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What Does It Mean to Connect to and Trust God?

I want to start this post a little differently. See, most of my posts (here and on Instagram) start out as notes on my phone. They are usually bits and pieces that seem to just flow through me all at once. So, what I want to do with this post is share exactly what was in the Notes app on my phone, copied and pasted, word-for-word. Then, I want to dive into explaining it all and writing a more in-depth post. Sound good to you? Sweet. Here's the OG version/inspiration:

Connecting to God is connecting to your truth

You are God - in the sense that you are a PIECE of God

Made of God

A unique representation of God’s nature - that is who you get to be

Now & forever

That’s who you’ve always been able to be, no matter where you’ve incarnated

Since there are different incarnation options, the expression is also different

Connecting to God is connecting to your soul - the part of you that is a part of God

Your spiritual nature

It is choosing your cosmic nature > your human nature

Your human nature matters because you chose this incarnation! This human being that you’re playing as is how you exist on this planet

How you love, learn, create, enjoy, serve

Living from your soul is living in connection with God

We are all God, just some are aware and others are not

When you live as your soul self, you help others awaken to who they are, too

Both by being a tangible, perceptible example

And by changing the energetic frequency

Trusting God looks like surrendering to the fact that while you may be a part of God, you are not God in entirety

There is still a greater force out there

Of which you are a part of, yes!

But that you get to partner with

That knows more than you

That sees the bigger picture

That works behind the scenes in ways we are not capable of as humans

That provides what we cannot

Trusting God is not sitting back and doing nothing

It is living in alignment in all ways possible

Taking aligned action in all ways possible

Being the aligned energies

Choosing the aligned energies

Choosing the highest perspective

Asking for guidance and trusting it to come

Being open for the guidance to come

Being receptive

And taking action when it does arrive

It is surrendering your need to control every little bit of everything

Knowing that God is all loving and is always working things out for our best

That there is no shortage of “best” because God is the ultimate creator - there never has to be scarcity

It is living in flow

Honoring your truth and your path boldly

Showing others the way

Being the light. Being the love.

Having fun with this earthly, human game

Now, ready to take this apart? It's gonna be a fun one. And hopefully one that changes your life. And I'm gonna start out a little controversial, just to make it extra fun...

You Are God

Umm...did I seriously just say that? Yep, and if you read what I had in my notes, you already have a sense of what I mean.

We are all a part of God. God is not separate from us. We are intimately connected and tied. A separation can never truly happen - only an illusion of separation, which can result in a very real experience that seems like separation. (Illusions are powerful, friend! We make ourselves believe something that's not true, then we live it out. Yikes.)

And at the same time, no one human is God in entirety.

This human world? Well, it's my belief that it's just one part of God, too. Meaning, earth ain't the only world out there! There are certainly other worlds and other realms. I have never understood thinking it's just out here it the vastness of space and time, two things we barely understand from a scientific standpoint anyway! I personally think it's fun to consider all the possibilities. Life gets a whole lot more fun when you open up your mind.

I like to think back to Genesis when thinking about us humans being parts of God.

Now, whether or not you take Genesis literally is not the point right this second. But, when you read the story of how God created man (Adam), the Bible says that God breathed life into man.

This God-breathed life described here, to me, is spirit. Life force. Soul.

We humans exist within and separate from God, at the same time. I know, that seems a little trippy. It's a little paradoxical. But let's think about waves and the ocean to make this make sense.

A wave is a thing in and of itself, yes? It is something that is talked about separately from the entire ocean. Yet, at the same time, it is still a part of the ocean. You cannot have a wave without the ocean. (And don't you go thinking about the other types of waves that there are! Light waves, sound waves, etc. You know what I'm talking about.)

Same with soul and God. The soul is an aspect of God, yet it cannot exist apart from God.

It may seem that we are separate because we are in this physical world. But we are always energetically, spiritually connected to God - even when we are not perceiving it. Perception is a choice. We must choose to live in alignment with that connection that is always there and available to us.

And, just as each wave of the ocean is unique, so to is each soul unique.

We all contain the core characteristics of God, such as joy, wonder, peace, love, etc. to be lived out in our own unique ways; expression of these characteristics varies from soul to soul, human to human.

