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Rock Bottom: Its Gifts & How It Impacts Life Experience

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

"Rock bottom." A term that's used to describe being at the lowest of low points in life. Many people find themselves at their own rock bottom at one point or another, sometimes having many rock bottom moments throughout their whole human experience, each one being unique from the last (even if they share some core themes). one likes to feel this crappy. No one would actively choose to be in a rock bottom state, where they feel as if they and their life are falling to pieces, where the most unpleasant emotions are running rampant - worry, anger, sadness, and all the other emotions that fall under those umbrellas.

But, is rock bottom something to fear? If we find ourselves in a rock bottom moment, does that mean we're set WAY back from achieving that dream life we want, or any dreams at all? Does it set us back to square one?

The answer to those is...NO!

AND, what's even cooler is...there are tons of gifts that one can find in rock bottom moments. TONS.

Also, all of these can be used to better craft the dream life you're, well, dreaming of!

These can return you to God, return you to the truth of who you are, return you to the true desires of your soul, return you to the visions of what is meant for you.

NOTHING can derail you lest you allow it to, sweet souls.

I made an Instagram post about this, which you can check out here, but I want to dive deeper into the gifts of rock bottom and what exactly it all means in terms of manifestation.

But, before we get into all that good stuff, let's just go ahead and define rock bottom.

What the Heck Is "Rock Bottom?"

I've always heard the term be applied to incredibly low points in life.

Times where it appears everything is falling apart, you feel absolutely miserable, hope seems nonexistent, and you don't even know who the heck you are anymore.

They are often, also, turning points. Points at which one recognizes that SOMETHING (ANYTHING!) has to change.

What scenario represents a rock bottom is unique to everyone. For me, I've hit a few with depression, panic attacks/extreme anxiety, and an eating disorder. For others, rock bottoms are categorized by a health crisis, relationships dissolving, financial challenges, addictions, and much more.

You'll know what's a rock bottom for you. You'll know when you're at the lowest of the low. And no one gets to tell you that it's not that bad! Only you know.

Now, wait a minute...doesn't this kind of sound like taking on a victim mindset? That life's just so freakin' horrible and miserable and you're wondering why it's gotta be so hard?


Of course, you CAN take a victim mindset! But recognizing that life is not anywhere near where you want it to be (and know it can be), labeling this as "bad," is NOT automatically taking a victim mindset.

A victim mindset would also come from where you believe the rock bottom stems from.

What brought it about in the first place? How did you get there?

Well...I believe that it ultimately comes down to one thing.

Living out of alignment.

Not living in the truth of who you are, not living as your soul self. Living a life disconnected from God.

Living according to what you've been told, what you've been led to believe by others (that you knew never truly made sense to you), the (unhealthy) coping mechanisms you've picked up throughout life, and the purely human side of you.

All of that leads to a life out of alignment. A life disconnected from God.

And the farther away from alignment you wander, the further you disconnect yourself from God, the worse life gets.

The more you wander from the core, the light, the truth...the worse life gets.

Until one day? Rock bottom.

Rock bottom when you WAKE THE HECK UP to WHO THE HECK YOU ARE. (Emphasis, not yelling!)

And life starts to change.

Which leads me to gift #1...


We can get really comfortable in life. Even if, well, we're objectively uncomfortable. By that, I mean that we don't particularly love the way life is going, yet we're okay just going through the motions.

At a certain point, it doesn't take all that much energy. You just do the same thing every day. You do what's easy. You do what helps you feel better in the moment. And you end up living the same day, every single day. This is how you've been creating your life.

Now, even when our day-to-day routine stays the same, outside events will be different. We are in control of so much in our lives, yes - we are creators after all! But there are still unexpected things that do happen - because we're living in a world where we interact with other (unpredictable, uncontrollable) humans! So, what happens when unexpected things occur and knock us out of our routine?

We might not feel great. We might choose coping mechanisms that aren't the healthiest. Because we've been on autopilot, we've likely not been very spiritually connected. Perhaps not relationally connected to our loved ones very strongly. We might enter into a spiral.

A spiral that we do not know how to get out of. We start to adopt new habits as our new normal. All we know is that we're feeling a little better (due to the coping mechanisms). So, we keep going. We might feel overwhelmed, and it would take even more energy to pursue a life of actually feeling better and feeling good (truly feeling better, truly feeling good). We may still dream, but the actions don't change. We don't believe we have the energy.

Staying in these patterns, we may be going down unhealthy paths - relationally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, etc. Coping mechanisms are often unhealthy in one or more of these areas. Yet, our human brains just care about feeling better in the moment. When we find something that facilitates that, we stick with it. It feels safe and it "works." And it probably takes very little energy. The brain likes that!

