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The World Needs Strong, Nourished, Healthy People

Quite a bold statement for a title, eh?

You may be wondering (I'm always one to go ahead and think of the possible counterpoints!), "Well, what about the people who have a physical disability or a chronic illness or something like that? The world doesn't need them?"

Ahh, that is not it at all - not even close. The world needs all humans. We all chose to be here. We all play vital, massively important roles. We all deserve to be here. We are all worthy.

So, then, what do I mean?

I mean the world needs people who are caring about their health. (In whatever way they can, which is whatever way is aligned for them. No matter the physical condition. No matter the current circumstance. Some aspect of health can always be chosen.)

And why the world needs people who are caring about their health is the topic of this post, sweet souls.

So, First, What is "Health?"

Oh, what a wonderful question! I could give the technical definition, which includes something like the absence of disease. And then, to take it a step further from health, we could talk about wellness, as wellness is usually talked about in terms of overall thriving.

But...I don't care too much about technicalities. Because we all have different definitions in our minds (working definitions). Meanings we have applied to the terms "health" and "wellness."

Of course there are objective measures of health, and we all pretty much know these. (Yet, many continue to be debated...)

But, once again, I'm not talking about objective measures here. You're probably thinking, "Well, then get to the point!" Haha

Okay! Here it is:

What does health mean to you?


What does health look like for you?

How would you describe your healthiest self?

It's not just about looks. Looks follow health, so they are an aspect. But, they're icing on the cake. (Often, people find themselves on a true health journey by first going after aesthetic changes, and that's a-okay!)

I'm a wholehearted believer in subjectivity (within some objectivity!). Because, what's important for you is not important for someone else. That's the way it's supposed to be.

You're here (on this planet) to follow your alignment. You are the ultimate authority in your life.

Does that mean you have all the knowledge? Not by a long shot. You're not supposed to.

We are still meant to take in information from others - scientists, doctors, other practitioners, those with lived experience, etc. But, we are meant to take this information through the filter of the soul before adopting any of it as truth. (I made an Instagram video illustrating this that you can check out here!)

How in the world can you filter information through your soul??? Here are a couple of ways:

  • Tuning in to the literal feelings within your body when you hear certain pieces of information or recommendations

  • Tuning in to your emotions when you hear certain pieces of information or recommendations

  • Experimenting with implementing information or recommendations and then tuning into the bodily feelings or the emotions

  • Experimenting and then listening if you feel intuitively led to explore something else (as in, what you experimented with was only meant to lead you to something even better)

Those are just a few examples.

It all comes down to intuition. We all "hear" our intuition differently. It's vital that you learn how yours speaks to you so that you can continue living in step with it. It's your soul speaking to you, and it will never lead you wrong. (*Note: You do not have to immediately jump on where you feel your intuition guiding you! You can sit with it. Ask questions. It's your soul, after all. It's not going anywhere! Neither is the guidance.)

See, you define what health means for you. You know above anyone else.

Not saying you would necessarily do what I'm about to say next, but...

You cannot trick yourself for very long, convincing yourself a certain avenue is healthy for you when you know darn well down deep inside that it's not.

I know, we can all deceive ourselves. But, I also know from personal experience that there is always a little "voice" (intuition) inside that is telling you what you are doing is not healthy for you (if you're taking a truly misaligned, unhealthy route). I had this all throughout my eating disorder, no matter how dire things became - I always knew something was wrong, even if I was denying it up, down, and sideways on the surface.

So, yes you get to define your own health, but there must be a connection with your Truth to begin with.

*Follow me here, people - this is all connected to why choosing health is important for the whole world! *

Who Are You?

You, my sweet, dear reader, are a soul. You are a cosmic, spiritual, eternal being. You are a part of God, as are all of the other souls in the entire universe.

You. Are. Not. This. Human.

And, we're not really homing in on the cosmic, eternal nature of ourselves in this post.

