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The Soul Needs a Safe Home

*The first part of this is an Instagram caption.* You can see my post here! But, the channeling went on way longer than can fit in one Instagram post. So, you know what that means? Blog post! Copied and pasted directly from the notes app on my phone:

Your body = the home for your soul

You. Are. Not. This. Body.

It is something you have, for just a little while

It is something you get to take care of, for just a little while

It is something you get to make as spectacular as possible!

For just a little while

It is something you chose - as a soul

You chose this body because you knew it would be perfect

The perfect match for what you came to earth to do and experience

Who you came here to be

Your soul knew that this body has the potential to be a safe haven

A place from which all missions can be accomplished

A place of rest

A place of joy

A place of peace

Yet, it is up to you

To consciously choose

With the human brain

To make this body the safest place it can be for your sweet soul

See, your soul is telling you exactly what it needs

Through your intuition

All the time

You (capital Y) are telling you (little y) what You need

Don’t let it confuse you!

The Soul is communicating with the human

This is how it is supposed to be

The human part of us makes the decisions

Guided by the Soul

Is your body a safe place? A safe home?

A place where your soul feels 100% ready to drop in and be all the way here, on this planet?

See, that’s what we need! Humans fully embodying the Soul

But the Soul cannot be fully embodied without the safest home that it needs - care for this one body, my loves. The Spiritual has chosen to need the physical for the time being. It can be a beautiful union.

How can you create a safe home for the soul?

Ahh, it’s not complicated at all

Care. Love. Nourishment. Rest.

All the things we know the human body needs! Yet, we don’t always do them, do we?

We don’t always take control of what’s right in front of us, do we?

That’s okay - but it’s time to change

You can’t go on not being your full Self any longer

The world can’t afford to have that be the case, either!

You need all of You - the world needs all of You

What you can control is unique to you

But the cool thing is…you only need to focus on what you can control

If you can’t control it right now, it’s not for you to focus on right now

Dream about it, sure! Set the intention upon it, sure!

But, in the meantime, let the Universe take care of it - It always will

We’re always held and loved and guided

But we have to choose that perspective

Otherwise, we resist it

And we feel separate

We feel like we have to do it all ourselves

And we get overwhelmed

Not being able to see an end in sight

There are too many things to do

And some seem impossible

Well, to the human…they ARE impossible

“With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible!” Matthew 19:26

As you steward what you have well (focusing wholly on what’s in your grasp right now), more will come to you

Stewarding what you have well looks like taking control of what is able to be your responsibility right now

Stewarding what you have well opens an energetic pathway

Shifts your reality

You’re not being rewarded by God - it is a natural byproduct

This is what is meant by, “As you take a step, the path appears”

You have so much within your control, sweet soul!

That is empowering - not defeating

Can we choose to see it that way?

I certainly think we can

Here are some practical ways to create a safe home for your soul:

Nourish your body with good, clean, whole foods - and ENOUGH of them, too!

Move your body daily

Get outside in the fresh air, sunshine, and nature - connect with Mama Earth

Care for your nervous system - soothing, relaxing

Do the inner work to heal and release what’s not true, what you have allowed to hold you back from your Truth, parts of you stuck in the past, etc.

Align your appearance with your Truth - in other words, express yourself!! Let the outside match the inside!

Be intentional about your energy flow - where is your focus going? Where is your attention? (As Jim Fortin says, “I am where my attention is.” Think about that.)

If you would like guidance in caring for your body when it comes to nutrition, check out my nutrition coaching offering! This post right here is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do - because this world needs humans fully embodying the Soul. THAT’S how we bring about New Earth, my dears! Oh, and even though my specialty is nutrition, we can dive into the spiritual as much as you like.


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