And on top of that, here's another layer: The way each soul expresses these characteristics changes depending upon the soul's current incarnation. In other words, how the soul expresses these characteristics in one specific human lifetime will look different from another human lifetime or another incarnation altogether. This is because each incarnation comes with a whole host of different circumstances. Yet, no matter how different the circumstances from lifetime to lifetime or incarnation to incarnation, they are always perfect for that soul's expression.

Ready for one last layer? On top of every soul containing the core characteristics of God, being expressed in unique ways, each soul has unique characteristics of its own. A soul personality, if you will.

This also informs the expression in each lifetime or incarnation. (I just want to interject here and make sure you caught the fact that this lifetime is not our first nor our last. We are eternal souls. A topic deserving of its own post!)

See how no two humans could ever be the same? Even if they share biological DNA or share astrological signs or share human design profiles or any other thing you could think of that we like to categorize humans by.

It's not the physical that totally informs how one shows up in any lifetime - it's the soul interacting with the physical. And the soul will always be unique.

Once again...we are all a part of God - one yet separate.

One last analogy to wrap up this section involves the human body and its parts. A foot is a separate body part and part of the body as a whole at the same time. Separate and one. The body is many parts and a whole, at the same time.

This is how we take it from the top level of God all the way down to the individual.

It's not complicated, just layered! Complex. And wondrously, magically cool.

You are divine.

So, hold on. This is all wonderful. Magical. Transformative information! But, how do we connect to the God that we are all a part of? What does that look like in our everyday life? How does it inform this human existence?

Fantastic questions, dear one. Let's dive in.


In the World, Not of It

I want to draw from the Bible once again. We are called to be in this world, but not of it. This means we are here to participate in this earthly realm, fully immersed in experiencing this human life, but we are meant to remain spiritually connected and led at the same time.

We are not here to live as our only the human side of ourselves. We are here to be souls in human bodies.

To do this, we must be connected to our Truth - the Truth that we are a soul that is a part of the One Great Creator Source of Everything and Anything Imaginable (glad this isn't what we always refer to God as! that'd be quite the name to say and type...).

This gets a little tricky because...we come into this world forgetting that Truth.

And part of this game of life (yes, a wonderful, adventurous game!) is remembering.


There are many ways to go about this.

One is following your interests, the things that bring you joy, and the things that bring you peace.

These will lead you to clues and answers about your true soul nature - your soul's attributes.

And when you learn your soul's attributes, the energies that you came to bring to this world, you can apply those attributes and energies to anything that you do. You begin with being and you take that being into your doing.

Your purpose, really, is to be - be the soul that's doing the doing. The doing doesn't matter so much as the being. If we start with doing we're working backward. When we begin with being, the doing that we're supposed to do will flow nicely and naturally.

Put another way, start with who you are and the actions that you're meant to take in this lifetime (from the small to the big) will be made known to you.

As you take small steps (well, steps that may seem small to you - we can never know their true impact) the path continues to appear in front of you. (Really, I believe we're presented with many paths in this lifetime - with an infinite number being aligned. It's up to us to choose. There's no right or wrong - it's always just whether it's in alignment or not! And if you find yourself on a path that's out of alignment? You can hop back into alignment in an instant. Energetic shifts can be instantaneous, sweet soul - they don't follow physical laws!)

The Role of Intuition

Coming to know your true identity and knowing that you are connected to God is not always going to be something that you can logically process with your brain.

Most of it is going to come from an inner knowing - your intuition.

Your intuition is your communication line from your physical, human self to the spiritual - your soul, God, and the entire spiritual/cosmic realm.

It's your knowing without knowing how you know.

It's what you're sensing when you know something feels right or wrong but you cannot logically explain why.

What's a bummer is that we've been told we can't trust those feelings. We can't trust ourselves. Because perhaps we're being led by emotions or we're being pulled by selfish desires. At least, those are two dominant messages I've heard.

We've been taught that we always have to apply logic. But, God doesn't "make sense." The spiritual doesn't "make sense." Not to the human brain.

That's how it's supposed to be!

