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The Importance of Identity When Pursuing Health Goals

Identity is key when delving into manifestation (which, I guess, means it's key always - since we're always manifesting!! whether intentionally or not...). This is because we don't manifest what we want - we manifest what we are.

We manifest who we are. How on earth...?

This is because identity informs all of the following:

  • What we believe we can be/do/have, which influences what we dream about in the first place

  • What we believe is possible for us (similar to the point above), which influences what action steps we take (or don't) to create our lives

  • What we believe we are worthy/deserving of, which will also influence the action or lack thereof

  • Who we believe we are in relation to others (i.e., is this reality one of scarcity, limited resources, and therefore competition?)

To put it a little more succinctly, identity informs our:

  • Beliefs

  • Thoughts

  • Energy

  • Actions

Which are all key, key, key in creating our lives - choosing what we want to be/do/have from the field of infinitely aligned possibilities.

But we're talking about health and not manifestation right now, aren't we? (Well...I mean...we're kind of manifesting health, right? Choosing the version of health that we want to bring into reality for ourselves? Yeah. We're totally manifesting health.)

While they are very, very similar (and all areas of life are connected), I want to walk you through why taking an identity-first approach to pursuing your health goals can be such a transformative strategy. We're going to walk through:


Okay. We have to start with a one-word, cliche question.


Why do you want to _____? (improve "X" health marker [i.e., blood glucose], build muscle, lose "X" inches from your waist, lose body fat, have more energy, etc.)

It's such a standard question that we may want to roll our eyes and brush over it, perhaps even give a super simple answer such as, "To feel better" or "To look better" or "To be more confident" or "Because my [friend, husband, children, etc.] want me to make these changes."

Okay...all fine and well...sort of...

But, these are surface-level. They are wonderful starting places! (You know, just like fear can be an awesome jumping off point, but it certainly doesn't function best as continued fuel!)

What's really going on...?

Are you...

Looking to fill an empty feeling?

Looking to external praise to feel more confident?

Only pursuing this journey because you believe it's going to make other people happy?


Whatever you find when you dig deeper, it's okay.

Whatever your starting reasons, they're okay.

We just have a goal reason we want to get to. We want our core, foundational reason for pursuing this journey of better health (whatever that looks like for you) to be:

Because it's in alignment.

And do you know what the super cool thing is about this? All those other reasons - feeling confident, feeling better, making others happy, etc. - can still be there!

In addition

Layered on

Not the foundation. Not the drivers.

Perks. Icing on the cake.

BUT, here's how it's different when coming from alignment, even if the surface-level reasons remain to some degree:

Because you're coming from alignment first, you're not going to be trying to fill an empty feeling or be looking to external praise for boosted confidence or be engaging in people pleasing or anything like that.


Because alignment necessitates a recognition of identity, a knowing of Who You Truly Are - your Soul Self!

This is where you will find your True confidence, your purpose, your joy, your peace, your self-trust.

This is where you will connect to your True desires for your health, fitness, and body goals. You won't have to wonder why you have certain goals. You'll know your soul led you to them and that's reason enough! Because you are being led to align the outer with the inner. You're wanting to live out the Truth you discovered within you.

You'll know that these goals you're going after (you know, fat loss, muscle gain, the whole nine yards!) can still provide those other things we just talked about (looking better, feeling better, having more human confidence [the soul is already overflowing with confidence!], helping increase the joy of your friends and family, etc.) - the foundation is just different.

Again, the outer is going to match the inner - the already beautiful state of the soul, the already feeling good state of the soul, the already confident state of the soul, etc.

(*NOTE! Yes, I believe everyone is meant to be beautiful. But, before you flip out, listen to what I mean by that: I do not mean beautiful by the world's standards. Those are always changing. I am talking about the beauty that comes from soul alignment. When one is living in alignment with their soul, they will be the exact type of beautiful they are supposed to be. Their physical body will match their soul body. This is how it is meant to be. The energetic and spiritual can always change the physical. When one is aligned, they: Care for themselves differently, carry themselves differently, clothe themselves differently, etc. It all becomes about communicating Inner Truth on the outside.*)

The foundation is rooted in Truth - you can't lose it!

And when you're working from something you're not gonna lose, you can relax.

And relaxing is always going to bring you the best results. (Pssst...relaxing is not antithetical to taking something seriously.)

Sweet soul, you can choose to pursue your goals from whatever intention you desire. If you just want to keep it surface level, I'm certainly not saying you'll never accomplish anything. All I am proposing is that there is a better way.

I've already mentioned the relaxation component this can provide, coming from True identity. It will also serve you as you go along the entire journey, not just at the beginning. This will become even clearer as we move along through these subsequent reasons.

