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The Quantum & the Body - Implications for Nutrition, Fitness, & More

I love thought experiments. I love speculation. I love imagining. I love dreaming. I love thinking about the things that are (seemingly) wild & crazy.

It feels expansive, ya know? Almost like we're supposed to be thinking this way...

Anyway! What thought experiment am I getting into today? What the heck these quantum, infinite possibilities mean for the fields of nutrition, fitness, and health in general.

Moreover, what the heck the evolutions in human consciousness and evolutions in human physicality mean for the fields of nutrition, fitness, and health in general.

Let's just jump in, shall we?

We're Changing

Humans are evolving. Not necessarily in the scientific evolutionary sense, as in adapting to our environment for survival.

But we are changing in response to the changes in consciousness.

More and more humans are awakening to the Truth of who they really are and to the Truth of reality (well, another layer of Truth at least!).

This awakening is changing everything! How people heal, how people transform, how people live their day to day lives, the "time" it takes for processes to take place - everything!

And we know that the physical is a representation of/response to the energetic.

And these changes in consciousness/this awakening is a change on the energetic level.

With more of the soul being embodied, the physical human form is changed.

Activation of DNA perhaps? The "junk" DNA we're told we all contain? This is a theory I've heard!

Perhaps allowing in more of the spiritual energy, the true energy of Who We All Are, is unlocking human physical potential that we couldn't have previously been aware of? (Typing this, miraculous healings are brought to mind. While miracles have always taken place, it seems to be a bit more commonplace nowadays, you know? Certainly not taking away the wonder of these occurrences! But they sure do seem to be more expected & accepted.)

There are a great many theories out there as to why the changes in the physical are taking place. I love to think about all of them, and if you have heard of any I would love to hear them! Comments, email, whatever!


Why Does It Matter That We're Changing?

Why should we care? Can't we just flow along with the evolution?

Yes! We can flow. And at the same time...

It completely changes how we live our lives.

What we once thought "had to be" no longer applies.

This is where I want to get into the implications concerning nutrition, fitness, and health! But first, I mentioned "quantum." What did I mean by that?

When I talk about the quantum field, I am referencing the field of infinite possibilities. The field where anything and everything that ever was, is, or could be exists. Already. Right here, right now. Just to be tapped into.

With our changes/evolutions in consciousness, we are tapping into this field more and more all the time.

Becoming more and more aware of the "wild" and "crazy" possibilities - that aren't seeming so wild and crazy anymore!

So, that's what I (and many others) mean by "quantum." I'm not referencing it in its purely scientific, "quantum physics" way.

Body Diversity

We've always known that every person is unique. Yet, we still believe that there are some things we all share in common as a human race.

We think that there's a narrow range of sizes our bodies should be.

We think that there's a narrow range of what our various health markers should be.

We think that there's a certain rhythm we all should follow.

And so on.

While I agree there may still be similarities between humans on earth today, as well as similarities to who humans were in the past (i.e., our ancestral humans), I believe more variety is coming on board.

Where there are simply just some humans who function differently.

Now, am I saying there are currently humans who need no sleep, need no nature/sunshine/fresh air, need to eat only lettuce and drink pure water? (I just picked some really random, extreme examples!)

No, that's not what I'm saying! One day? Who the heck knows!

But I do think that we are beginning to see more variety within the human race than we have in the past. It is also becoming more accepted.

We have more ways of meeting our core needs than our ancestors did. That doesn't mean every new invention is better and the "old ways" are automatically wrong. We humans can come up with ways of doing things that aren't all that aligned! That aren't truly in our best interest. But hey, we get to learn and move on.

Do I believe we'll ever lose the need to (somehow) connect to Mama Earth? No, I sure don't.

I think this looks different for everyone, that's for sure! But I do believe some things will ALWAYS be a part of being human. A need for connection to Mama Earth being one of them.

It seems to me, right now, that humans will also always need to engage with the physical - physically eating food, physically moving/training the body, physically resting, physically connecting with others, and so on.

However, the ways in which these occur will shift. Everyone being able to choose their truly best path.

Now, when I mentioned body diversity...I'm sure you thought of body size diversity, didn't you? Perhaps not! That's just how I have most often seen the phrase "body diversity" applied.

Do I believe that there will ever be a human who is destined to be at an unhealthy body size, in either direction on the spectrum? No.

I don't believe a lack of health will ever be the aligned condition for ANY human.

While the range of body size/body composition that is TRULY healthy may broaden, I do believe there will always be caps on either end! Neither extreme ever being the best.

But I know you already know some smaller folks who are in tip top shape and some slightly larger folks who are as well! It's no longer about six pack abs and thigh gaps and such a lean body mass where all muscles are visible. We are expanding our vision of health.

Which brings me so very nicely into talking about nutrition!

