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Misconceptions About Spirituality & New Age: Manifestation, God, and More

It's time we clear up some misconceptions about spirituality and what has been labeled "New Age." Now, I don't love labels and try to stay away from them as much as possible. However, sometimes they are necessary for simplicity's sake, to get a point across. (AND, for simplicity's sake once again, I'm not going to keep on putting quotation marks around New Age.)

Exploring the world of spirituality, New Age, and more has led me to many interesting things such as...

Human design

The Gene Keys

Law of attraction




Just to name a few!

No matter how "different" things seem to me at first, I love to explore. Some things I resonate with, some things I don't. Just because I do not resonate with something doesn't make it wrong! It just means it's not for me - perhaps forever or perhaps just for now. (Same with what you do and do not resonate with, sweet soul!)

All that to say, with my exploring, I have come across many misconceptions when it comes to the expansive world of spirituality.

I am thankful for my Christian roots, as still being a part of this faith (to a degree) has opened my eyes to many of these misconceptions that I want to address in this post. Some of them are also held by people the world over - not necessarily those in any one faith tradition.

I am intent on clearing up these misconceptions because I want all humans to be able to experience the freedom and wonder and magic that can come from delving into spirituality, manifestation, and more - IF they want to. I never want to force anything onto anyone. Do I believe that there IS a way we came here to live on this earth? Of course! Of course I have my own beliefs that I stand behind fully. But however someone chooses to live is completely up to them. I will always honor your own path, so long as you're not harming yourself or others. That, I could never get behind. But that would never be you, would it? No, so we don't even have to imagine that possibility!

Like I said has been true for me when I've been exploring, not everything will resonate! And it doesn't have to. You're just meant to find the things that are in alignment with you.

But in order to find those things in alignment, you cannot be blocked from anything because of a misunderstanding. You must be free to explore.

It is my hope, sweet soul, that I can clear any potential misunderstandings you may have. I've chosen the ones I'm about to address because they are some of the most prominent ones I'm aware of. Please leave a comment or send me a message with anything else that you have a question about! We can chat and I will do my best to learn with you and walk with you through the questioning.

So, let's hop into #1: Spirituality & New Age exclude God.

The Exclusion of God

Many believe that to partake in modern-day spirituality or New Age beliefs/practices, a rejection of God must take place.

However, this is only believed to be a rejection of an external God - in exchange for an internal God.

Going one step further, the assertion that God is within is sometimes interpreted to mean one believes he/she/they is/are God.

There's some truth and some myth here. First, let's lay a belief foundation: There is a God, a Divine Deity, a Higher Power.

This is a belief of most in the world of spirituality and New Age. Now, of course I cannot speak for everyone. I'll speak for what I know, what I see the majority believing, and what I believe myself.

There is a belief in a Divine Power that created everything and continues to be with us today. Creation continuing to unfold.

This Divine Power is given many names and labels, with some of the most popular being Universe, Love, and Source. And, yes, God is still used as a name as well! Only to a lesser degree by some to disentangle from religion. So, I'm going to keep using "God" throughout the rest of this post.

Going a layer deeper...

We are viewed to be parts of God - children of God, if you will. With each soul being a unique portion of the Divine. Seemingly separate from God and other souls, yet still one at the same time. Like parts of the body and the body as a whole.

God is our True Home, so to speak. The realm where we exist as our spiritual selves without these physical bodies is where we ultimately come from and to where we will ultimately return.

Because we are made of God, this is the God within that spirituality speaks of. We are all various versions of the One True Creator - good thing, because I believe one of the things we came here to do is create! Create experiences & lives of wonder, magic, joy, peace, love, healing, and so much more.

We came here to create our human lives. With God - not in spite of God.

Life is a partnership with God, not a situation where we have to take orders from God.

Yes, God (as a whole Being) still gives direction and guidance. God sees the bigger picture. But it is up to us to listen and be in partnership. It is up to us to choose.

This is the basis for manifestation:

We align with the soul, which is the truth of who we are - it is the piece of God that we are.

