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How to Hear Your Intuition

Ahh, finally! A guide to your intuition! Everyone is talking about listening to your intuition (including me!), but not everyone is telling you how to do so, huh? Well, I believe (as you read this post) you’ll discover why the “how” is not being talked about as much as just doing it is being talked about!

I want to begin by saying that this is an incredibly individual process and so much of this will be unique to you. Throughout this post, I am only going to provide a general framework/some guidelines, what has worked for me, and what I have learned from others. Again, as I always say, I just offer one perspective. There are many other perspectives out there if you do not resonate with mine! I hope that, if you do not resonate, what you read can help you find your way to who and what does. Okay, with that being said...

Honestly? You really only need a general framework and some guidelines! You don’t need a formula.

Intuition is discovered via practice. (Intuition is not developed because we all have it! Skills may be developed, as in the skill of listening and discerning, but not the actual intuition itself - that is innate, and we’ll get to what it is in just a second.) This practice will involve intention, going within, tuning out the noise, and acting on what you hear.

Well, let’s break this down, shall we? First, what the heck is intuition?

What Is Intuition? 

First, let me just reiterate:

Your intuition is nothing you need to create - you only need to find it, uncover it. And your intuition is not hiding from you!

Now, I personally believe that what we call intuition is more than just one thing.

One, I do believe it is our Soul/Higher Self speaking to us - yes! And this is usually how we hear intuition discussed. It’s our communication line to the True Self, another aspect of the whole self, the purely spiritual aspect of the whole self, the “outside of the physical/human” aspect of the whole self. (The whole self is our human/physical aspects + our soul/spiritual/energetic aspects.)

I also believe this communication pathway extends to include the general communication pathway between the physical and spiritual. A communication pathway where we receive other spiritual guidance and wisdom apart from our Soul. (No, don’t go picturing a medium talking to spirits! Or a channel! I believe in both of those, yes, but that’s not what I'm talking about here. As soon as I start talking about “spiritual communication” that’s the image that pops in my head, so I thought I better clear it up! Haha)

It is truly as simple as that, sweet loves. 

We are all born with this communication line intact. It is innate. You cannot destroy it nor can anyone else destroy it for you. You always have a spiritual connection. Now, let’s talk about tapping into it!

How We May “Hear” Our Intuition

“Hear” does not have to be the word that you use when you talk about tapping into your intuition, because it’s not always an internal “hearing” that takes place. (And rarely is it legitimately auditory! I have never heard of anyone literally hearing a voice and calling it their intuition…usually I hear people talk about hearing voices when they are coming in contact with spirits? But, to be honest, this isn’t a thing I know a lot about - at all! Could the soul also speak to us in a truly physical auditory way? Perhaps! But I digress...)

Sometimes people talk about a “feeling,” a “sense,” a “knowing.” Sometimes people talk about physical sensations, like a gut reaction. Sometimes people see things in their mind’s eye. So, if “hear” is not the word you want to use, pick something that’s right for you!

Well, I’ve already listed some of those ways the intuition may be sensed, huh? Let’s talk about them a little bit more.

Many talk about feelings, senses, and knowings. This can pretty much be summed up as a “knowing without knowing how you know.” This is a feeling that feels as though it’s coming from somewhere deep down within you, not your logical mind. Many times, the knowing cannot be explained. This can come about when you feel led to take a certain action, make a life change, say no to an invitation/offer, and so much more!

These feelings and senses may be somewhere vaguely internal, or you may be able to locate them in a physical area in your body - like your gut! This does not mean that it’s not your intuition - remember, the spiritual/energetic is working through/in the physical! All this means is that your intuition speaks through physical sensations (at least that's one way it does!).

The spiritual/energetic also uses another part of our physicality - our brains! Yep, this is the vision side of intuition. Sometimes, we have mental images of scenes playing out in our mind that direct us which way to go or not go, whatever would be for our absolute best and highest good. This is tapping into our “third eye” which has physical and spiritual parts - it’s like a portal living right behind your eyebrows! (Don’t get freaked out by the word "portal"…) In addition to images, you may “hear” with your mind’s ear (do we have a third ear???) certain messages. These can come through as clearly as if someone were sitting next to you talking to you! Although, you don’t experience any true auditory sensations with your physical ears. (Well, at least this is how I currently understand it - remember our conjecturing up above? It's always okay to hold space for any possibility!) *These two - visions and internal hearing - are my big two!*

Other ways that you may pick up on spiritual communication is through the other physical senses - smell, taste, and touch. When you suddenly smell, taste, or physically feel a sensation that is quite unexplainable in the physical, it’s likely some intuitive communication coming to you! Time to tap in. See what’s coming through.

