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It's Not About the Result - It's About What You Learn

Oh my goodness gracious, that title sounds mighty cliche, doesn't it? Kind of the way I like to speak, huh? Yeah, you know me. I DO love cliches...

But this one isn't actually how it sounds. This actually isn't about the whole "process > goal" thing. While that's true, this is a bit different.

This is about how, when you decide to go a certain route in life, go after a goal, etc., it's not always about the end result that you envisioned coming to fruition.

That may not have been the purpose of your decision at all.

The initially-intended result doesn't actually come to life.

And, see, you were never wrong. We can be very quick to label the lack of achieving a goal as us being wrong in the first place or failing.

If something doesn't pan out the way we initially thought, we can say we made the wrong decision.

But hold up. Is that actually true?

Heck no, sweet soul! Lest you believe it to be so...(which we'll get to in a second!)

I want to walk you through why this isn't the case and then give you some recent Katie's-life examples of how this has played out for me.

First: perception.

Perception, Perception, Perception

Oh, my sweet loves, I cannot say it enough! Life is all about how you look at it.

Humans have been preaching this since time immemorial! Because it's the truth and we know it.

We know life is created in our noggins. Sure there are "objective circumstances" but it's how we see them that determines both our experience within them and what happens next.

So let's talk about when we don't get a result or we don't end up where we thought we'd be after making a decision.

You have choices: You can be curious or you can automatically label yourself as a failure.

Now, are there other choices besides those two that you could make? Sure! But those are the big ones I want to home in on, because the other possible decisions likely fall under those two umbrellas.

What does the curiosity perspective look like?

That's going to look like digging into the why behind the original decision. Why did you make it in the first place? Did you have initial gut reactions that you ignored? Did you feel in alignment the whole time? Did you make the decision based on fear or pressure?

Let's say you genuinely thought the decision was aligned. Great! Get even more curious.

Now that you are here, in a different place than you originally intended, what options are available to you now? What did you learn in the time since you made the original decision to being where you are now? (We'll come back to these for the next section!)

What does a failure perspective look like?

Pretty much shutting down. It's not being open to learning. It's giving into emotions like anger, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, regret, embarrassment, and shame. Now, I'm not going to label those as bad! Certainly they are not emotions that we WANT to feel, but they serve a purpose nonetheless! They are here to wake us up, teach us, and guide us.

But if we give into them without curiosity and an openness to learn, we don't allow them to do their job. We allow them to influence our behaviors, thoughts, words, and energies in ways they were never meant to. They are helpers, not captains of the ship. You, sweet soul as a soul, are always captain of the ship. They don't want that power! Don't give it to them.

And, without that openness to learning, you...well...don't learn!

So, let's go back to the last section on the curiosity perspective where we were talking about what you learned and where you are now.

Learning New Information

There are some things we simply cannot know until we enter a specific situation.

Sometimes, we have to decide and begin down a path before we can ever begin learning what that path has to offer!

We have to decide and have more experiences before we can home in on, even more, what it is that we truly want and what it is that is truly aligned for us.

Going down a path also begins to shine a light.

New experiences bring new things out of you that you were not aware of: blind spots, limiting beliefs, areas where you are unprepared, etc.

These are all possible outcomes from simply choosing to begin walking a path! But you would never have learned had you never taken a step.

AND you never would have learned had you not had a curious and open mindset. See how important it is? Whenever you feel it's time to pivot and regroup, get curious at the same time!

What else can a curious and open mindset bring you?

A Vision for Other Possibilities

I made an Instagram post that goes super duper well with this section, as well as recorded a podcast episode on the same.

Shifting and changing is something I have done countless times in my life. So many times, in fact, that I have come to fully believe that it is one of my soul's missions: to learn about shifting and changing (by experiencing it first!) and then to teach about it and help other souls through this magic as well. So, anyway...

One of the things I've learned in all this shifting and changing is that the purpose of a path or a simple decision can be to lead you to the next aligned thing.

In other words, something can be a stepping stone. Or, if we want to take a slightly different perspective on things, something can serve the function of rerouting. Perhaps you thought you were on an aligned timeline, but you weren't, and something is just helping you get to one of your actual aligned timelines.

So, with your curious and open mindset, now that you've found yourself in this pivot point...what else is available?

What do you see now as a possibility that you maybe didn't see before you started walking down this path?

What other doors have now opened?

And you know what? Now it's time to make the next aligned decision. The one you feel is most aligned!

