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Living from the End: My Life Examples

What is essential for manifestation? Believing it's ALREADY yours! Because, it is. That's not just an imagination thing. Remember the quantum field of infinite possibilities where anything that has, does, and will exist (in our linear time terms) is ALREADY existing? Just waiting for us to choose & align with? Just waiting for us to move into based on our observation, our intention, our focus, and our energy? Yeah, THAT'S why our manifestations already exist!

It's all about shifting our energy, our focus, and our resulting actions in order to bring it into our physical reality - whatever in the world it is that we are seeking! It's embodying the energy of the desire, knowing it's ultimately that energy & resulting emotion that we TRULY seek - the manifestation on the physical plane is just the perk! (But remember, it all begins with alignment. When you are in alignment with your soul, you are going to desire what your soul purely desires [meaning, the desires that you think about with your human brain will be the desires that are coming from the soul - the soul is using the human physical brain to communicate with you!].

When you are tapped into a pure soul desire, you don't have to figure out all the reasons you have a desire, in order to justify it! All you have to do is follow. You will have some desires that seem "silly" or "impractical" or "superficial," and you will have some desires that others praise (i.e., anything you want to do of service to others). But no one knows your soul, and therefore their opinions don't matter! Truly. They don't. We do not have to allow them to matter. The more we choose soul, the better this world becomes. (I have an Instagram post on this if you'd like to check that out! And I would adore it if you followed me. I love Instagram.)

Whoa. Tangent. Oops!

No, not an oops! It's all important. BUT, that was just a little "manifestation 101" setup - ONE part of manifestation 101.

So, let's go back to this "believing it's already yours" thing. What does that necessitate? Living as such.

Living from/in the end. A Neville Goddard principle.

So, what I want to do in this post is give you some examples from my own life! How I am currently doing that. These are related to my budding nutrition coaching business!

It always helps to anchor in principles with examples, right?

Let's go!

Speaking to an (Imaginary?) Audience

Audience: Instagram, YouTube, blog, podcast.

ARE people listening? ARE people reading and watching? Maybe! (Yes, I DO check the metrics just to see! But ya know how some of those "people" are bots? Yeah...)

I've never had anyone get in touch with me, legitimately, though. I've had plenty of people trying to sell me stuff! Like a coaching program or something. Oh well! It happens.


I continue on just like I have an audience! A true audience who interacts with me. A community (which I dearly want to build!).

I talk to "you sweet people/my friends/sweet souls/my loves" because...

  1. I don't know who IS reading/seeing/listening to my content and just not getting in touch with me! I do that PLENTY of times...(Oh! Holy cow...revelation...could THIS be a reason people aren't talking to ME??? Because I don't do it with others??? And this world is just a mirror??? Oh. My. Goodness. I think I just had an epiphany, y'all. Whoa.)

  2. I'm speaking to the people in the "future" who WILL read/see/listen to my content! I know I go back and "binge" YouTube videos, podcasts, and Instagram posts when I find someone I completely align with!

And here's the super important piece: I do it with full belief.

I don't do it with doubt.

I do it knowing that at any moment, everything can take off.

I know that there may be things I need to release in order for everything to take off (programs within myself, I mean); yet, as I keep truckin' along, those will be made known in the exact right time. Then, it will be up to me to release and choose a new way! But, as I said: I keep truckin' along!

I don't do it with a defeated attitude, thinking, "I'm not there yet..."

No! I do it with JOY! I literally have the thought of, "Gosh, this is so much fun!" a million times a day.

Every time I come up with something new, I get SO incredibly pumped and excited about it.

THIS is how I know I'm on an aligned path and in my passion.

Now, CAN I go into thoughts of doubt and defeat? Duh! Those ARE available to me.

But they are NOT me and I do NOT have to choose them! Although, in the past, I have! That's okay. Because each time I do, I learn.

So, if you ARE in my audience...hello! :) Thank you thank you thank you for being here!

Sending Out My Weekly Newsletter to...Me!

I've had the idea of creating a weekly newsletter to build an email list for a while. I hear all the time how important having an email list is for building your business! And, I'm not always one to jump right on to business and marketing advice, but sometimes certain things hit you like, "Yeah! That's something I want to do!" Well, having an email list with a weekly newsletter is one of those things!

I think this is because I just like to get the word out there in as many places as possible however feels aligned and in flow. What I mean by "aligned and in flow" is that it doesn't feel forced - it feels natural. I haven't had to force my Instagram posting, podcasting, video recording, blogging, or writing. I tried Facebook for a while and THAT felt forced. I tried making pins for all of my blog posts and THAT felt forced (although, sometimes a spark will hit me and I'll still do that!).

This weekly newsletter thing? Totally felt natural.

Now, do I have an email list yet? Nope! Have I advertised? Yep! (And I'll keep doing so and learning new ways to do so all the time!)

So, what am I going to do in the meantime? Create the weekly newsletter and send it out, just as I would if I DID have a big ole email list!