That always remains the Truth, but there's a specific reason I'm highlighting the broader soul-nature of our Truth:

  • When you know the Truth of Who You Are, you tap into that Truth in order to live from there.

  • When you tap into this Truth, you are in touch with your intuition.

  • When you are in touch with your intuition, you will be making decisions in alignment with your Truth.

It's. All. Connected.

*Will you always make perfectly aligned decisions? Nope! There's still this human part of you, with a human brain, and maybe some human trauma...all parts of you that can certainly influence your decision making! But that's okay. Because you've remembered your Truth, remember? And now you're choosing to live from there! When you make an un-aligned decision (or think an un-aligned thought or take an un-aligned action), you're now primed to catch it! When you catch it, you can heal it. Everything is healed through alignment: Remembering Who You Are, following your intuition to what must be done to heal/transform whatever part of you is out of alignment. It's all about integration, becoming whole. That is healing. Oh, yeah, there are also things that can be released instead of integrated! So, it's either integration or releasing. Let your Soul guide the way.*

See, when you're being led by your intuition, you're not going to be deceiving yourself into believing that something is in alignment with your health when it's really not.

You're not going to be justifying a coping mechanism. You're not going to be justifying a temporary human pleasure that leads to long-term damage to the physical body.

You may still be drawn to those, for a time, but you will know (on a soul level) they are un-aligned (would misaligned be a better word...?).

So, instead of giving in to them and justifying them as your version of health, you are recognizing them as signs of misalignment that just need a lil love and healing.

You pay attention to them in terms of healing, yet you ignore them in terms of making decisions for your health.

Kinda like a little compartmentalization, huh? A little sorting.

Healing and choosing your health can happen simultaneously and they can certainly help one another.

To summarize this section of this section, when you are in touch with Who You Are, you will be making decisions that are truly healthy for you - what health looks like, what action steps to take, what habits to adopt, etc.

Now we're going to bring it around to the title of this post.

This is the first point in why the world needs healthy humans:

True health necessitates connection with one's True Nature.

Whoa! We've got a reconnection, people! A remembering of what was forgotten upon incarnation (soul coming into the human body).

And, when we live from there?

Holy cow, I don't really need to go on explaining what kind of transformation that brings about, do I? (Psst...I wrote a post on why our reconnection to God [which is also the reconnection to our Truth] is the ultimate cure this world needs. Read all about that here!)

But, to quickly summarize the importance of living from that place of reconnection...

  • When we remember and connect to our True Nature, we begin to fully embody the energies of love, joy, peace, and more.

  • When we embody these energies, they do two things:

1. They radiate off of us and affect all those around us, even if they're not consciously aware (they're soul aware!)

2. As people are affected by these energies, they are unconsciously drawn to you: To watch you, to be around you, which means...

  • You are now an example! An example and an inspiration, showing others what is possible, helping them see another way, pointing them back to their own Truth.

  • As this awakening and remembering continues throughout all of humanity, giant chain reactions (one of which you can start right now!), a massive healing and transformation will take place.

  • The world will become one of healing, love, joy, unity, peace, abundance, honor, respect...

    • All of the things YOU already carry inside of you, sweet soul - in the Soul that you are

Do you see how important this reconnection is???

And can you believe it's actually tied to health?! I know! It's not your first thought, probably, but that's what I'm here for! To connect the dots and show you yet another way! Another perspective.

Let's take this off the global scale and bring it back to the individual level.

As you connect more to Your Truth, you begin to connect to your desires and dreams - both for your life and for the impact you want to have with others/the world.

You'll realize what you want your life to be like (and you'll also realize that you can always choose anew, too!). You'll realize the type of change you want to be in the world, your soul's missions. (And the coolest thing is that when the desires and dreams are coming from this soul connection, you know they're aligned, which means they are 1000000000% possible!)

But do you know what you need to have these come to life? Energy. (This leads me to point number two!)

You Must Be Able to Do the Work

I gotta bring in my eating disorder experience here. I don't like to talk about it too much because, while it is a big part of my story and a huge influence as to why I'm here as a nutrition coach today, I do not want it to be my identity nor all I talk about! It's an influence, but not the main event. Make sense?