Nutrition & the Quantum

I think things are about to get wild for one of my professions! (I'm a nutrition coach, ya know - not just a blogger, author, and podcaster!)

I used to believe there was one right way for every human to eat. And, ya know, I struggled to find what that was! I thought I had it figured out SO many times. But

And I continue to see people talking about THE diet that's best for EVERYONE and ALL the things that EVERYONE needs to avoid and...

It's exhausting, isn't it? Haha

Yes, I know that people lie. I know there are people out there advocating for certain ways of eating that are being dishonest about how it is impacting/"working" for them - and the dishonesty has a myriad of reasons! None of which we need to dig into here.

But other times? I fully believe that these "wild" and "crazy" ways of eating actually DO work for people! They are their healthiest (a version of it). They look their best (a version of it).

Who knows why that's what their body needs right then??? But it's clear that it is.

Who knows how long they will be called to eat that way??? That's between them and their soul.

We have absolutely no clue the paths that people are here to walk. And as time goes on, I just believe wholeheartedly that there just isn't one right way.

Guidelines and general recommendations and what we currently know works for most of the population....YES!

But at the very same time immense amounts of space for people have insanely different paths that align for their soul & body.

I believe it is more about the energy and the beliefs behind dietary decisions that matter more than the food. Yes, the food matters. BUT when you are connected to the soul and living in alignment and following your alignment & joy? How the heck could you choose something that's "bad" for you??? No way!

The soul wouldn't lead you there.

And I believe that playing around with various foods can also be a way to reconnect with your soul! To tune into the feelings when you eat certain things. Resonation or no? It helps you listen & connect back to that sacred line of communication between you and your soul - your intuition. There are also messages that are contained within food, which is amazing as well. Everything holds energy! And more energy than just calories, my friends.

We are moving away from prescriptive diets. We are moving away from blindly following others.

Do we still have guides and coaches and professionals providing information? Of course! Scientific and lived-experience information are still valuable! And I believe they always will be.

What is changing is how we engage with such information. How it is filtered through us. How we decide whether or not to listen.

It's about resonation and alignment.

It's about standing in our sovereignty and power. It's about inner authority.

It's about remembering the quantum and holding space for anything being true. It's holding space for multiple truths, everyone getting to choose their own truth - and all being "right" so long as they are aligned.

It's alignment with soul that truly matters. How one eats is just an outward representation of that alignment.

And here's something really cool that I heard:

As we evolve as humans, both in consciousness and in physicality (which includes our DNA), the body will be able to neutralize the "negative" effects of some "bad" foods so long as we are truly following our alignment when we choose to consume them.


I've heard this a couple times over the years and I heard it most recently on a podcast the other week. When I heard it this last time, it was an instant resonation in my soul. I knew it to be true. (The soul will always reveal what is true.)

The body is capable of so much more than we know! Yes, we always want to treat it with kindness and love and care and give it the very best - but can we hold space for that looking differently than we've believed?

Speaking of what the body is capable about we talk about fitness?

Fitness & the Quantum

You better believe much of what I said in the last section on nutrition applies here as well! It's all connected because it's all about the physical.

Just like with diets/ways of eating...

How many different ways of exercising are viewed/talked about as THE best? Countless.

We've got runners. We've got yogis. We've got bodybuilders. We've got power lifters. We've got those who love pilates. We've got those that love HIIT (high intensity interval training). We've got those who do a mix. We've got all kinds!

What "works?"

What's in alignment.

Same as with nutrition.

And I believe when you find alignment in nutrition you'll find what matches in terms of exercise, continuing to follow that alignment. As in, your diet matches your preferred exercise. (Psst...and both can totally change throughout your life!!!)

One compliments the other. All in alignment.

All because our bodies are unique. Much more unique than we currently know.

Where people run into trouble is by trying to do what they've been told to do that isn't in alignment for them! That's when people start to put down certain ways of exercising. When it was miserable for them or led to ill health for them or didn't "work" for them, they want to put it down and steer everyone away from it. Well, it wasn't the way of working out that was "wrong..." - it was the misalignment for them.

Is the human body meant to move? YES! Is the human body meant to have a healthy amount of body fat? YES! Is the human body meant to have a healthy amount of muscle? YES! (Just like how I was talking about a connection to Mama Nature always being, in some way, a part of what is vital for human thriving, I believe these are as well - base, foundational conditions of being human!)

But there is an infinite amount of variety for how people reach what is best for them concerning those human body conditions. There is an infinite amount of variety for how each of those will show up for each person. And there is even an infinite amount of ways that each can show up for each individual - in other words, infinite aligned paths for everyone.

Can you sense the freedom here??? I mean, endless possibilities people! Space! Freedom to choose!

What's it all about again? Alignment.

When we take away the pressure to pick the "one right thing" (which is what remembering the quantum field helps us with!), we are able to truly choose our alignment.