So, we've already got an intention of bettering our health or pursuing some sort of body-physique-related goal. Sweet! That's always step number one. But now? We must develop the vision. And that's a whole heck of a lot easier when you know Who You Are!

Belief in Possibilities

Has some version of, "Oh, that'll never happen!" "That sure would be nice!" "That's not possible, though." crossed your mind of left your lips after you've envisioned a dream for yourself?

Heck, maybe you didn't even get to the envisioning part! Maybe you only got as far as saying, "I'd love to be able to ____." One statement. That you didn't flesh out.

Because you stopped yourself short.

Because you've never allowed your mind to go beyond where you currently are...

Does this sound like you? It's been me. I've been there, for sure.

Settling. Settling because I didn't believe in anything more. Not for me, at least! Other people? Sure! Anything's possible for them! Me? Nah.

Again, does this sound like you?

Listen. Listen, listen, listen. You're never stuck. You never have to settle. You are never destined for any set of circumstances. (Here's an amazing episode of The Reality Revolution Podcast that communicates exactly this!)

Let's narrow it down to health. And body. And all that jazz.

Do you have a dream body? I know the answer is yes because we all do! It's not vain. We all have a certain way we want to look. All of us, at the core, care. We're meant to! That's a part of being human.

I want to tell you right now that your dream body is possible. But there's a caveat:

It's gotta be in alignment.

What?! Alignment again?! Yeah! Because that's what life's all about. *wink*

But, hear me out. All we want is what is in alignment.

We came into this human life choosing these human bodies. We made this choice on a soul level.

We knew the potentials and capabilities of the body we chose. There are limitations to each body. For instance, I will never (as this human, Katie Anne) have the muscle mass that the current male bodybuilding world champion has (no matter what I do, no matter what I eat, no matter what drugs I take!). My body's got some limits!

So, how then can we say that anything is possible? How can we be so certain that our dream bodies are possible? What if our dream bodies are outside of the body's limits?

Because our true dream bodies are aligned.

And, the only way to discover your true dream body, is to first get in touch with your True Identity.

It is from your place of True Identity, who you are as a soul, that your true desires will come about. The one's that are for you. The one's that are aligned. The ones that are more than possible - they are guaranteed should you choose them!

Hang on a second. Why would the soul even care about the body?

Because the body is the home for the soul. The soul would like a good place to live! The best place to live.

And that place is going to be healthy. It's going to be well cared for. It's going to be capable of accomplishing and experiencing all that the soul came to this planet to do.

Looks will always follow health. Looks will always coincide with health.

Therefore, the way your body looks will always be a part of your dream body vision.

This dream can always shift and change, as well! Nothing has to stay the same forever. It's not supposed to!

We are meant to be adding to the world's beauty in our own unique way. Again, this doesn't mean following societal standards for beauty. It means aligning with the soul, matching the outer with the inner, and allowing the world to experience the beauty it didn't even know was possible! You're a different kind of beauty. You're supposed to be. Flaws are not flaws. Flaws don't exist. Uniqueness is all that exists.

Yet, sweet souls, I cannot emphasize enough that we cannot pass off unhealthiness as uniqueness. We are all capable of the perfect level of health for ourselves! Everything will align as we pursue this.

This is why coming from the core, soul identity is key. Because the dream vision is not going to be coming from the world. It's going to be coming from within. It may be inspired by the world! But it's not dependent on it. Whatever information comes from outside gets to be filtered through the lens of the soul - does this align or not? If not, what does align?

More than just having the vision in the first place, you'll actually take action to bring the vision to life - because you believe it's possible! Why? Because anything that is in alignment is more than possible - it is guaranteed if you choose it.

There are infinite aligned versions of you that are just waiting to come forth. None better than another. Not all have to be chosen in this lifetime (ooo, more on this in just a second!). Just options for your choosing.

Know that when you quiet the noise from outside, go within and commune with your Soul, you will find the vision of you that you can bring forth.

Recognition of Habits & Behaviors

If you have a vision of where/who you'd like to's quite obviously not where you are now, huh? So, things have to change!

And in order for things to change, you've gotta be aware of them.

Sometimes we don't want to look at what we need to change, though.

Because we feel ashamed, "bad," embarrassed, guilty...


Because we tell ourselves they mean something about us.

We identify with them. Sometimes they truly become a part of our identity (because we've decided that they are).

We say things like, "I'm just not a person who likes working out" or "I'm just lazy" or "I'm addicted to ____ [insert food or type of food here]."

*Not only do we tie our identity up with habits and behaviors, but this is also crazily holding us back from change! We surrender before we even start trying. Statements like these are basically saying, "Well, this is just how it is!" Oof - one of the most dangerous phrases!! (For anything...)*

Notice the "I am" statements. We become whatever comes after "I am."