If we were to live by the brain and by human instincts alone, we'd be living in and of the world.

We're here to be led by the soul, remember? Living as humans connected to God. Powered by spirit.

We have to begin trusting our intuition. We all have intuition. Some are more connected than others right now, but we can all strengthen it and have it be our guidance system.

If you believe you are not intuitively connected at all right now, start with the small. I know you have small inklings, even if it's just now and then, to go a certain way or do a certain thing or say something specific or do something differently than you normally do.

It is absolutely vital that you begin listening to those. That is your intuition. Don't question - just listen. This is how you begin to strengthen the connection.

As this connection strengthens, you'll move from listening to it for the "small" stuff to having it be your guiding force in life.

Because you know it is how your soul speaks to you and how God guides you.

Rather than your intuition being a thing in and of itself, it is more like a communication line. A communication line that anything in the non-physical (including your soul and Source/God) can utilize.

It is always open and available, ready to be tapped into.

Living led by your intuition is living a life of prayer, another recommendation from the Bible. Because a life of prayer is a life lived in communication with God. And living a life led by your intuition is a life lived in communication with God.

Do you see all of these wonderful connections?

Living in step with your intuition also has you living in receptive mode. Receptive mode is not only important for allowing in your manifestations, but it is also crucial for receiving answers to your questions. Which leads us to another way to connect to God: Prayer.


This will be a relatively short little section, as prayer is a pretty straightforward thing!

It's simply talking to God/Source/Universe.

That's. It.

Now, a lot of religions have created rules and rituals around prayer. If that helps you connect to God, cool! But, it's definitely not a requirement.

Specific chants and prayers can serve to align your thoughts and your energy. And at the same time, prayers can also be free-flowing.

No need to be formal at all.

When you feel stuck, lost, or confused, God is always right there. There is never a time where you are separate from God. Separation from God is always an illusion.

Ask for guidance, ask for answers. Will you always get them right away? Nope! And this is where trust starts to come in.

Throughout all of life, no matter what in the world is going on, a perspective that will always serve us is...

"It's always this or something better."

This is usually applied to manifestation, where we have a desire and detach from it at the same time. It's basically saying, "This is what I want, but if God has something better in mind, bring it on!"

It can also be applied to prayers and answers. It's surrendering your own agenda. It's recognizing that your human self doesn't know it all, and even if you fully believe you need the answers now, that may not be the absolute best.

If you're not receiving answers, just ask for what to focus on instead! Don't get so narrow focused that you miss something that could be more important for the now. You'll always have answers or guidance or both - God's never gonna leave you flying blind.

One last little note about prayer - treat God like a trusted friend and just talk.

You don't have to have an agenda when you go into prayer.

Have you ever had a situation where you talk something out with a friend, just letting the words fly without a lot of thought, and you suddenly have a profound realization? You suddenly figure something out that was previously thought to be a mystery?

Same can happen when talking with God.

Wow. We've done a lot of reconnection up to this point. A lot of discoveries have been made. A lot of truths have been remembered.

A lot of peace has been cultivated. A lot of freedom has been found. A lot of clarity has been provided.

Now, how about we talk about what trusting the Universe looks like.

Trust & Surrender: Same or Different?

Trust and surrender are different, yet you can't have one without the other.

You must trust Source in order to surrender to Source.

You must be firmly rooted in the belief that we all live within a loving Universe and are taken care of by a loving God.

God is Who/What we are a part of, God is Ultimate Creator, and we exist within God all at the same time.

Getting a little trippy again, isn't it? No biggie. Don't let it boggle your mind too much!

But if we do not believe that God is all-powerful and all-loving, we cannot trust.

And if we cannot trust we cannot surrender.

We get to trust divine wisdom. We get to trust divine timing.

When we live in that trust, we surrender to it.

We take on the mindset/attitude/posture of "it's always this or something better."

Believing that we are fully taken care of and guided and held - all the time.

Believing that God wants what is best for us (and all other humans - this is a win-win universe, friends). That God wants us to live this life for all it can be - having fun, serving, loving, growing.

Let's bring manifesting into the discussion now. Even though it's not the main topic of this post, connection to God, trusting God, and manifestation go hand in hand. Inseparable.