Yet, all the while, we are moving further and further from who we are. From our truth. From the life we want to live. We begin to feel even more lost. Our dreams and our dream life begin to feel even further from possibility. We may start to feel hopeless and drained. We may feel angry. We may feel worried and anxious.

We may not know what the first step would even be to get out of the hole we've found ourself in.

It can happen that easily, that quickly. Then what?

One possibility is...rock bottom.

Things get SO BAD that you do not care what it takes to get out, what it takes to change. You know that life cannot continue this way.

One day you will realize that life is worse than it has ever been for you and you will wake back up to the power you have to change it.

You will remember who you are.

You will explore how to take hold of this.

You will explore the truth of who you are, the truth of life. What is possible.

You will forget about what others are doing or what they think.

You just know you cannot be miserable anymore.

You. Are. Awake.

So, You're Awake...Now What?

Now, I'm not necessarily talking about a spiritual awakening here. Of course, rock bottoms can lead to spiritual awakenings! But, I'm talking about being awake to the fact that life has to change. Being awake to the fact that you are far from living the life you dream of, one you actually love. One full of excitement, purpose, meaning.

We can think of the next step similar to one of the first steps you take when you wake up in the morning. You're waking up from rock bottom, about to start a new life, just like when you wake up from sleep, you're about to start a new day.

First, you plan! In the morning, you may be thinking, what's today going to look like?

You may then think, what is important for today?

So, think about your life. What do you want your life to look like? What is most important to you in your life?

We can break away a bit here from the morning wake-up analogy, because you're not going to have all the answers to what you want your life to look like and what's most important to you in your life in just a half an hour or so! It'll take time and intentional thinking. That's okay. It doesn't mean it's going to take forever, and it certainly doesn't mean that you have to stay in rock bottom while you figure it out.

You get to start with the basics while you flesh out the details.

What are the small things you already know you have been neglecting that would help you start to climb out of this rock bottom?

Maybe it's a morning reading or journaling ritual. Maybe it's shifting your eating habits. Maybe it's exercising. Maybe it's morning sunlight. Maybe it's prayer. Maybe it's texting your friends or family in the morning or sometime during the day, checking in with them and catching up. Maybe it's scheduling a lunch date with someone you were close to and lost connection with. Maybe it's changing your wardrobe to actually reflect your personality. Maybe it's cleaning up your living space. Whatever! There are an infinite number of basic things that may be calling to you. Things to start with first.

And oftentimes? These small beginnings serve to show you the next step. While you are taking these basic actions, you begin to form a vision of how you really want your life to be.

You learn what you want a little more of, what feels good.

You learn what you want to leave behind, that you are now seeing aren't going to bring you the life that you dream of.

This is creation. This is life creation.

Here, we see two more gifts of rock bottom:

  1. You get to begin crafting your dream life vision

  2. You begin to see how each step leads to the next and opens doors, both in your imagination and in the "real" world

One note before we move on to the next section. When I talk about a "dream life," I do not necessarily mean grand and luxurious. A dream life is simply one that aligns with the truth of who you are. A life that is an outward expression of your soul. A life that was always meant to be yours. That is all a dream life truly is.

Okay, now let's talk about some other gifts that you may become aware of as you continue down this path...

Your Energy, Strength, Power, & Truth

Those beginning stages after your initial wake-up are really the stages you continue to go through, even after this starting point. They just advance.

Think about it...those beginning stages are simply dreaming and taking action. Dreaming and taking action.

You do that over and over and over and...that's how you create! That is your creator power right there.

Yet, there will come a point where you realize there's more than just action. Action is a physical...well...action! Action is physical. So, what about the spiritual component?

Ahh...this is where the connection back to God and the internal shifts come in.

As you learn about living the life that is truly meant for you, you will come to know that your connection to God it key. Foundational. Nothing can be done without it.

Your connection to God reveals the truth of who you are.

Your connection to God shows you the life that is meant for you, the one you are here to live. The mission you have on this earth.

And you must believe this life is possible. This belief holds power.

Power that taps into and allows infinite possibilities.

Where anything at all that you could ever dream of (and all the things your human brain hasn't even thought of yet) exist as possibilities. Possibilities that can become reality for you. (God has SO many amazing plans for you, sweet soul.)

As you remain in the belief that all of your dreams are possible, this belief is communication with God. A communication that is magnetic. That allows God to begin working in your life in ways you cannot see.

This begins to shift what you see in the "real" world.

Your belief in infinite possibilities begins to shift you into the energy of who you are as a soul. You shift your energy from identifying solely as this physical human to identifying as the divine, cosmic being that you really are. You realize that this human is just a role you are playing in all of eternity. Yes, it still matters!