Little aside here: I believe anything can be aligned. Because even when something didn't turn out how we envisioned, we get to shift our perspective on it - yes, even retroactively! And I believe that this, energetically, shifts an experience to actually be in alignment. Because the perspective shift changes it into something that actually serves us. And isn't that what alignment is about? Serving us and all our other fellow humans? If we can shift our perspectives and find a way to give a different meaning to something that occurred in the past or is occurring now, I believe we can shift it to be in alignment. Isn't it cool how we get to decide all of these things?! Being a human is fun.

Life is all about doing the best you can to choose alignment in each moment. Always and forevermore.

So, let's anchor these in with a few real-life examples, shall we?

Change of Ownership

So, if you all did not know, my main job right now is owning and running (along with my dad) a tree service company. Whoa has this been an adventure, owning and running a business! What I've learned in this time is truly invaluable. At the same time, I know it's not my forever thing. That was never the intention going in - I always had dreams of my own and I was always clear about desiring to venture away at some point (at least venture away from it being my full time job!).

With the building and expansion of The Joy Babe ventures (my spirituality work and my nutrition work), I was thinking it might be time to start releasing the tree service business.

I had already communicated this to my dad (as he's the other half of the leadership here), telling him I wanted to figure out how to create more time in the day to devote to The Joy Babe ventures - so that I can keep growing, creating, and I have plenty of space for my clients when they come to me!

I had a moment the other week where I let myself get way too freaking stressed. And the first thing I did was blame it on my job. I blamed it on how busy I was, the uncomfortableness of working with my dad sometimes (long history there!), and the lack of time/freedom I (perceived) I had for The Joy Babe. In a split second I decided, "This is my sign to relinquish ownership so that I can more easily get out of this whole thing the second I'm ready!"

I began telling myself that this business was something I never truly wanted to own, it has never felt like mine, it has been a stress from day one, it's what's holding me back...

Sounds like I had a little meltdown, huh? I did! I totally did.

And I actually kept going through with the decision to relinquish ownership (give it to my dad)! I said that I would keep all of my roles, but that I would not be the owner on paper. If you don't know anything about the implications of being an owner of a single-member LLC, you're pretty much one and the same with the business! (Well, legally and for tax purposes - which are pretty crucial things!) Therefore, I just kind of felt like this business was me but I didn't want it to be me! I wanted to be free. Having the tax and legal systems seeing "Katie Flinchum" and "Complete Tree Service" being basically the same was not what I wanted anymore.

I felt trapped and I panicked.

But then...after some space away from the initial panic...I had a revelation.

It wasn't the business. It wasn't my dad. It wasn't the title of owner.

It was my perception.

It was how I was CHOOSING to view:

  • Myself and the power I have within this company to make decisions

  • My ability to choose the freedom I have

  • My schedule

  • My importance and value in this company

  • My relationship with my dad

  • My ability to own and run one business WHILE building another

  • What has really been holding back the growth of The Joy Babe (hello limiting beliefs and limiting habits and limiting fears that have been coming up lately!!!)

It was all my choice.

Now, I don't say that to put myself down or heap on piles of blame! Heck no. This is empowering. This is about responsibility. This is about me stepping into my power.

This is about me creating my reality.

This is about me choosing a new perspective.

See, the initial decision to relinquish ownership was not wrong. It simply led me to the change in perspective that I needed all along.

Now, it's up to me to keep choosing that change. To live in that changed perspective.

Am I still going to keep going with The Joy Babe (my true dream!) and hold space for fully releasing the tree service business at the same time? You bet!

But, I'm going to be the best, most kick-a** business owner (who makes decisions for herself without permission [never hurting the company or others, of course!]) at the very same time.

Because I CAN do this.

I decide to release the doubt and pick up the confidence.

See how important that decision was? Even though the change in ownership didn't happen?

That wasn't the highest aligned timeline. (It was A timeline, one that COULD have happened, yes! Everything will always remain possible.)

Now? We get to keep choosing alignment.

Contractor Bid

Here's another work example! This one will be a little bit shorter.

We recently became aware of an opportunity for the business to put in a bid for a contract with a local municipality here in Roanoke. The tree service company who is awarded this bid will be on call whenever this municipality needs, well, tree service!

We had been working on the application for a little while and were about to finalize it all yesterday when...

We started to look more closely at the details of what they were looking for in a tree service company (employee requirements, equipment requirements, insurance requirements, etc.).

Now, I'm not putting our sweet little company down! But we have some work to do in order to be a truly great company. We need some new equipment. Our employees could be more reliable. We could definitely expand.

And we're working on it! But as we started to really consider this application and the bidding process, we decided it wasn't the best fit for us at this time.

Would it be a lot of money and guaranteed work? You bet! But you don't have to jump at every opportunity that's presented to you - you have to carefully consider!

I woke up the night before the application was due and I thought, "You know...they're looking for a reliable company. And, with our current equipment lineup and our current employees, we're just not to that level. They need someone they can count on, and we're not there yet. Not to this level. We've got some work to do."