See, trust and surrender are key for manifesting.

And manifesting is how we create our lives. Just like our moments make up our days and our days make up our lives, our "separate" manifestations come together to create our lives. If we are deliberate and intentional, they create our dream lives!

When manifesting, we start with desires and dreams.

We feel into how it would be to have them. We begin to embody those feelings, those energies.

We step into the identity of the person who has those desires and dreams being their reality.

We begin to take action.

And all the's not a solo process. Manifestation is a partnership with the Universe.

There are things that must happen that are outside of our human control.

If we try to do it all ourselves, we'll just be coming from human logic, not seeing the bigger picture.

We'll be using limited human energy to make things move, while God is limitless energy.

We'll be controlling only what's right in front of us, not being able to control all that's needed to shift in order for the manifestation to come through.

You see how it just wouldn't work?

Some of it might work, yeah. This is why we see people "get results" from hustling and grinding and all that jazz.

But...even though it sorta kinda "works," is it the best way? Not by a long shot.

So, if we trust God to guide and we surrender our manifestations to Source, does this mean we just get to sit back and do diddly squat other than have desires and dreams?

Let me repeat something I just said...

Not by a long shot.

We Want to Create

Just as there are core soul traits that we maintain throughout all of eternity (well, that is my current understanding, anyway! I am open to that changing, that perhaps our soul personalities change? hmm...) there are also core desires of the soul that follow us into various incarnations. One of those?

The desire to create.

To be a creator. Being is an action.

To be a part of the creation process. Creation is an action.

I know that, sometimes, we can feel a desire (or we think we feel this desire) to just sit our booties on the couch and have everything we want come to us. You know why I think this is? Because of the way we've been taught and shown our desires must come into our lives. Through hustling and grinding and putting our blood, sweat, and tears into it. By sacrificing our health and happiness and relationships if it's something we really want. Of course we would want a break from that! But that's not how wonderful things are meant to come into our lives. We've been taught incorrectly.

Do we put forth energy? You bet! (I'm about to touch on this in a second.)

Do we reprioritize where we place our energy and our time? We sure can! But not in a way that brings about misery. Just a simple change to facilitate another change.

The hustling and grinding way that I described...doesn't that seem to work? It seems to. It's one way to obtain the things you desire, whatever you want to be, do, or have.

Again, it's just not the way it's meant to be. Not the way it has to be. Not the best way.

A way, but certainly not the only one.

We're not meant to do it alone. We're not meant to do it all. We are meant to be living in partnership with the Universe - to allow the best things to happen in our own lives and in the lives of others.

Source wants to show you a better way. An easier way. A way where yes, you still participate - but you do so in a way that feels natural to you. A way where yes, you still put forth energy - but in a way that flows.

There's no forcing. No pushing. You always know, on a soul level, you're taking action in alignment.

And that's what it's all about, folks! Alignment.

How you're supposed to be using your energy. How much energy you have to put forth in the first place. When you can put forth the energy. How much you put forth at any given moment.

We're not all the same and, I know this kind of goes without saying, but...God knows this.

The partnership that we step into with the Universe is unique to each of us.

It is a partnership we intended to be a part of all along, when we chose to come to this planet and live these lives as human beings.

It's okay if you've gotten caught up in the 3D, human, earthly way of doing things - you can shift right now!

It's completely understandable if that's been your modus operandi. It's what we're taught from an early age. It's what we're taught during our very impressionable years.

Let's talk about what pairing trusting God and us taking action can look like - how it plays out in life.

Our Action + Trusting God

Now we're going to get into the true partnership that life is supposed to be. The way I believe it was designed to be from the start.

We're still talking about manifestation, so I want us to return to the broadened perspective of manifestation we touched on up above.

Manifestation, moment by moment and day by day, creates our lives. Intentional or not.

If we are not intentionally living and deliberately choosing, we are also, in a way, choosing that life. That is still creating our lives - just in a way where we have surrendered control. Our action, here, is choice - the choice to surrender control.

Living intentionally is living a life of manifestation.

