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The Way YOU Want to Do Anything is Actually Perfect

*If you'd like to check out the YouTube video or the podcast episode related to this post, I highly recommend you do so! Same basic message, different delivery, slightly different content!*

We're bombarded from all sides about the "right" way to do absolutely anything, aren't we?

What does this often lead to? Feeling overwhelmed. "Paralysis by analysis" - not know what to choose out of everything people are telling us to do. Comparison. Believing that what we're doing or the way we want to do something is wrong.

No action. Not trusting ourselves. Giving away our power. Not living the lives that are possible for us.


Do you want that??? I don't! Not for me, not for you. And what am I here to do??? Help you live your best life. Whichever one you choose. One that is in alignment for you, connected to your soul. Completely in your power. Changing the world and living your dreams. Tall order? Not at all.

So, what are we to do about the many ways that we're told to...

Start and run a business

Eat and exercise

Craft our daily routines


Create content

Write books

Record podcasts

Post on social media


Sell products

Be in relationship with other people

And so. much. more.

You're probably not going to believe what I'm about to say,'s alignment. It's all about alignment. It's not about what others tell you to do - it's about where your soul leads you.

I promise, this post is going to give you the clarity that you need to shake off the noise from the outside world and trust what's inside. What do I need you to do? Step into, claim, and live in your power. That's your job! Oh, and by the way...this is not a post of me telling you what to do! This is a post of reassurance and freedom. I am partially telling you what I believe is best in order to free yourself to follow your alignment, but it's always up to you! After you're free (which you always have been, truly, on the most fundamental level!), it's allllllll up to you sweet soul.

In this post, we'll go into:

  • What alignment actually is and how to tap into it

  • The energetics behind action and how they matter more than the actual action

  • How energetic principles lead you into surrender, trust, and flow

  • What perfection is really all about

Alignment: What & How

Y'all. Alignment is not complicated. But we can think it is because we're not taught about it! This isn't part of our school curriculum. Much like intuition is not. (And alignment and intuition are inextricably linked!)

Some of us, depending on our family of origin, have been taught about alignment, intuition, soul, and more. That's awesome! It's just that many of us haven't been. I wasn't! And, like I said, this leads to a belief that all of this is way more complicated than it actually is.

Truly, it's the most natural thing in the world. We're wired for alignment.

Alignment is simply being your soul. That's really it! Being your soul, in the human, as the human.

The human that you are is your character, your character for this game of life. The character you chose! You have unique human characteristics, life circumstances, and so on. This was all planned by You (as your Higher Self/Soul). Everything is by design.

You knew that coming to earth meant forgetting your True Identity (at the beginning), but that you would have an insane amount of opportunities to awaken and remember!

You came here to learn - learn about the energies here, learn how to clear/transmute the energies here, learn the Truth of Who You Are (that you already know on a soul level, but you are here to learn on a human level), learn the Truth of Reality (same as the last parentheses!), learn how to actually help others awaken (not forcing or pushing or controlling...), and so much more.

Also? You came here to enjoy this human life! "Game" of life implies some fun, huh? I'll always stand behind that!

So, what does all of this have to do with alignment?

Well, we know that being in alignment means being the soul. It's letting the soul flow through this physical body.

First, it begins with knowing the Truth of Who You Are. You gotta recognize you are a soul to be the soul!

Second, it's about a regular tapping into this Truth. Here's where intuition comes in! Learning how your soul speaks and listening to what it says. It's about taking the actions, over and over and over, no matter how much the human brain says, "That doesn't make sense!"

Third, it's trusting and flowing, over and over and over. This is an extension of that second step. It's living an intuitive life, led by the soul. Eventually? The brain takes a chill pill. It just has to be taught to trust the soul as authority, that's all! See, the brain only wants to keep you safe. It does want the best for you! It's just that, sometimes, it gets it wrong. Because it doesn't have the full picture. But the soul does! So, it's about a shift in authority, a shift in who's in the captain's seat.

Repetition creates normality. Repetition rewires the brain. Repetition shifts the energy.

This shift in energy changes your being, your timeline, your reality.

You are not just a physical being anymore - you've now become the physical + spiritual being that you came here to be.

You will know you're in alignment by the deep, soul-level feeling behind everything you do. There will be a deep peace and joy.

You will also know you're in alignment based on the results of your actions...

Energetics & Action

First of all, let's talk a little more about the last sentence from the last section.