These are some of the most common ways that people sense their intuition. Are there more? You bet! Will there likely be more ways that develop and come online in the future? You bet! If you have different ways that you already know are your intuition, don’t go doubting yourself! One of the biggest muscles we gotta build when it comes to intuition is our trust muscle. On top of that, we need the muscles of confidence and boldness. But, just like intuition, these are already innate within you. You have your perfect level of trust, confidence, and boldness - you just gotta start training them by acting in alignment with them! Simple, simple, simple.

So, it’s awesome that we know how we may “hear” the intuition. But how do we begin tapping in? Will it just come out of nowhere?

I believe the communication is going on all the time! But we’re just not “hearing” it all the time. So, we have to intentionally practice doing so in order to return to that connection. And the wonderful news is I’m about to give you a bunch of ways you can begin doing so. Lean back. Relax. It’s about to get fun.

Set the Intention

Before you set out on an intuitive adventure, set the intention to do so.

Set aside making “logical” decisions or going along with what you’ve done in the past. Make it a point to let thoughts of what others would suggest slide on by as you pay those thoughts no mind. You’re switching your radio station now! Choosing to tune into your intuition.

It’s important to come from this grounded place before moving into any sort of intuitive listening practices/exercises. We just want to make sure our energy is focused, that’s all! And it’s not really a process in and of itself - it’s as simple as making a decision and directing your attention.

Ask Questions & Give Options

Now, here's option number one! And these do not go in any particular order. All of these options stand alone.

Here, you can totally start “small!” I like to put small in quotes because nothing is truly small! We may think so on a human level, but because everything carries an energy, nothing is actually inconsequential at all.

But, start with what we humans call small! Give yourself options that don’t result in huge life changes (i.e., a move, a relationship change, a career shift, etc.). Start by giving yourself…say…three options for fruit you want to buy for the week. See which one to which your intuition leads you. Don’t go by what someone told you that you should get. Don’t go by what you’ve always gotten. Don’t go by what “makes sense.” Follow your intuition. Let it be a game! There’s no right or wrong. It’s practice. (Then, after you make the decision, take note for the following week what the results of following your intuition were! Also take note of how you "heard" your intuition here. Valuable data, sweet soul.)

Fruit is just one example. I mean…there are countless options! Clothes or outfits for the day, restaurants, routes to work, pen color…(hey, colors hold an energy, too - I swear your color pen matters!) You name it!

Start “small” and let it grow. This is about learning how your intuition speaks to you and practicing taking action. As you do this, as you follow, your trust will build. You’ll learn you CAN listen to this thing called your intuition and how it really IS on your side! I mean, it’’s You talking to you. How could You not be on your side? OR it’s God or other spiritual beings (i.e., your guides) talking to you. How could They not be on your side?

Yeah. That’s what I thought!

Meditate & Vision

Here's option number two!

Now, not everyone likes to meditate - I know! I have not yet found a way to be comfortable sitting in meditation for more than 10 minutes at a time. Perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t! Perhaps I have a different way that I can meditate? Moving meditation? Yet to be determined! (Moving meditations DO exist!)

If meditation isn’t your jam, don’t sweat it. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Give yourself grace, space, and time. Continue to explore different ways of approaching it if you feel called, but if you don’t, just let it be. If you’re meant to do traditional meditation, you’ll be drawn to it at the right time! Oh…hmmm…I guess your intuition will let you know! *wink*

So, meditate if that’s your jam! Or, just have moments of mindfulness, peace, and calm. You can even have these as you’re going about your day, just by changing the energy with which you perform whatever task it is that you’re doing. When you open up this calm and peaceful space, your intuition can become crystal clear. 

Do certain words come to you? Do you have visions in your mind’s eye? Are you “hearing” something? Do you notice any particular emotion? Are you feeling a nudge toward an action?

Take note of whatever comes to you that doesn’t seem like it’s coming from the physical world. (You can take note of these, too! Just label them as such and see if, later on, it really was your intuition speaking to you in that specific way.)

Hold onto these. Let 'em marinate. Come back to them and study them. What were the messages? How did they come through? What actions can you take in alignment with these messages?

There’s no right or wrong and no pressure. Chill. Breathe. Relax. This is practice. (Oh! And you can totally always ask your Soul, your guides, and God for help with this. Always. Guidance is here for you right here, right now.)

Follow Your Joy

Option three!

What do YOU really want? Not what others want you to do. What do YOU want?

See, everything we think, everything we believe, everything we do holds an energetic signature. On a very basic level, we can witness this when it comes to feelings and emotions.

When you’re only doing things for others and you are never prioritizing yourself, how do you feel?

Do you ever give yourself space to have fun? Do you ever take the time to play? Do you ever make it a point to relax?

If not, the time is now. Because your intuitive connection is at stake!