When I was nearing the end of the eating disorder (right as I was about to dive headfirst into full recovery), I felt the biggest disconnection from my dreams that I have ever felt.

I used to journal about all the things I wanted to do. (Basically all I'm doing with The Joy Babe now, minus the nutrition coaching piece! That came later.) I used to journal about my dream life, exactly what I wanted it to look like: The person I would be, the things I would do, etc. You know, standard stuff!

But there was a biiiiiiiiiig gap, a huge missing piece: My health.

I was so very unhealthy at that time that I just didn't have the energy to go about making any of that happen. I was just making it through the day as best I could.

I didn't have the energy to really feel any emotions, laugh at anything, find enjoyment, etc.

I had moments of feeling hope, moments of laughter, moments of joy...but they were rare. (They usually followed my large amounts of morning caffeine, giving me a little boost of energy before I ended up dragging throughout the rest of the day. Some days were fueled with consistent caffeine consumption - not recommended!!).

But I took hold of these moments of clarity and breakthrough, whenever they came.

The moments when I felt a little more like normal. A little hopeful that there was something more to life beyond where I was. That things could change.

These were the moments where I was dreaming. These were the moments that I felt God speaking to me, felt my soul calling me to something more.

I sensed that I was meant to do something spectacular. (I am and we all are! "Something spectacular" also goes by the name of: "Whatever you're doing when you're in alignment!").

Then, right on the backside of all that dreaming and hope...

Intense sadness. A feeling of depression.

I thought, "There's no way any of that could happen right now. I just don't feel like it. I have no energy. And really...I just don't care." (But a part of me, the Real Me, did care - my brain just didn't have enough energy to actually do the caring.)

It wasn't until I chose health and healing, chose full recovery, that everything began coming together.

When I chose to get better, the connection returned. I connected back to my Truth. I connected back to God. I locked in the connection to my dreams.

Everything felt possible. I felt ready. I was ready! Finally!

The hope and excitement and joy that comes from believing your dreams are possible is indescribable. Truly, until you experience it for yourself, words won't do it justice.

Now, you may be wondering, wouldn't this just apply to people with eating disorders?

I mean, the general population that fits the description of "living a less-than-healthy lifestyle" aren't experiencing these degrees of separation from Self, God, dreams, etc., right?

No, this is not just about those with eating disorders.

It is true that everyone's experience is unique and therefore the amount of disconnection they feel is going to differ person to person...

But the disconnection remains.

For where there is a lack of whole, healthy physical energy...the spiritual energy will always be incomplete as well.

*Again, this does not mean anything about those with disabilities or chronic illnesses or anything of the sort! No, this comes down to choice, which I will get to in just a second. And, just as a preface, I mean choice as in what a certain individual can choose in their specific circumstances."

A lack of whole, healthy physical energy will always follow one not caring for their health in all of the ways that they can, all of the ways that are available to them.

This will always lead to a degree of disconnection.

Yet, there still may be some dreams and desires poking through! Making themselves known. It's not like the connection (to Self, God, etc.) is completely gone!

But the energy is not there to fully bring them through.

What good are the dreams of the Soul if they are never acknowledged and never brought to life?

Let's jump to point number three. It has a lot to do with this whole connection piece. It's a key component of connection, and connection actually doesn't fully happen without it!

Alignment. (Particularly of the soul type!)

Not Choosing Health is Resisting Alignment

This isn't about perfection! Nope, nope, nope. Get that out of your head right now. (If it was there!)

This is about intention, attention, and choice.

Listen, we may have blind spots. We may think we're choosing the best and we're actually not. (But as we keep heading in the direction of our alignment to the best of our ability, we will get there!)