You will know you are in alignment based on the results of your actions. One, it's the energy you will feel before, during, and after; this goes back to the deep, soul-level feeling indication of alignment. Second, the results of your actions will work out better than you could have imagined or they may not even make logical sense. Often, when we act on our intuition (which is a part of living in alignment), we cannot see (with the brain) how something is going to work out or why in the world we're being called to something. It doesn't have to make logical sense, we just have to trust! So, yes, the results will indicate what we pretty much knew all along: We were acting in alignment.

Now, let's move on to another side of energetics and action. This time, we're talking about the energetics behind the action.

Have you ever heard it said that who we are is more important than what we do? about that we are meant to be human beings not human doings?

Both of these (true) statements point to the importance of the energy behind actions.

In today's society, we tend to be taught that it's all about what and how much we can do. It's the hustle. It's the work. It's the effort. It's all that jazz.

What's left out, oftentimes, is the who and the how.

Who are you as you take a certain action or do a certain thing?

How are you doing it? What is your energy like as you do it? That's going to be the energy of the action - whatever you put into it.

So, first comes alignment. Alignment leads you to action.

Then, when you know the action you're being led to take, focus on the energy. Focus on your energy.

Bring your unique energy to it.

Do it with the energy that feels aligned to you.

It absolutely doesn't matter one iota how others have done a similar action.

You don't have to follow another's way - you have to follow your way or you're living in this inauthentic, unaligned energy that puts you on that sort of a timeline/in that sort of reality and I dare say that's not the one of your dreams, huh?

A life of your dreams is authentic to you - it matches you. It flows. It's natural. It feels right. It fits. It's full of joy. It's full of purpose. It's full of love. It's full of excitement. It's full of dreaming. It's full of belief in the infinite.

Your dream life is only available to you if you follow your alignment and do things your way.

Now, I haven't given any action examples, have I? I don't need to - this applies to everything.

What Inspired This at the Beginning - Growing The Joy Babe

I recorded a YouTube video about this that I would absolutely love for you to check out! It's pretty short, sweet, and to the point. It was inspired by all I've been learning in growing The Joy Babe.

See, I've fallen into comparison quite a bit! I've also fallen into overwhelm and confusion.

I see people doing podcasts one way, then another, then another...

I hear people talking about how best to do podcasts, then someone else says something different, then another person says something different...

I see all sorts of content on Instagram and YouTube - different styles, different aesthetic themes, different energies...

I hear all sorts of advice on how to grow on social media, the best kinds of posts to make, when to post your posts, etc.

I hear a million different things about writing, whether that be blogs or books: the process, what they need to look like, how they need to flow, etc.

You get the picture.

And, if you listen to everybody, it just gets crazy! You don't know what to do and you start to doubt yourself.

Where you were once in flow and feeling good, now you're not so sure.

It deflates you, drains your energy.

Then you stop taking action. You stop feeling inspired.

Not, uh...the preferred thing, huh?

And that's just my example with business, social media, and all that jazz.

Taking it to YOU - Illustrating Further with Business & Health Examples

But this can apply to how you do whatever job you currently work, how you navigate your relationships, how you eat, your movement routine, your daily habits...


We can get so caught up in doing it "right" according to other people that we miss the "right way" that's right in front of us! Alignment.

I want to illustrate this with a business example. (Even if you're not in business or starting a business, play along as if you are!)

Did you know...people are not (really, totally,) drawn to the just the product(s) you sell or the service(s) you provide.

They are drawn to your energy.

People are not drawn to your social media based on a color scheme or a pretty Instagram grid. (Gotta pull in a social media example because that's how a whole heck of a lot of businesses are growing nowadays!)

They are drawn to your energy.

Your energy comes from your alignment. Your alignment has led you to your "what": your products, your services, your social media aesthetic, etc.

The energy behind the "what" is the energy of alignment - flow, joy, ease, fun.

THAT'S the energy you bring to your "work" and your social media. That's what people feel. That's what people are drawn to.

But we look at someone who's been "successful" (however they or you or others want to define that!) and we pick out what we can see, what we can put words to.

"Oh, it must have been their [insert strategy here] that got them to where they are now!"

"It must have been the X number of hours they worked per week!"

"It must be the way they make their reels. That's the secret sauce right there."

(And I'm not saying those don't matter at all! We have simply given them all the power. This'll keep getting clearer as we continue!)

But we're missing what it truly is! It's truly the energy.

The energy is what led them to their specific approach. And because it is in alignment for them, that is what you feel. That is the magnetic pull.

PLOT TWIST! Now, here's the kicker: Your energy and what you do isn't going to be for everyone!

We know this full well when it comes to who we are drawn to - we know we're not drawn to everyone!