From there, we become aware of the aligned paths before us through our human desires. When coming from a place of soul alignment first, they can always be trusted.

Upon becoming aware of the desires and leaning into them, we make a choice in the moment - what is it that we want?

The choice is an energetic signal. It begins the entire dance with God where we work together to align energies and actions to bring about whatever desire we chose in the physical world.

Oh, there is SO much more to the manifestation process! Not that it is complicated and challenging, just layered and multifaceted. Incredibly fun, too, I might add. If you want to learn more about manifestation, specifically, head over to my page here! I go into more depth.

Do you see how nothing happens without God? We wouldn't be here without God. If God didn't exist, neither would we.

We are parts of God, not God in entirety. We are sparks of the Divine living in human bodies, here to bring heaven to earth. Through our creator power and subsequent creations - our manifestations.

Since we're talking about manifestation, let's go on to misconception #2: Manifestation is selfish.

Selfish Manifestation

Do you remember up above where I talked about manifestation coming from a place of soul alignment first?

If we are souls, and the soul is a part of God, and God is the literal source of and original embodiment of unconditional on earth could we do anything selfish when we are aligned with the Truth of who we are?

We can't.

First, it's important to outline what exactly is meant by the term "selfish."

Everyone has a different definition. Broadly, when something is selfish, it is to the benefit of oneself in the exclusion of another/others.

Some take it a step further and label anything that benefits the self as selfish (whether or not it has anything at all to do with others), apart from basic needs being met.

Now that we've laid that groundwork, I want to tell you what I believe about this universe/reality in which we live:

It's not either/or. It's a win-win universe.

What I mean by this is that when I win, you win. And, when you win, I win.

But there's a caveat, a stipulation.

There must be alignment.

Alignment is simply remembering who you are, as a Soul & a divine being of the Divine, and living from there.

Alignment is having your Truth inform how you live your life.

Alignment necessitates being one with/embodying the energies of...







I could keep the list going, but if I did, the subsequent energies on the list would fall under one of these umbrellas. These are the broad categories of energies that are synonymous with the Truth of Who We Are and Where We Originate.

Could anything done in these energies be selfish? No.

I want to pick out the last energy from that list and use it to illustrate why manifestation is not selfish and cannot be selfish.


When one is engaging in manifestation, to truly be a part of the true & pure process of manifestation, a belief in infinite abundance is a foundation.

Without this belief, can manifestation still occur? Sure! You will always be calling into your life what matches your energetic output. But, remember, what you receive into your life may be a reflection of your resistance to certain energies. For example, if you do not believe in the infinite nature of the universe (and therefore the infinite nature of abundance), you will always experience a certain amount of lack in your life. You are not calling in the energy of lack, per se, because this energy doesn't exist. Lack isn't real. The experience of lack is real, but this experience only comes about as a result of resisting the truth of abundance. Does this make sense? Good!

So, back to the foundational belief in infinite abundance.

If abundance is infinite, there is plenty for you and all other humans.

If abundance is infinite, you don't need to have resistance to what you are calling in. Because you know you are not taking from another.

If abundance is infinite, you do not feel fear that others are taking from you. Because you know that there is plenty for all.

You want the best for you. You want the best for others. You know these are not opposed.

But, hang on. How in the world can abundance be infinite if there's so much lack and poverty and struggle going on? Maybe you've even experienced this yourself.

It comes down to the fact that we forgot this truth when we came into this reality, and the fact that not all have awakened to remember this truth.

It comes down to belief.

Now, I am certainly not blaming anyone for their situation. But, at the same time, denying the truth will only keep people stuck. When, in reality, no one is ever stuck.

We must awaken to the truth and, in this remembering, live out that truth and help others go through the same process for themselves.

God is the Source of all, abundance included. Now, of course abundance is often thought of as money. But let's broaden that out to mean anything and everything we need and want. So, this could broaden out to include job opportunities, resources, relationships, and more.

God is the ultimate Source of it all. This earth and all these physical things are merely representations of spiritual energies. Isn't that pretty cool?

