your alignment and end up doing some of the same things as others? Of course! I’m not saying you HAVE to do different things or else you’re not in alignment. I’m simply saying that you cannot arbitrarily follow the advice or ways of others without checking your alignment and think that you’re on one of your Soul’s paths. You’re here to be You and do things Your way.

You must let YOUR unique energy flow through all that you are doing. This is why numbers don’t matter. Energy matters above all. You will find your people. They will find you. You must trust this way of the universe.

Okay, that was the little aside! Now, let’s go back to the numbers thing.

There ARE a lot of people out there teaching and speaking and writing and coaching…

How do you know who to learn from? How do you know who to work with?

Okay, first, we always want to be using intuition! If you want to learn more about how to do that, read this blog post here!

So, keep that in mind this entire time!

But, also, there are some key things we can pay attention to in order to help us weed through all these people out here doing amazing work!

May this post help you find your way…


Energy flows through looks! I’m not just talking about “pretty” or “not pretty” or anything like that. Not those human labels. You really get a feel for someone’s energy by the way they look! Pay attention to their expressions, their style, their body language. What feel do you get? The feeling/sensing is your intuition - don’t ignore it! 

Also, pay attention to the appearance of their brand. Does it click? Everything carries an energy - colors, images, fonts, you name it! You know you get a “feeling” from certain brands. That’s the energy! And, if people are going about their brand creation in an aligned way (which can take some experimentation, I know!), you will be feeling their energy come through the brand. That’s what a brand is all about! It communicates to others, to the world, who you are. Really, it is meant to communicate Who You Are. (You know, the Truth? That’s what the capitalization means!)

I am by no means a brand expert! I’ve played around with mine so many times…but my intention is to always have it authentically represent me, my energy, my personality, and what I want to be for other people (as in, what I want to do for other people - not in an expectation sort of way), even if it doesn’t “make sense” or hasn’t followed a “branding formula.”

Don’t discount looks and appearances because you “can’t judge a book by its cover.” Sometimes, you can! Listen to your initial reaction. Now, you don’t have to completely write a person off - there may be more to discover! But also don’t ignore the first impressions. This part will apply to the next section as well!

Tone of Voice

Sometimes, before we see a person, we may hear them on a podcast and then want to read their book or something. Or, we may just find a book that we want to read and we’ve never seen the person before! Either way (and I definitely find myself in the first scenario here a lot!), we base our first impressions on tone of voice instead of appearances.

Tone of voice goes for both when a person is speaking and when they are writing. Basically, it’s the feel you get from the way they communicate!

Here are some feelings or senses you may get from a person based on their tone of voice:

Gentle, kind, or compassionate

Whimsical and carefree


Harsh and abrasive

Condescending and/or judgemental 

Bland, flat, boring, or “lacking personality”

Vivacious, flamboyant, “extra” (as the kids say)

Now, I don’t want to imply that these necessarily communicate the Truth about a person! Remember, we are all pure and perfect and loving at the core - if we are acting or speaking in such a way unreflective of this, it does not negate our Truth; it only means that we are not connected to and living from the Truth.

But, everyone is unique with a different style and a different way of showcasing the pure love that they are on the inside - yes, “tough love” included. There certainly are empowering and loving ways to be blunt and honest and empowering! And, if this is a way that one communicates, this does not mean it is representative of their entire personality.

There have been times when I have resonated with the “tough love” communication style! It depends on where I’m at and what I’m seeking information on.

You have different energies you resonate with, and these can change over time for you as well. 

I’ve just been using “tough love” as an example, but we could talk about any of them! There are infinite expressions of the love of which we are all made; it does not have to look like the human-constructed concept of love.

One of the biggest things that you want to be on the lookout for when it comes to tone of voice is authenticity. No matter what you resonate with, you want to make sure the person is coming from an aligned and authentic place. This leads perfectly into the next section, which is about another area that requires authenticity.

Their Life Story

Many people come to their work through experiences and challenges of their own. This is how many of us humans awaken! It doesn’t have to be this way, I don’t believe (through challenge, I mean), but it certainly has been and still is a common way!