We tune out the noise of everyone telling us which way to go.

We go within, start within, and journey outward.

Journey outward to where our outer lives are a true reflection of our inner worlds - soul expressed in living.


Okay, there's one last area to touch on super quick! Health.

Health & the Quantum

First of all, a best level of health is reached by following your aligned ways of eating and moving.

But there's more to health, isn't there? Besides food and exercise. Emotions. Beliefs. Other ways of caring for the body (i.e., prioritizing sleep).

So, what's a person to do?

First of all, when it comes to things like sleep, it's alllllll going to come back around to the same ole thing we've been talking about - alignment.


Let's dive into emotions and beliefs, two things we know to be crucial for health.

Why are these so impactful for our health? Because of their energetic impacts.

We know full well the impact of energy and beliefs from observing the placebo effect over the years - all it takes is a belief that you are being "cured" or something is "working" for it to actually have those effects! For one to return to a state of wholeness and health.

It's. All. Belief.

Beliefs have energetic impacts.

Beliefs dictate what energy flows throughout the body.

Beliefs influence the emotional state/emotional energy.

Emotions are energy in motion, able to travel throughout the body for healing.

Able to clear from the body what no longer needs to be there for optimal health.

Emotions can also be stored by the body, creating physical symptoms so that they are seen and cleared out for releasing and healing. This often happens with trauma! But it can also happen from simply repressing emotions and not giving them the attention they truly need - the attention they need to flow through and do their job and teach and guide! They are teachers and healers.

Our beliefs and energy are the true healers. We've heard it said that doctors do not actually cure patients, and neither does medication. True healers point "patients" to the power within, to their innate healing power. Once tapped into and honored, a person is aligned with their healthiest and whole state - the natural state of every body. We have different energetic supports here on this earth - energies that can be used in energy medicine, crystals, nature, botanicals, etc.

Everything comes down to working with and assimilating different energies.

Healing is an energy. Healing is based in energy.

Health is an energetic state that serves to magnetize your entire being for your dream, aligned life.

Health is your natural state.

Health comes from living in alignment with the divine within you - your soul.

Health comes from a connection to the Greater Divine.

Health will be expressed for each individual in unique ways. We cannot have one standard for what is health. We can have guidelines and what we currently understand, but we also have to leave room for more.

For the quantum.

Wow, Have I Rambled? What Are the Implications of All of This?

Wow, this has flowed everywhere sweet loves! Every. Where.

Sometimes I like to go through and edit what I wrote to make it flow and all that jazz (you know, what we're told we should do!). But this time? This time the flow stays.

It's meant to be. It was a download. It was a bit of a channeling. And I'm totally cool saying those things now. I wasn't always! I was afraid. I didn't want to be seen as TOO weird (even though I don't think it's at all weird!).

But you can't live like that and have a magical life, you know?


Everything was typed exactly how it was meant to be.

You all will understand in exactly the ways you are meant to.

So, what the heck are the implications?

I know I mentioned them up above, but I want to reiterate here:



Ability to choose

Standing in your power



Honoring and respecting the journeys of others - as well as your own

No more fear. No more judgment.

Complete and utter freedom.

Well, let me address this important question:

Why would I still be a nutrition coach if truly anything is possible when it comes to which diets are the best?

Because we are still working with what is, right now, best for the human body. We are exploring. Always aiming for health. Always experimenting.

We are still going by current guidelines and research and lived experience.

We humans are similar in many ways, and we can learn from one another.

While we hold space for the body changing, it is always always always ever so helpful to have someone walk with you through your journey to finding your best level of health - your aligned path when it comes to nutrition.

A coach is someone who holds space for possibilities. A coach is someone to bounce ideas off of and to brainstorm with. A coach is someone to help calm you when you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. A coach is someone to point you back to your power and authority within. A coach is someone who creates a safe space for you to learn and explore and experiment.

A coach does all of this best in an area where their passion lies: for me, that is nutrition.

I reconnected with my soul, my mission, my purpose, God through changing my nutrition - through returning to loving my body through nutrition.

Food was a healer to me - pointing me back to my Truth, assisting my body in returning to its natural state of health.

Food and I are still on this journey together, navigating different layers of health and healing.

This is why food and nutrition are some of my passions.

Do I care about looks too? Mine and yours? You bet I do! It's a part of this human existence, looking our very best. But it gets to happen right alongside health.

Well, that turned into a little ramble down nutrition coaching street, huh?

Back to the quantum to wrap up.

The quantum represents infinite possibilities. This is freedom.

And that is all we need to leap into, sweet souls. This is our next evolution.

I'm excited to have you with me.

*If you would like to work with me in ANY way, sweet souls, head over to this page to find out more about my nutrition coaching offers! Also, be sure to find me in ALL the places I post & show up, daily & weekly - I would love to connect however feels best to you! :)


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