Okay, that was a bit of a fear-inducing statement, and I surely don’t mean for it to be!

But, if we ignore our joy, we ignore our intuition. Because we are ignoring a core energy of Who We Are.

We are all made of joy, just expressing in different ways. (This goes for other energies like love, of course! Soooooo many energies are we made of…)

When you tap into the energy of joy in the human realm, you tap into your Soul energy of joy at the same time. Remember how this world is just a mirror for the inner? When you find your joy in this world, you have really found the joy within You.

Think of joy as electricity. This electricity powers your Soul connection, allowing you to “hear”/sense your intuition even more. There’s a peace here.

Joy also assists your intuition by ushering you into a sense of freedom. Joy is an incredibly freeing energy. It’s a “not a care in the world” energy. Free…not a care in the world…

Hmmm…that sounds like openness to me! And what does openness leave room for?

Communication! Yep, intuitive communication.

You can actually "hear" now! Or, sense. Whichever word you like to use.

Joy helps you release the “noise” from the outside world that’s clogging your intuitive communication pathway, causing static or dampening it. We want a clear channel of communication, don’t we? This is what joy can bring.

Joy is also a clue - a clue about your Soul personality, Who You Are, and what you’re here to bring to this planet. So, in a sense, joy is a type of intuitive communication on its own.

This is similar to what we’re going to talk about next. 

Follow Your Interests

Option four!

I can’t stress this enough: Please, please, please do not discount ANY of your interests! They ALL matter! I promise. I cannot tell you the number of times I have followed my interests that didn’t make “practical” sense and I ended up receiving downloads, having revelations, and much more! I’ve always said that God can speak through anything. Yes, God can even speak through your interest in fashion, decorating, fitness, literature, history, nature, food, technology, gaming, art, music, or the “weirdest” interest you can think of! Remember, your intuition is your communication line to God, too! (God is really just the GRANDEST Truth of Who We Are, on a level we cannot fathom with our human brains - but we are a part of God, all of us. God is also another name for Universe, Source, and so on. The name matters not, only in whether or not it resonates with you! Always choose what resonates.)

Your Soul speaks here, as well. Your Soul sends you messages. Your Soul gives you downloads, helps you experience revelations, and so much more. Your Soul also might be giving you clues for your next move, your next big decision, the next version of You that you are going to become. Now, don’t get caught in black and white thinking here! Be on the lookout for the messages coming in ways that don’t “make sense” or you wouldn’t expect! That’s kinda how the spiritual realm likes to work with us, ya know.

Another reason that following your interests is so important is because it connects you to your Soul traits. When you follow your interests, you embody parts of Who You Truly Are. Yes, we all have a human personality, but we have soul personalities as well. This is how we can express Who We Are through these physical vessels - there has to be something to express! Your interests bring you back to your core. They are a way of connecting. And whenever you can connect with your Truth, you are going to be strengthening the intuitive connection at the same time.

And, lastly, let’s chat energy. When you follow your true interests, you’re going to be bathing in and embodying the energies of your Soul. Things like joy, peace, excitement, wonder, and so on. As you are in these energies, you become more of Who You Are. These energies are fuel that connect you to your soul, strengthening your intuitive connection.

So, yes, your interests hold messages! They are here for a reason. And, at the same time, as you follow them, you strengthen the intuitive connection that brought them to you in the first place. Pretty sweet, huh?

*Okay, one last note. I believe when we follow our true interests, we also hop timelines. This goes for the previous section on following our joy, too. When you embody a certain energy (or certain energies), you align yourself with the matching timeline. You align yourself with a new version of You. And, as you follow your joy and your interests, you are aligning more with the Truth of Who You Are. As you do this, you will be moving into timelines and realities where your intuitive connection is stronger and stronger and stronger…*

Evolution is fun.

All in All

Now, you don't get to just follow or choose one option at a time! Do them all if you want! Just don't do it in a rushed and pressured sort of way, okay? That's not helpful. That's not going to get you anywhere. I promise.

Also, there are WAY more than four ways to start "hearing" your intuition. These are broad and there are SO many options for variation within. May these be your starting place and inspire you to find your own ways.


Your intuition is something you were born with and it never goes away.

I don’t care how long you’ve gone not listening to it, it’s there.

Your Soul never gives up on you - You cannot give up on you.

Your guides never give up on you.

God never gives up on you.

All it takes is a decision to return. A decision to listen. A decision to begin living life led by the soul and the Spirit.

Each step you can take in this direction is massive, even if it seems “small.” It’s never small. Everything matters.

Remember that this is not meant to be a stressor, not meant to be full of pressure. 

Stress and pressure will actually block our intuition!

Sit back. Relax. Chill. Take a deep breath. It’s allllll good.

It’s time for a new life.

XOXO Katie Anne


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