And if we have labeled whatever we've placed after the "I am" statement as "bad" or "wrong" or "embarrassing" or "shameful" or anything like that...

It makes sense that we would then feel those ways! We're misinterpreting them as who we are. (And, I would argue, misinterpreting them as bad, wrong, etc. - they serve their own purpose, even if they do not lead us to the best health we can have!)

As humans, we want to avoid "negative" emotions. We don't want to feel bad. Duh.

So, if looking at our habits and behaviors that we think are part of who we are results in us feeling bad, better to just not look, huh?

Better to not pay much attention. Maybe ignore. Maybe deny altogether.

This. Makes. Sense.


We're wrong if this is the way we're thinking. Yes, I'm telling you you're wrong! (Oh so lovingly, I swear!)

Because your habits and behaviors are not your identity. Not even close.

They are only things you do. That's it.

Your identity (as you know, as you now remember) is your Soul Self. Your spiritual nature.

You're just here in this human body. With a human brain. That can make decisions, when left to its own devices, that maybe aren't the healthiest. The best.

Because the brain likes to make decisions that are safe. Well, what it thinks is safe! What feels safe.

And habits and behaviors that feel good in the moment feel safe! In the moment.

There are a multitude of reasons that "bad" habits and behaviors can develop. I won't get into those here, because they aren't relevant to this post.

The important point here is that they are something that You (the Real You) in your human self are engaging in.

When you can take this stance, you separate. You create space. You take a step back.

You look at the habits and behaviors through a new lens.

All of a sudden, you don't feel those same negative emotions when you look at them - because you're no longer identifying with them.

All of a sudden, you see them as changeable instead of fixed - nothing is permanent.

All of a sudden, you tap back in to that vision that you cultivated as your Soul. Since these habits and behaviors are not part of that vision, and you know that vision is 1000% possible, you also know that these habits and behaviors are completely able to be released. (Don't you love deductive reasoning?! Oh, I hope this is deductive reasoning and not inductive reasoning...if I'm wrong...I promise I'm smart.)

Whoa! Instead of feeling bogged down, hopeless, ashamed...

You all of a sudden feel motivated, excited, full of energy, peaceful...

READY! Ready to go, ready to change...

You know who you are and you know that anything is possible for you.

But hold on...what if...what if you try to change and you "fail?"

Alignment & "Failure"

Whoo hoo! Cliche time! You know I love me some cliches...

There's no such thing as failure. There's not.

There's only aligned and unaligned.

There's only what you want and contrast.

And if you experience the contrast, that's just serving to get you onto the aligned path.

That's literally it!

We now know that your identity is not in your habits and behaviors. Well, let's extend that to your experiences, too!

You are not your experiences. Neither the ones you label "good" nor the ones you label "bad."

You are the One who is learning. You are the One who is making the decisions.

You are the One carving the path.

And you can't carve the path without action! You have to take the steps and learn.

As you take action, you will discover more and more of Who You Truly Are (so long as you keep truckin' with the "I am a soul" identity piece!!).

As you discover more, you get to curate your path to be in even more alignment with you.

And that's all it's about - alignment. Remember?

Walking your aligned path is going to lead to your absolute best health - which is the point of this journey!

Speaking of this being a journey...

The Never-Ending Journey

Once you recognize that you are a soul, you remember your eternal nature. (I have a friend who hates the concept of freaks her out completely. Thinking about you, here, Bri!)

Once you remember your eternal nature, you remember how fleeting this one human life truly is!

You see how this lifetime is just a blip in your eternal timeline. You gain a whole new perspective.

You know that there is so much more to Who You Are than you would ever be able to experience in this one human lifetime.


It really is time to chill out! To take the pressure off.

To remember that there are an infinite number of paths aligned for you to take in this lifetime - you just have to pick and go!

And then choose anew if you'd like to. There's no right or wrong.

It's all about following your joy, following your soul, following your alignment.

All of a sudden there's a lot less pressure on this whole health journey!

Is it serious? You bet! Because this human body is your home and deserves to be taken care of well and celebrated!

But serious doesn't have to involve stress and pressure and overwhelm...

Those aren't energies of the soul. Those aren't energies of an aligned path.

This one journey toward better health is just one path that you'll take in this lifetime and for all eternity.

You have a whole new perspective now, don't you? You're feeling a lot more relaxed now, huh?

This is why remembering Who You Are is an inextricable piece of this journey, sweet soul.

This is always the lens through which I will see you during coaching! If you are interested in my nutrition coaching, head over here, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and let's get rockin'!

XOXO Katie Anne


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