Doing it all may not be available to us at the moment. (Aside: Perhaps our definition of "all" is a little skewed? Perhaps we can do it "all", yet "all" simply means what is within our control? Let's paint a little picture: Perhaps you have constructed a model of health and wellness in your mind that looks like 3-hour-long morning routines, fancy teas, a giant skincare lineup composed only of the cleanest products, greens powders, the cleanest of whole foods, etc. No hate on anyone that's got something like this going for them! If that's your thing, do it! But, if all of that isn't available to you right now, within your control? It's not for you right now. What is for you is what is in your control. Perhaps right now the only thing within your control is swapping processed foods for whole foods. And guess what? If that's the only thing within your control right now, that's all you need to focus on. That is doing it "all." That is perfect. But, in order for it to be perfect, you must choose to see it that way. Choice of perspective plays a big role in alignment. This will make more sense as we go along throughout this section.)

So, this is not about "doing all the things" or "being perfect."

It's intention.

When your intention and attention are on health and healing and doing the best that you possibly can in this moment right here right now - that is choosing alignment.

Anything else is resisting alignment.

This is not meant to lead to stress and overwhelm - those don't get you anywhere!

Instead, see if you can quiet the mind and calm the energy so that you can make the decisions that matter most.

Not getting caught up in what you think you "should" do or what other people have told you that you must do.

Mmm-mmm. What does your soul say?

See, your soul will not shout at you - you must get quiet to hear and listen.

When you feel an intuitive leading to make a certain choice for your health - commit to that full force.

Block out the noise and the "what ifs."

These will distract you and take away your energy.

You only need to put your energy toward what your intuition is leading you to right now.

But when we ignore what is within our control? When we resist taking action on the things that are readily available to us that would be nourishing and loving for the body?

That's resisting alignment.

That's actively choosing what is out of alignment.

Now, your world nor your health will not totally fall apart in an instant!

You will simply be experiencing what is less-than-best. (And my goodness...can't we get so comfortable and complacent in settling for less-than-best?)

Let me illustrate this with a work example:

If you have big, grand, wild & crazy (GOOD wild & crazy) career dreams (dreams of how you want to change this world and create a dream life for yourself at the very same time)...

Career dreams that stray from the "norm" or what you thought you should do or what other people told you to do and blah blah blah...


You choose to do what's "normal," what you think you should do, what other people told you to do, what you most certainly have the ability to do...

That's resisting alignment. That's actively choosing what is out of alignment.

Because those big dreams and desires are within you because they are aligned with You. They are what you are here to do and be and bring about.

But, just because you choose to take on a career not in line with your aligned mission(s) (plural because we always have infinite versions of these missions we can choose from!), that doesn't mean you'll lack money or necessarily be miserable at your job every day or anything like that. (And it certainly doesn't mean God is upset with you!)

No, all it means is you're missing out on the best. "The best" that you might not even know is possible!!! A lot of times we have to jump and take a leap and actually surrender to the very best coming to us before we even have an inkling of what it could be. The Universe has better things in store than we could ever dream of!

So, same with your health.

When you resist choosing what you know would benefit your health, you're not going to fall apart. You're just not going to be living in full alignment.

Any amount of not living in full alignment is settling for less than the best.

Now, it may seem clear as to why this is important for your health and all.

But what in the world does this have to do with the rest of the world? (You know, the point of this whole post!)

Living out of alignment in one area means you're living out of alignment as a whole.

There's always that missing piece.


Life is a continuous journey of intending on aligning more and more and more. It's a daily effort.

Each step you take in the direction of alignment gives you more clues about Who You Truly Are (and all the other Truths that go along with that).

No one out there (like God) is holding you to an arbitrary standard of perfection! We humans have made up a lot of wild versions of what "perfect" is, and I get it. It helps us feel better, when things can be "perfect." Perfection provides a sense of safety, security, assuredness, predictability.

But what is truly perfect is just what is in alignment. That is all.

And if you are choosing alignment, you are choosing perfection.

Heck, if you are at least trying to choose alignment, you are choosing perfection!

Again, it is about the intention and the attention and the energy - where are they all flowing?