Now, this is not to say we're falling apart! We do the absolute best we can with what we have, always aiming for more and finding new ways to be better.

But to contract with a major organization? Not there yet.

And after this decision, to not bid, we came to the awareness that we learned a whole heck of a lot about how to improve the company and equip ourselves for opportunities like this in the future.

See? This one wasn't about putting in our bid and getting the contract. This one was about the learning. Something that wouldn't have happened had we not started down this process in the first place.

Money E-Book

This one is ALSO a work example, but not tree work! The Joy Babe work.

See, I love to write. Therefore, I've got some e-books up for sale! With oh so many more in the works. (I like making e-books because they are short little nuggets of information or guidance! You can pick and choose whatever you need without having to buy a book that potentially has a bunch of other information you don't care about. Do I also plan to write bigger books? You bet! Different topics call for different formats!)

The first one I ever wrote was on shifting your money mindset. I was so proud of it! So excited.

I decided to write it after learning the truth about money and abundance. And you know what? I hesitate to even say truth! Because, really, anything is a POSSIBLE truth. The people who are holding tight to their current money beliefs are also believing a truth - their truth, one that they have made into truth based on their beliefs! Anywho...

So, let's say after I learned a POSSIBLE truth about money!

That abundance is infinite. That we are not (or don't have to be) in competition. That desiring money is not wrong. That we can enjoy money AND allow our money to do awesome work out in the world. That money is a neutral tool, an energy at the core, and that money itself never has and can never cause a human being to do anything harmful - that comes down to free will choice.

This is basically what I wrote the book about! Because when I learned all of these possible truths, I was lit up! I knew them to be true because I felt expanded and on fire when I was learning them. Like an ancient, soul-level remembering was unlocked. (Do you ever get those feelings??? Don't ignore them!)

I wrote it. Edited. Published. Made a bunch more edits over time. No one bought.

I recorded a podcast series where I read chapters from the book.

And yesterday, I felt called to go back and edit once again.

Add in new learnings. Change wording. See what else I had discovered that I could implement.

And something

I had to think about why for a little bit.

Ultimately, I decided to take the e-book out of my e-book offers (I still have the PDF, though, should I ever need it!).

But why was this feeling off?

Because I wasn't walking the talk.

It's so very easy to talk about a shift in beliefs until you actually start to implement them! Then it can be a whole different ballgame. (CAN beliefs be easy to implement? You bet! But, I was not having an easy time with this money stuff.)

I was adamant about what I believed (and I truly did and DO believe!), but I was not living out those beliefs.

I was talking about money the same way I had been my whole life. I was still interacting with money from a place of fear and stress.

I was still allowing other people to dictate how I view money. (This HAS BEEN a pattern for me where I can have a new belief but unless someone else ALSO believes...I keep it to myself and just go along with the "norm." Grrr. Not helpful, Katie Anne!)

And I want to be in integrity. I want my life to be the example, not just my words.

Do I want to expand your perspectives and thinking with what I say on top of what I also do?YES! I'm not saying I want you to copy my life haha I think just plain old teaching is HELLA valuable on its own!

But, if you are not living out the teachings in your own life...that's not integrity. That's not authenticity.

And I knew that this lack of authenticity and integrity was energetically stalling this e-book from being discovered and getting into the hands of people worldwide. Because it wasn't fueled with the right, aligned energy.

I don't want to put something like that out into the world! No way.

Authenticity. Alignment. Integrity.

THOSE are the names of the game for me.

And you know what? This whole money e-book venture showed that to me.

It also showed me where I can still expand with my money beliefs being lived out and actually integrated into my life and being.

See? More learning!

It wasn't about the e-book sales. It was about the process. It was about my realization.

Oh, and this e-book also helped me hone my writing skills, discover my e-book formatting preferences on Canva, and figure out how to talk about my e-book(s) being for sale!

See? It was a helper in so many ways.


Dear ones, it's ALWAYS up to you how you perceive ANY situation.

I mean...curiosity or failure? What's going to be your perception?

Are you going to be attached to an outcome or are you going to surrender to change and flow?

Listen, this is not me preaching to you and saying I'm perfect at all this stuff!

We're learning together. This is about encouragement. This is about me showing you/offering you another way.

Showing you what's possible.

Sharing what I've learned.

Isn't that what life is all about? (Just had a flashback to A Charlie Brown Christmas when Charlie Brown yells, "Isn't there anyone who can tell me what Christmas is all about?!" [or something like that...])

Change YOUR world and THE world with a change in your perception, sweet loves.

NEVER ever ever forget your immense power.

Until next time!

XOXO Katie Anne


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