We don't need to worry about other people when it comes to abundance and receiving our manifestations - it all comes from God, and God helps orchestrate all of the pieces in our "physical" reality to bring about our dreams and desires. The aligned ones.

The aligned ones that cannot take from anyone else.

Everyone has their own stream of alignment.

Yes we are all connected as One, all being parts of God.

Yes we are all separate, interacting with each other as separate physical beings on this earth.

No one else's experience of life has to impact yours. You can be a witness without getting caught up in it.

Same for others and you - they can be a witness to you without getting caught up in what's going on in your own life.

When someone else is in alignment with their stream of alignment, completely tapped into their connection with God, sure in their belief of infinite abundance and always having exactly what is for them...there's no way you could take from them. No way.

Same for you. When you are in your stream of alignment and all that jazz I just listed? No one can take from you.

We are protected by alignment.

We are here for each other and protected at the same time. Not that the Universe plays favorites - not that kind of protection. Protection from our own choosing. Our choosing to be in alignment, held by the Universe. Living in the Love of God.

And when we are in alignment, we simply are not going to want anything that could harm another. And true selfishness harms.

Yes, we can have desires that are strictly for us. But you know what? The energetics of us having those desires, because they are aligned and are for us, are going to ripple out and raise the vibration of the collective.

Again, it's a WIN-WIN universe we live in (when we take that perspective - it all comes down to perspective. if I have one perspective of life and you have another, we could be living in two totally different realities.). So, no matter what aligned manifestation comes about, it's going to benefit everyone - practically, energetically, or both.

See why the whole world needs you living out your dream life?! Goodness, and you thought it was all silly...(no, you probably didn't...but there are some that certainly do!)

Now, you may see that manifestation is anything but selfish. I sure hope you do. But let's dig into one last criticism/misconception about manifestation.

That it's passive.

Manifestation Takes No Action

I've often seen manifestation painted by the critics as a delusional, wishful-thinking type of "practice." (And I put practice in quotation marks because the critics don't view it as a valid thing!)

Delusional because it's too good to be true. And one reason it's seen as too good to be true is that it's too easy. Too easy because all you have to do (supposedly) is wish for something and POOF! It's here.

Critics say that if that's true, why can't everyone do it? Why isn't everyone living a dream life? With all they could ever want and need?

They may also say that the universe isn't a wish factory.

Okay, well, you know...some of that's true. The critics are right.

Wishing and having things pop into reality isn't how it works.

The universe is NOT a wish factory.

BUT that's not what manifestation is. Now, do some people (who are fully engaged in manifestation, not the critics of it) probably think that's what it is and say that's what it is? Maybe! I've never heard that, but I'm sure that's at least one person's take on it. But we're not talking about that...

We're talking about true manifestation.

Which utilizes energy - both in alignment and in action.

First, remember that everything is energy. Behind all the "physical" stuff we see and all the "physical" laws is energy.

Because everything is energy, energy is the basis for manifestation.

Humans are not excluded from this - we are also made of energy. Energy precedes our physical form that we see with our eyes. (Also, our souls are energetic in their composition - and the soul is who we Truly are in these human bodies!)

We are energetic beacons. Whatever we want to call into our reality from the field of infinite possibilities, we must become an energetic match for.

Resonance. We must create resonance.

To do this, we have to first examine where we are currently trending in an energetic sense. ARE we being a match? Well, likely not if we're even having to ask that question!

So, there is action piece #1 - self-examination on an energetic level.

Next, we have to shift our energy. What can we shift to get ourselves into energetic alignment with what we're calling in?

Identity? Beliefs? Daily habits?

We've already identified that the energy is off, and now we're finding where to shift it to be in alignment.

The easiest way to do this is to start with identity. WHO is the person who is/has/does whatever you're manifesting? (Hint: It's ALWAYS a version of YOU! You just have to decide to step into that role.)

This identity identification will lead you to the thoughts, beliefs, actions, and so on that are in alignment with your manifestation desire.

