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The Relationship Between Joy & Challenge: A Joy Babe Story

Ya know, I started to think about something recently...I started to wonder if "The Joy Babe" came/comes across as "toxic positivity" or "spiritual bypassing" or "sunshine and rainbows." Now, it's not that I'm putting a whole bunch of stock in people's opinions! But I want people to know what this is TRULY all about - if they (or you!) have a negative perception, they (or you!) won't engage with this whole thing we've got going on here. And The Joy Babe is all about life transformation! It's groundbreaking. It's important. It's life-altering in the grandest of ways.

Yes. I do believe in my work, my mission, my joy in doing all of this THAT MUCH. (And I absolutely DO NOT see myself as better than ANYONE else - there is room for us ALL!)

So, I decided to make an Instagram post clearing up joy and its relationship to challenge.

Choosing a life of joy is not about shying away from or bypassing challenge. Choosing a life of joy is taking a different perspective on life. Choosing a life of joy is literally choosing a different life, because when you change your perception, everything around you changes. You change. The way you navigate what we've labeled challenge changes.

Joy is also a natural outflow of reconnection with Soul and the Universe. True joy is not possible without this spiritual connection because we are spiritual beings!

Okay, I could keep going with this introduction, but how about we jump into breaking this down a little more now? Yes. Let's do it.

This is What Joy is About to Me...

Joy is an energy with which you go about life, no matter what happens

It's recognizing that joy is an energy of Who You Are - just like love

Perhaps joy is an extension of love?

It's realizing that joy is a state, a state that can be chosen...

It's about being in that state even when going through a challenge

It's about realizing that joy is a medicine that carries you through a challenge, helping you learn

Joy is an energy that keeps you connected to the Truth of Who You Are and the Truth of Reality...

Joy is magnetic

Joy is timeline-shifting

Joy can exist no matter what "outside circumstances" are

Joy can exist no matter what is rising up from within to be healed and released

Joy informs your choices in the present, which are truly the only ones that matter

Following your joy is akin to following your alignment

Joy carries you through whatever human discomfort you may feel

Joy can exist alongside any human emotion

Joy is about intentionally creating a life in alignment with the soul

Joy is a mindset, a perspective, an attitude

Joy is a way you walk through this human life

Again, joy is simply a part of Who You Are

Joy is a result of connecting back to Who You Are and to the greater Universe

Joy is a space-holder

Holding space for challenge and the type of learning and growing that can certainly happen in this human lifetime

Joy is a program that always gets to be running in the background

Joy, like your soul, is a home base

Something you always get to return to no matter how much darkness you adventure into

Really? You take joy with you - as a healer, as a weapon (so to speak)

Joy is always with you. Joy is you.

Apart from being inspired by what was always within me, what I have always known my soul mission to be, and seeing the lack of joy in the world and people around me...

"The Joy Babe" came about because of the magic that life gets to be when we connect to Who We Are, why we're here, and the grander nature of this Reality and Universe

That? That is joy

Joy comes from discovery & connection and it tis what we get to embody forevermore, to create magical lives for ourselves and others

Never being in denial

Always holding space

Intentional choosing

Intentional creation

That was the Instagram post! The slides, anyway. Ready for the caption? It goes into more depth...

We love us some sunshine and rainbows, okay? I mean, my nickname is Sunshine for goodness sakes!

But I never what "The Joy Babe" to come across as anything that shies away from darkness or challenging experiences or anything like that

All the many things that CAN certainly happen in this human life

3d life is wild! This 3d reality is crazy sometimes

AND beautiful, full of joy, magical, mean to be enjoyed

Very paradoxical in nature, wouldn't you say?

I'm here to open your eyes to possibilities, help you awaken and remember Who You Are and why you came here and all the magic your life can be

I'm here to show you another way to live, not so you can copy me - but so that you can see what is possible, to inspire you to find your own magical path in life

I DO want you to cultivate and follow your joy - your joy is a guide, guiding you into what is meant for you and what is in alignment

Your joy is one of your greatest companions, an aspect of Who You Are - energetically

You are a unique expression of joy, just as you are a unique expression of love

How does this fit into my nutrition coaching that I also do?

Taking care of these physical bodies is yet another way we connect to the joy that we Are

We create joyful lives when we are living in a state of health

We help others create joyful lives by our own states of health as well

Health radiates joy

Health of the physical helps the soul anchor in even more - the soul that is partially made of this energy of joy

The physical body is key to us existing on earth - it is our home, our vehicle, our temporary outfit

It is how we express our joy and the other Truths of who we are as unique souls

It is absolutely key to a life of joy

In a nutshell, sweet souls, that is what The Joy Babe is all about

How can I support you? I'm here for you AND me (me in that I'm living out one of my soul's missions and it feels freakin' amazing!)

Please let me know! You are amazing, magical, and loved.

XOXO Katie Anne


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