But when it comes to ourselves...we think we need to be for everyone? It just doesn't work that way, my friends! It's not supposed to. When someone literally doesn't vibe with you, you've done nothing wrong!

Alignment. Energy. That's your focus!

Okay, backing off the business example...let's go to health and fitness!

There are a million and one ways to eat and workout, huh? I know, I may say it all comes down to a few basic principles. And while that may (sort of) be true, everyone has a different way of engaging with those few basic principles.

Again, we look at people who have gotten the results they were looking for. Then, we attribute those results totally to certain actions they took. And, again, while the actions do matter (i.e., eating a certain number of calories), it all began with the energy.

They came into alignment (even if they didn't know that's what they were doing!). They followed the energy to an approach that felt best to them. They took action with full belief. This full belief energetically fueled the actions. They were in flow. They got to exactly where they needed to go.

They followed the path for them.

*Now, what to say about people who reach goals from taking paths not totally aligned for them? That's possible! But the results don't stick. Visually they may have achieved their results, but that doesn't mean that they are truly living the dream in every way. If other areas of life had to suffer for you to reach a goal, you didn't reach the goal. Not fully. You can see and interact with these people and you can tell that they're unaligned. You can tell something is off.*

So, my gracious we've been through a bunch of examples...what's the main point?

It's all about the energy with which you do anything! You bring You to it. You follow your alignment into it. We live in an energetic universe that just looks physical. Energy is really what's behind it all!

Don't you want to bring your soul energy into everything? That's the only way to your dream life.

And every single area of your life matters.

Energetics, Surrender, Trust

Alignment & Energy

To illustrate how leaning into the energetics behind actions actually leads to true surrender and trust (living in flow), let's hop back to the business example.

A lot of people are trying to copy the actions of others (actions only) because they swear they've figured out some secret, magical strategy to success. And we've already talked about how this isn't the case! Yes, the actual actions matter - but it's the energy (of alignment) that led them there and the energy behind the actions (the energy of alignment fueling the actions) that actually matter; it's the energy that's felt by others and draws them in.

The energy of authenticity. Alignment leads to authenticity. Your actions being aligned to Who You Are.

Because it is all about alignment and doing things your own way, in line with the Soul Truth of Who You Are and the way you are wired and what you are here to do...

You can trust that as you stay in step with your soul, everything that is meant for you (in this case, your clients and your "success" and your money and all that jazz) will come to you.

Absolutely, 100% guaranteed.

Think about it...

Why would soul alignment ever lead to something not working out for you? That just doesn't make sense.

That would reflect a pretty cruel universe design, wouldn't it? And we know that's not the case.

When you trust that your alignment leads you to what is meant for you (or draws to you what is meant for you - two sides of the same coin!), you surrender.

Surrender & Flow

Into flow. Into ease. Into joy.

Because you've dropped the overwhelm, the stress, the worry.

Because you've stopped trying to do things in a way inauthentic to you and your Soul Truth. Because you're embracing Who You Are and how you do things, no matter how much it "doesn't make sense."

In flow, you can hear. You can sense. You can pick up on where you're being guided, where your soul is leading.

You can see the many options in front of you and you take your pick with peace and confidence.

You can venture into healing whenever you are led because you know that healing is also a part of your alignment. Your soul wants you to shake off, clear, and heal whatever is weighing you down and holding you back from the dream. The best. The most awesome.

Releasing what is unTrue and doesn't serve is always in alignment.

In surrender and trust, you allow yourself to fully commit to your healing because you know that whatever action you take in alignment is only serving to take you to what is truly meant for you/to draw toward you what is truly meant for you.

You know that your energy is the most important thing. You don't worry about what anyone else is doing anymore.

Let's step back from the business example for a second...

This Applies to All

Take it broader...

This focus on energy applies to anything and everything.

Following your alignment and being led by the soul applies to anything and everything. Following that deep peace and your highest joy applies to anything and everything.

It. Doesn't. Have. To. Make. Sense.

It just has to be True to You! That's it.

And you will experience magic - guaranteed.

You are both living in perfection and getting to experience perfection. So, hold on...

What is perfection?

What Perfection is All About

First, we're taught perfection doesn't exist. I disagree. I think we just need a different definition!

Second, for a little primer or an additional piece of reading, check out this other blog post where I talk about how we are all actually perfect!

What do I mean by a new definition of perfection? I think it comes down to the one thing we've been talking about all along: alignment.

Alignment with the soul, alignment with Truth, alignment with the Universe (psst...all of that's connected!).

Isn't alignment what life's all about?