That's action step #2 - identifying what, specifically, needs shifting.

So, the first two action pieces to the manifestation process are internal and identification-related. The first identifies your current energetic state and the second identifies the energetic state you need to step into in order to bring your manifestation to life.

The third action step looks more like the action we're used to. It's putting the identifications into...action!

It's living out the shifts you identified you need to make in order to align.

It's the actual doing that is going to shift your energy. Whether that be...

Clearing space in your life, literally, physically


Doing healing work on your body

Changing your daily habits

Switching your wardrobe or other aspects of your style to align with the identity you are choosing to step into


Creating vision boards

Working with a coach of some sort

Whatever! This is the actual action-taking piece. Not that the others weren't action-oriented! But just that this one is the one that gets seen.

Everything you engage is will shift your energy.

Action is necessary for energetic shifts.

Even if an energetic shift is produced by an internal shift in beliefs, that act of choosing new beliefs over old ones is still an action.

Nothing about this is ever passive.

The last part of manifestation (action step #4) that illustrates the action-oriented nature of this process is entering into a receptive state.

This is opening and allowing in your manifestations. Again, it is another choice.

And this choice might necessitate more release.

As you are ready for the manifestations to come in, when the bulk of the "work" on your end has been done (and you surrender the rest of the "work" to the Universe!), you might come up against some resistance you didn't know was there.

Some old limiting beliefs. Some doubts.

Some thoughts of unworthiness.

Anything that can energetically block you from receiving.

I'll use the example of unworthiness to illustrate this.

Every belief you hold has an energetic signature. That energetic signature is either going to align with your desired manifestation or it is going to be in resistance to it.

A belief of unworthiness is an energetic block. It's an energetic wall. It is not that your manifestation is not trying to come to life, that God is not actively handing your manifestation to you - it is that you are resisting it. Because you do not think, on some level, that you deserve it.

The belief of unworthiness must be released in order to clear the path of resistance for the manifestation to actually come to life.

This release work can take on numerous forms, depending on where the belief came from. That is a healing journey that would be unique to each individual.

But this release work will also take action. Actively deciding to release and actively choosing something new.

Whenever you come upon an energetic block to your manifestations, this is nothing to be discouraged by! You do not have to start from square one. All of your work that you've done up to this point still counts! As soon as the release work has been done, your manifestation will come to you.

Do you see how incredibly NONpassive this process is?

I don't want to paint it as labor-intensive, either. It certainly isn't a chore, unless you choose to see it that way. Then, of course, you'll experience what you believe!

It's a process that, while it does require energy, will be spurred on by an excitement and joy that runs soul-deep.

Your soul desires for you to make manifestation your lifestyle, your way of living. Creation is your natural state. You came here fully intending to keep creating your reality by choosing what you want to be/do/have from the field of infinite possibilities - what already exists and just needs to come to physical form. Over and over and over until you exit this current human existence.

In Conclusion

Again, sweet soul, these are all my beliefs and my perspectives.

I believe wholeheartedly in spiritual exploration and finding what aligns with your soul.

I believe in the manifestation way of life.

And while I hope you do too (because I fully believe in it being the most magical, world-changing way to live!), it's okay if you do not. Maybe one day you will, maybe not. But I just want my work, my words, my stories, my perspectives to help you in any and every way possible.

I'm not trying to push anything onto you. I share and then I leave the rest up to you & your soul. For you to choose what serves you on your journey, right here right now.

Again, these 3 criticisms/misconceptions are the largest ones I have become aware of lately. Yep, two of them had to do with manifestation! And that is because manifestation is such a core piece of spirituality and New Age. I know there are more criticisms/misconceptions out there, and I will address them as I become aware of them! Until then, I hope these analyses have opened your eyes and shown you a different side you perhaps weren't aware of.

Please comment, share, and get in touch with me! I would love to know your thoughts and start a dialogue if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

We are all here for each other, to help each other learn and grow.

Thank you for choosing to be on this planet at this time. You're awesome. Never forget that.

XOXO Katie Anne


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