Doing our best is enough, because there may be parts we're still yet unaware of. When we need to be aware of them, we will be. They will be revealed as we keep truckin' in that alignment direction.

Choosing health, choosing what is in your control right now when it comes to your health, is choosing alignment.

No matter what "illness" or "disability" or "chronic condition" you may "have" - and I put all of those in quotes simply to accommodate people who choose to view them in all sorts of different ways, not in any sort of invalidation!

There is always an element of health to be chosen.

There is always an element of alignment to be chosen.

Aligned people are what this world needs - because we need humans embodying Souls.

One Area & All Areas

To recap what we've already been over super quick, when we are out of alignment in one area, it means that we are out of alignment (even if just slightly) as a whole.

There's a missing piece.

But the cool thing is it works in the opposite direction as well!

Choosing alignment in one area leads you to choosing alignment in others!

Just like choosing to love yourself (in a practical way, by taking a tangible loving action like getting out in the fresh air and sunshine) leads to you taking all sorts of other self-loving actions. A self-love snowball. (Like a gratitude snowball! This is when you start listing the things you're grateful for and it just keeps going and going and going and going...)

You can have an alignment snowball!

*Oh, just as a little personal story to illustrate the self-love/self-care thing: I recently went to the doctor to get my foot checked out for some pain. And I was thinking, "Wow! You're taking care of yourself! Awesome!" Then, it led me to be inspired to take care of myself in a myriad of other, smaller ways. For example, I started to think, "Am I really following all of the advice of my functional dietician? Is there more I could be doing? Yeah, I bet there is! I'm going to..." (and from there I just had a bunch of health-promoting action ideas pop in my head that I took action on!) And it all started with foot pain...*

When you choose your alignment, you begin to experience the effects of that alignment.

You feel the energy of being in alignment. Which leads to positive emotions.

Which lead to positive thoughts. Which lead to positive actions.

Actions that will be in alignment, no matter whether or not they directly relate to the first area of chosen alignment or not.

Every area of your life is connected, even if they appear separate. Just as we are all connected, though we seem separate. (*Separation is a relative truth! From one perspective, we are! From another, we are not. Let your brain chew on that.*)

When you choose to align with your soul in the realm of your health (choosing your best health is always choosing to align with your soul), it can lead to your alignment in all other areas.

You are placing yourself in a stream of inspiration. Ideas, dreams, and desires come to you. They just download into that noggin of yours (so long as you are also receptive).

You feel inspired and energized, so you take action on those ideas, dreams, and desires.

You begin to feel like Yourself. Something has changed, though you may not know exactly what.

Life feels different. You quite literally feel like a different person. You are! You are more of You.

This is all alignment is. It is aligning with the Soul - your True Self.

From there is where the rest of everything you're meant to do in this lifetime will flow.

This is why it's always BEing before DOing - because the being of the Soul leads to what you're meant to do.

There will always be certain actions that are in alignment for all humans:

  • Choosing health

  • Choosing love

  • Choosing spiritual connection

Yes, they are broad. But that's because, even though they apply to us all, they are unique to each at the same time.

The only way to find what is in alignment for you is by following your intuition.

When you choose to align your health, there's no telling where that alignment snowball will start heading.

But here's the guarantee:

Eventually, you're going to change the world - so long as you keep choosing alignment over and over and over again.

And it can all start with simply choosing to care for, love, and nourish this physical body.

How cool is that?!

And, lovely soul, this is something we can do together.

As you know, I'm a nutrition coach. Yes, I do want to help you reach your physical goals! Whether they be about health, looks, etc. I can do that, certainly. But it's not just about that, ever. (For me and my coaching, at least!) There will always be elements of...

  • True health

  • Intuition

  • Alignment

  • Soul discovery

I promise you that you will find so much more than the physique you're looking for. But don't worry - you'll get that, too!

If you want to learn more about my coaching, head on over to the Nutrition Coaching page, have a read, and fill out the form at the bottom to get in touch with me!

XOXO Katie Anne

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