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The Ultimate Cure for All: Connection Back to God

I wrote another post recently about what connecting to and trusting God looks like. How we go about that, how it plays out in our lives, etc.

Well, this post is a...sort of follow-up? It's more like a a story. An illustration. Something I want you to visualize as you read.

There's a lot going on in the world. Yes? Ohhhh yes. We cannot deny that.

Saying "a lot is going on" doesn't automatically assign labels, such as "positive" or "negative."

I want to stay neutral in this post, when talking about events currently going on in the world (November 2023), because I know that everyone likes to take a different stance - have a different perspective. I honor them all.

At the same time, there are many humans who are experiencing suffering. Even if we do not label the big, world-wide events as "positive" or "negative," we cannot deny the experiences of many humans, right now, are ones of suffering. When we step off of the worldwide stage and get closer to home, even many of the people right next to us are experiencing a version of suffering.

I believe the root of all suffering is a lack of awareness of the Truth - the Truth of who we are, the Truth of our Diving nature and connection to God. This is where it begins. The thoughts, beliefs, actions, etc. that bring about experiences of suffering follow from this root.

When we are not connected to the Truth, we are not connected to God. Connecting to God connects us to the Truth. We awaken to the Truth. (What is Truth? You'll see in just a minute.)

That is why connection to God is the cure. We connect to...Oh, wow, I was about to start typing out what I already have typed out! Hold on. Let's just jump in. Start from the very beginning.

I've set the stage. Now, here is what was feverishly typed into my Notes app earlier. Pretty much word for word with only a few edits for grammatical purposes.

*There's a little repetition in the first part, as in I'm repeating some of what I just said in the intro here. But that's okay. I want to put the full transmission down below.*

Again...visualize. This is the cure. I pray you pursue it. To become a part of the change.

The Cure

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. That cannot be denied.

Some label it all as tragedy. Some feel angry. Some feel despair. Some feel hopeless.

Some choose to stay away from labels. Some choose to look for a broader, grander perspective before attaching labels of “good” or “bad.” Not out of insensitivity nor denial (of course these are possible sources, but not in majority), rather out of a desire to respond in the way they feel will serve the situation best.

Some see anger and hate and strong resistance as only perpetuating the problems. Some see anger and hate as necessary to put a stop to the suffering and harm that’s going on.

I’m not going to jump into either side. Instead, I want to offer a solution.

No matter what camp you find yourself, the solution to all is connecting back to God.

Having a connection to God being the cure and the way life will work as intended is a theme in pretty much all religions and spiritual belief systems, huh?

Find yourself in any religion or spiritual belief system and you will find it stated that we are not these humans, but rather that the truth of who we are lies in some sort of spiritual nature.

And to be all we are made to be, all we are here to be, a spiritual connection is essential.

Of course, there are many different names for the Ultimate Divine Power of which religions and such speak. I’m also not going to get into that discussion at the moment, and for simplicity’s sake I’m just going to refer to this Ultimate Divine Power as God.

Now, I’m going to move away from talking about the shared perspectives between religions and spiritual belief systems. Now we flow into how connection to God is the ultimate cure. I simply wanted to illustrate the similarities in beliefs to show that this is not a new concept.

It’s just one that needs to be emphasized right now.

A connection to God necessitates an awakening to the truth of who you are. You cannot be connected to God (truly connected) and not remember that you are a soul.

Envision with me the following occurring in your life:

When you remember that you are a soul, you remember your connection to all the other souls on this planet that are temporarily in human form - just like you. You remember the interconnectedness of all.

You awaken to the knowing that this “reality” isn’t reality. You remember the energetic workings of all, the way we get to create our lives in partnership with God. You remember that this earth is not your true home.

In all of this remembering and awakening, your love for others returns. This is the true love that is a part of who you are. Because of this love, you may feel sadness that you haven’t expressed it in the past. You may also feel sadness that you don’t see it expressed in the world around you. Both of those are okay. It is okay to feel sad. You’re awakening now and you are going to be a part of the change.

Now that you know who you are as a soul, you remember that you came here to BE your soul - to express, uniquely, in human form. You remember this is your purpose, your mission. That from this being all the doing that you need to do will come. You know you have to let all the old stories and identities go, set yourself free. Even if others don’t understand.

You know that you matter. You know that as you awaken and live the path of your soul, you will help others awaken, too.

You begin to remember that we are not here alone and we are not meant to tackle everything on our own, in our human power. We are meant to be here on this earth with spiritual help and guidance. Living in connection with the spiritual world in order to bring about true change in the easiest and most effortless way. To be led by God who always sees the bigger picture.

You remember that things are not as they seem. You remember that everything is here to help you. You begin to see your role in the life you’re living, that you were an integral part of its creation. And just as you created this life, you can create a new one. You know the paths before you are infinite. You know that all will come from the foundation of alignment with your soul.

In the remembering that things are not as they seem, your perspective on world events and things happening in the lives of those around you begins to shift. You understand their experiences to be real, but you see the deeper layers of the events happening that bring about those experiences.

You may not have all the answers, but you know that as you remain connected to who you are; remain connected to God; take aligned, guided, inspired action; be the love that you are; share your unique soul gifts; and create your own reality in the most aligned, magical way possible, these will all serve to shift the world around you. You will take the actions that you need to take to be of service, your energetic shifts will impact the world around you with ripple effects you cannot see with your human eyes, and you will be an example to others of a new way to live. The true way to live.

And it all began with a connection to God.

My Prayer

My prayer for you, dear one, is that you prioritize your connection back to God above all.

Seek first the kingdom of God, and all you need will be provided. (Matthew 7)

When you are provided for, you can care for others. No need to worry about you relentlessly, above all. God's got you. God will lead you to the next right move - for you and others.

I say connect "back" to God because the connection was always there, even if you do not remember a time of experiencing it in this human lifetime.

Not only was it always there, but it will always be there. It is here now and will be for eternity.

You are inseparable from God. Separation is an illusion.

Yet, you must choose to participate in this connection. Your choice is required.

I pray you choose this path. Knowing that your truest and best life will follow.

Knowing that your changing the world will follow.

You have a role to play. You chose to come here for a reason.

I pray you find it. And let your light shine.

And heal the world, with your sweet, one-of-a-kind magic.

Pursue God, my love. The time is now.

XOXO Katie Anne


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