After people move through their challenges, after people awaken, they want to help others in similar situations (similar to where they have been and what they have been through). They want to show a way forward. They want to support. They want to help people feel less alone.

Does their life story resonate with you? Is it similar to your own? Do you see yourself in any part of their history or maybe even their present?

We’ll naturally feel drawn to these people. They provide us with a sense of hope, a spark of inspiration, a comfort that we are not alone.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to be about a challenging thing! It can be about fun and joyful things. You can connect with people on the basis of those, as well!

Oh, and remember what I said about authenticity? Yeah, check for that here, too. Dishonesty really ain’t gonna fly, here or anywhere else.

But, chances are, if you share similar life stories with someone, you all will click! Even if you don’t work with them 1:1 in any capacity, your energy will click with their energy that lives on through their work.

Their Life Philosophy/Values/Spiritual Outlook

Lastly, how does this person view life? How does this person view other people and humanity in general? Moreover, how do they treat people?

What does this person think about reality? What are their values? 

What are their spiritual views if they have any at all?

These are all key questions to ask, wanting them to either align with you or align with where you want to go! (Which…hmmm…I guess this would be a form of alignment! Just alignment with a different version of You!)

Now, one’s values or spirituality may not be something they talk about plainly if what they do has nothing to do with those (directly). For example, if one's work is not in the spiritual realm, they may not ever come right out and say what they believe on a spiritual level. However, someone’s values (usually!) flow through everything they do. Unless they have never considered what their values are…

If that’s the case, I would imagine there’s a good chance that they are doing what they are doing for surface-level reasons. I’m not calling them bad people, you know I would never do that! (And you know I don’t believe that!) But, you want something that has depth and meaning. Depth and meaning flow through work that comes from the heart and soul. Work that comes from the heart and soul will have one’s values tied to them. You will sense them, you will see them, you will know at least some of them, even if they do not come out and say it.

For instance, here are some things that I hope everyone picks up from me concerning my values, even though I’ve never put a values list out there:


True health and holistic wellness

Authenticity and honesty

Human uniqueness

Joy and fun with this life, lightheartedness

Sharing my gifts to help others and to help others do the same (share their gifts)


I know, values are usually listed as one word. But…have I ever done anything the “typical” way? Yeah. Tons of times. Just…tons of times I also don’t! Haha

These are what I want to be communicated through my work, my writing, and just the way I live my life.

Now, I don’t want to leave this section without saying that you do not have to agree with someone on everything in order to click with them and work with them and learn from them. If you did this with everyone you chose to learn from or work with, how would you ever truly learn? We learn through our differences, our uniqueness.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this…but differences aren’t bad! Differences are supposed to be a part of our human existence. Perhaps differences are meant to be a part of any of our existences? Any incarnation? Even as we exist just as souls in the spiritual realms? I love considering that we have soul personalities, too. Anyway…

In addition to not being able to learn from someone identical to us, there actually is no one identical to you! To find someone who believes everything the same way you do about life is impossible. And, let’s face it - we like being unique! We don’t like being the same as someone else in all ways. This is because, deep down, we know we’re meant to be unique.

So, you can see some things differently than another and still learn from and/or work with them. You just get to decide what matters most to you!


Sweet, beautiful people, I hope this post has helped you! Please don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. There’s no “right” or “wrong.” As with anything, play around with this! Choose who you believe, in that moment, is best and aligned for you. If they turn out not to be, you learned! You can pivot and choose someone new.

It’s all about experiencing, it’s all about experimenting, it’s all about learning.

And, remember, if you are wanting to go your own way and do something that someone else is doing, and you find yourself thinking there’s no room for you…

That you’ll never be seen, that your dream of helping others in your own way will never come true…

NOPE! Stop that thought right there. Don’t feed that thought for another second.

Go back and read that first section one more time. Or a thousand more times!

We need you to follow your dreams, sweet soul. They are not arbitrary. They are not silly. And they are certainly not impossible.

Much love and until next time…

XOXO Katie Anne


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