Your identity shifts to be in alignment with your dream life. You begin to believe you ARE the person who has the life your soul is dreaming of. That it is inevitable. That your dreams (or something better that you haven't even imagined yet) are already coming true.

You sit in that energy of peace, joy, excitement, expectancy.

And in that energy, you continue to take action. The action that you're called to. The action that will usher in your dreams. The action that makes space for your dreams.

You see your strength, your strength that comes from God within you. You see where you came from (rock bottom) and you look at where you are now. You're amazed.

You may not be at a destination, but you now know there is no destination. That life is a continuous journey of unfolding creations.

That each day you learn and get to create differently. That you are always deciding more of what you do and do not want. That each day is a partnership with God.

And all the while, you remember the pain that you felt in your rock bottom.

You vow to never go there again.

You've changed.

On the surface, it seems like you're a different person. But you're not. You're simply now being the truth of who you are. You are living as your soul.

And that's part of what this life is all about - living as a soul in human form. Connected to God. IN the world but certainly not OF it.

Wow. What a beautiful journey.

But...does a journey like this have to happen?

Is All of This Possible without Rock Bottom?

Of course!

There is no one set path for all humans nor any one human in particular.

There are only options, and an infinite number of them!

Even if you find yourself in a rock bottom, it doesn't mean it HAD to happen. It also doesn't mean that you are in the wrong if it DID happen!

All is neutral. All is neutral and objective until we give meaning.

If you've never had a rock bottom, it doesn't mean that one day you will.

Yet, if you do? Read this post again.

Know that the result can be absolutely, beautifully transformative.

Your dream life is possible, no matter how you get there.

And there is another key point to all of this I haven't mentioned yet.

You have to choose.

It's Your Choice

Our reality is largely created by the meaning that we place onto objective, neutral circumstances.

You might want to say that there are situations that objectively suck for all humans. But, not so.

All it takes is one person to view a situation differently, a situation that may have been labeled objectively "awful" for all who may experience it, for it to lose that label. For it to lose a label of it having to be a certain way.

The same can be said in the reverse. Situations you may think every single person may enjoy could possibly not bring joy to one person.

And I'm saying "one person" because it really only takes just one person to see things differently for a black-and-white label to break down. That's the power of one.

However, I realize it's likely going to be a whole bunch of people that see things differently than the masses! Even if it is still a minority.

And seeing things differently than others, either in a more positive or more negative way, is not automatically delusional. We certainly like to go ahead and label a person who sees an "objectively negative" situation in a more positive light as delusional, don't we?

But that is certainly not the case. They are choosing the meaning they are providing. They are choosing the reality that they experience.

This doesn't mean they are denying the objective events that occurred - they are only changing the meaning.

And you can do that, too. With whatever you experience. Currently AND in the past.

Yep, you can go back to past events and change the meaning! A sort of time travel, if you will.

Past events that you have been allowing to control your present and future, you can travel back to those in your mind, change what they mean, and be free.

Yes, freedom can be that simple. You are deciding, in the here and now, that the previous meaning you applied to past events is not creating the life that you want to be living. You have learned, grown, changed into more of who you are, and with that? You're changing the past to change the present and future.

Wait, we were talking about rock bottom, weren't we?! And that's current! Why the heck am I talking about the past?! Just to illustrate the power of meaning, that's all! And to perhaps offer you a bit of information you weren't aware of - that time travel is possible.

So, let's bring it back to current rock bottom.

You get to decide what this means.

You get to decide if this is going to be your wake-up, your turning point, your reminder of who in the world you are and what is actually possible for your life.

Or, you can decide that this rock bottom is going to take you down. That this will be your life. You can indeed surrender to it.

The choice is yours. Each is equally available to you.

You. Decide. Your. Life.

The power is always in your hands, unless you decide to give it away. We can give our power away to things happening in life, taking a stance of life happening TO us. The shift that we can make is believing that life is happening FOR us.

We can decide the rock bottom is happening FOR us, as well.

Again, if you've never reached a rock bottom, please do not think it WILL happen! Nothing in life is a given, in my opinion. Yet, IF it does happen, please let all of this be a comfort.

If you've been there before or find yourself there currently, please let all of the be a comfort.

You can decide in this very moment to change your story. With a simple decision.

Decide, take action. Decide, take action. Rinse and repeat.

And don't forget the spiritual support you have 100% of the time. 100%. Of. The. Time.

I love you so much, sweet people reading this. I love you because you are you - even if I don't know you, I know you're amazing. You are pure and divine and a light to this world. No matter what is going on in your life nor what you have done, that is the truth of who you are. You are needed. Thank you for being on this planet and thank you for reading this blog post.

Oh! And be sure to check out my podcast episode on rock bottom! You can check that out here.

XOXO Katie Anne (The Joy Babe)


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