Well, then who the heck am I sending it to??? Me! Yep. Myself.

My weekly newsletter is coming, each week, to another email address of mine.

Why would I do this?

One - It's simply another way to go ahead and "act as if!"

Two - I feel a whole heck of a lot of joy when I scroll through the finished product - I love the way it looks!!!

Three - It's practice! I can learn what works best and what can use some tweaking. I can get so into the routine with this that, when my email list DOES build up, it'll be like second nature to send this out every Friday! Which, if you're interested, here's the link to get on the list!

Oh. I guess I should say what comes on the email, huh? It's just a weekly roundup of my Instagram posts, blog posts, and podcast episodes for that week! I know not everyone is following each of those platforms, so sometimes it just helps to have them all compiled in one place so that you can pick which ones you'd like to explore. If ever there are any new or special offers, they'll always be at the end.

My Notebooks: Coaching Clients & Consultations

Well, no coaching clients yet. No worries! Again, I'm always keeping that as the goal. Always knowing, if that's what's best, it's gonna happen! But when I do have clients...I need to be organized and ready, right?

I don't want to be scrambling and not have my supplies together!

Therefore, I have two notebooks sitting on my desk, one labeled "Nutrition Consultations" and the other labeled "Coaching Clients."

Simple! I know. Inconsequential? May seem so! But it's not.

It's a communication of, "I'm ready."

(Yes, I love old school notebooks - the whole pen and paper deal!)

Building the Foundations of the Business

I have a website. I have forms on JotForm. I have a Zoom account. I have Calendly booking pages.

I have my offers advertised and linked in a number of places. I make sure to talk about them in my blog posts, my podcast episodes, my YouTube videos, and my Instagram posts. Not in a pushy way! You know me. No pushy sales and marketing. Just making my offers known!

I have made sure that I blocked off the right times of day for coaching calls, discovery calls, and nutrition consultations. I've printed out my Calendly booking pages to keep me reminded of that schedule, too! I've specifically designed these times to be when I am in my wildest, most inspired, most lit-up energy - the mornings of the first part of the week! Then, with my remaining time of the day and week, I can work on other tasks that are best suited for my energy levels.

To me, these are all foundations. The bones and the building blocks.

I continually go back and refine my pages on my website to make sure everything still aligns! Edits are crucial as one learns and grows.

Just like with the notebooks, building the foundations says, "I'm ready."

Binder for Coaching - Info Sheets, Client Onboarding Process, Etc.

This is one of my favorite parts of prepping that I've done! Why? Hmm...I think it hits on my love for organization! I've created a binder that is full of the bonuses I offer with my nutrition coaching (calorie guidebook, macro guidebook, meal prepping tips, etc.), my coaching agreement, my welcome packet, and so much more information that I learned in my nutrition coaching certification (i.e., how to create programs with clients)! Oh, it's lovely. I'm in love.

I look at it frequently...

It's my reference guide! I'm prepared. When I have clients, I won't be scrambling to find information. I have all the information I need to get started right here in my binder! Totally ready.

(It also has my client onboarding process in there which is probably my favorite part - there are a lot of steps to follow, and I like having them laid out before me before I get in a groove with onboarding clients and it becomes second nature!)

Client Folders on Google Drive

I know I said that I like the "old school, pen-and-paper" approach, but I also like staying organized digitally! I like notebooks for just taking notes, but when it comes to filing? I like digital.

Therefore, I've gone ahead and made different folders for where different client information is going to go! I have Google Forms already created, ready to be copied and sent out to clients for weekly check-ins. I have a custom calendar template all ready to go, ready to be copied for each client.

It's nesting. Getting ready for the clients, like getting ready for a baby. Okay, that's a bit of a strange analogy! But I think it totally works haha

Healthie Account

The app/online platform I'll be using for my coaching is called Healthie. I'm so glad that I've been on my own nutritional healing journey as of late, because this is the platform my dietician and I use! That's how I discovered it.

It's absolutely perfect for all I will need to do with clients!

I've gone ahead and made my professional account, uploading my logo and the whole nine yards! I've also uploaded all of my bonuses and my welcome packet so that they are ready for my clients whenever they come!

In Conclusion...

It's not complicated to live in the end! There are so many practical ways you can begin doing so. And no, it's not all about the actions and the "practical." It's about the energy first. But something I have learned is that the action brings on the energy - they work hand in hand.

All throughout all that I've been doing, I have felt so in love, so grateful, and in so much joy.

The doing and the energy existing simultaneously.

And I'm trusting! Trusting that I'm in alignment and everything will happen in true divine timing.

Trusting that my energy is making waves where I can't see.

Trusting that I'm in my purpose, on my path, and it's time to keep going & surrendering.

These were examples related to my nutrition coaching business, of course, but I have another post coming about my upcoming...

FLORIDA MOVE! How the heck I'm living in the end with THAT one! Stay tuned.

Much much love sweet souls, and until next time...

XOXO Katie Anne


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