Manifestation is simply deciding what we want, tapping into the energy of it, embodying that energy, partnering with God to bring it through, and allowing it into your life.

One manifestation leads to the next. Each is a block in building your desired life. And your desired life is the one that is for you. Because, if you are coming from alignment with who you truly are as a soul, you know those desires are truly yours to have.

Even when we don't have a "big" manifestation we're calling in, which I think is often what people think of when they think of manifestation, we still make choices in each moment for what we prefer. That's like...micro manifestation!

Making choices in alignment with our truth is making choices in alignment with the energy of our soul which will send out an energetic signal into the universe where what matches who we are will come into our lives. THAT'S MANIFESTATION. Even though it seems subtle and small, it's all about energetic alignment.

When you are living in energetic alignment with your soul truth, you are living a life of manifestation, building a life full of what matches your truth. And what matches your truth will be what you desire.

This is the first part of you taking action while God is a part of the process. Do you remember the very first part of this post where I talked about us being a part of God? Connecting to our soul truth is connecting to God. Living from our soul truth is living from our divine nature. Making choices and taking action from that alignment is taking action guided by God - the God within us.

Whoa. So, even in the teeniest tiniest decisions made in each moment, God is there? Yep! When it's in alignment, God is there.

Then, of course, this gets bigger! For the "big" manifestations. And I like to put big in quotation marks because the scales of small and big are only applicable to the human part of us - it's all the same to the Universe!

I've already talked about this a number of times, so it's going to be a sort of review.

We have the desire. That's step one. And we don't have to worry about it when we're coming from alignment! When we're coming from who we truly are. That's why we started with our True Identity first.

Second, we surrender to the Universe. This will follow us throughout the process, but we go ahead and set it up from the very beginning. We offer up that desire, making it known.

*CAVEAT! Doesn't God already know what we desire? YES! But, there are infinite desires we can choose from. Infinite options in alignment with our souls. So, we have to get clear and make a decision on what we want at any moment in time. Decision is action. Decision carries energy. We have so much available to us, the Universe just wants us to choose!*

The beginning of surrender is saying, "Hey! This is what I've chosen. I would absolutely love to have this. Let's make it happen."

You're making it known, you're setting your energy in motion by deciding to start down a path.

Then, you're going to step into surrender 2.0. This is where you adopt that mindset of "it's always this or something better."

You say, "Yep, even though this is what I want, I know You (God/Source/Universe) know the absolute best. If this ain't it, please show me another way!"

This is surrender AND trust. Surrendering the desire and trusting that God knows best, wants your best, and will always lead you to the best.

You keep that mindset with you throughout whatever you are going toward.

Third, you're going to align your energy. Of course, for manifesting, you must align your energy with that of which you are calling in. You must enter the receptive-energy mode, being ready for it to come however and whenever it does.

But another energetic alignment is one of trust. You sit in a position of trusting to be led to aligned action. You trust the results of that action. There is flow and ease because you trust.

You trust as you act.

See how surrendering to and trusting God is not passive?

See how manifestation is not passive?

It's just a totally different way of going about life. One of ease, joy, fun, adventure.

Remember that by surrendering to and trusting God, you are surrendering to and trusting That of which you are a part.

Your true, pure, aligned desires must match those of God. Otherwise, you wouldn't have them.

In Conclusion...

If you live in this connection, dear soul, your life will be magical. I can promise you that.

No matter what happens outside of you, you are connected to God and you are ready to tackle it.

You are always ready to keep realigning and creating the life that you want for you and for all your fellow souls in human bodies.

When you are connected to God and connected to your soul, you are always coming from a place of pure love. You never have to question your desires when you are living in alignment. You know that what you want to manifest is going to be of benefit to you and the entire world. Heck, it'll benefit the entire universe! Energetics are powerful. We cannot see them, we must purely trust them.

You are here for such a beautiful reason. Do not live as the world has told you to live. Tap back into the only thing that came in with you to this world - your soul.

Return to your connection to God, that connection that has always been, is now, and will always be there.

This is how you change the world.

This is how you awaken the other souls on this planet.

This is how you experience this human life for all it can be.

Be divine. Be magical. Be you.

XOXO Katie Anne


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