There are infinite possibilities. We all want to find our one "right" path, don't we? Because this is what we're taught we're supposed to do! We're taught that there is one "right" person for us, one "right" career path for us, one "right" anything for us. Puts a whole heck of a lot of pressure on, doesn't it?

But what if...

It's simply all about what aligns with the soul?

Now, I agree that the soul plans out what it wants to learn, experience, and accomplish in this lifetime. I agree there are only certain things that are aligned with the soul - some things are not! This is how we have preferences and make decisions and live uniquely.

However, what if all of those plans were possibilities? What if the soul didn't plan for them all to have to happen? What if all the possibilities are aligned and it's truly all about choosing something that's in alignment in each moment?

And that, thereby, creates an aligned path. An aligned life.

Alignment, moment to moment.

I like to picture this as...

Straight from a "ping!" moment where I had to scribble this down on the closest available piece of paper

We have this one big overarching aligned timeline - the one the soul planned out with all our many possibilities.

Then, contained within, are all of those aligned possibilities! Smaller timelines, if you will. Of which we can choose any. Of which we can mold together any combination. To create a truly unique, aligned life.

The adventure of this lifetime.

But because there are so many options, there can't be one perfect/right path. You see?

And no one (NO ONE) can know what is in alignment for you except You! one can tell you what to do, how to do something, or the way your life should go!

When you choose alignment, you choose perfection. Everything is perfect.

Now, what about when things around you don't appear to be perfect?

Well, we have to remember that we are interacting with other souls in human bodies who are all on different levels of consciousness (as the humans that they are). Their level of consciousness is reflected in how they live their lives and what is reflected back to them in their reality.

We always have the choice to get caught up in the lives of others. I've done so a crazy amount of times!

But there's a way to care for and love people without getting sucked into their lives to the detriment of your own. We are all meant to create our own experiences in life, and to do this we have to remain focused on, well, our own lives! And, as we do so IN ALIGNMENT, we will be led to be of service in ways that completely align with Who We Are and the many possibilities of what we came here to do. As we align, we align with the Love that We Are. I call this trusting the blueprint within. It's the antidote to people pleasing! We focus on Who We Are and becoming Who We Are (via alignment), all the while knowing that as we do so, the love we are meant to give (in energy, actions, service, and so on) will naturally flow. No forcing necessary.

That was a side tangent, but needed! Back to perfection. Your perfection.

No only does living in alignment, moment to moment, create one of your perfect lives...

You, my dear, are perfection. Your soul is perfect.

We've painted an odd picture of perfection as humans...

The body looking a certain way. The human acting a certain way. Speaking a certain way. Eating a certain way. Exercising a certain way. Dressing a certain way. Having X number of close relationships. Having [blank] as a career path. Performance in educational settings.

And so on. You get the picture.

See, we haven't allowed space for uniqueness, have we?

We haven't allowed for a broad definition of perfection.

We haven't given space to soul uniqueness. And I think it's time for that, don't you?

Showing up as your full, authentic self. In all ways. In all things. At all times.

This is the time we are stepping into, my loves.

Will there be people who don't agree with you or put your down or tell you you're wrong or that you're going to fail or that you're crazy? YEP!

But they would do that anyway. Even if you were following the advice of another to a tee. (Oh, and I know we like to follow others sometimes because it feels more comfortable - we have someone else to blame if we get put down in any way! It feels safe. Like a permission slip. Trust me. I know. It feels a lot scarier to go your own way and risk opinions of others! But they can't hurt you and have not power unless you give it to them...As my late paw-paw said, "They can't eat you!")

So, safety from the opinions of others is a total myth! And this is a good thing.

This is freedom. This is breaking away from an illusion that holds us back.

In Conclusion

Okay, every time I say "in conclusion" I have this scene from SpongeBob pop into my head...from the episode where he's the hall monitor and he's giving a big long speech to the class to accept his duty? Anyway...haha I'm a huge SpongeBob fan and I truly can't see that changing!

Now, truly in conclusion!

Perfection is alignment.

Everything comes to you that is for you from your alignment.

Being in alignment is being your soul, as the human - expressing your soul truth through this human vessel.

It's more about the energy than the actions - what's the alignment behind it?

As long as you know you're aligned, that's all you have to worry about.

It doesn't matter what other people are doing nor what they tell you to do.

Can you take in advice and recommendations and learn from others? Of course!!! This can help lead you to alignment. Because you listen to your soul the whole time. You follow resonance. You follow your preference "pings!"

You can relax. You're not screwing up your life. You're not missing the mark. There's no one "right" path for you to find.

You just have to connect with Who You Are and follow your alignment, live in alignment, moment by moment.


XOXO Katie Anne


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