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What If We ARE Perfect?

This, my friends, is more of a narrative and/or a stream of consciousness flow rather than a post with headings and sub points and all that jazz. Roll with me through this one...

I want to offer you a different perspective on our "imperfection."

What if we recognized ourselves as perfect souls?

And the "imperfection" that we experience or exude comes from being a soul in a human body?

Two opposite forces coming together.

Where, sometimes, we are not fully expressing as the souls we are.

Where we are expressing as a human, only.

The human part of us is not bad.

The human is just the human.

We experience human nature as "imperfection" because it does not model or mirror the true perfection of the soul, the perfection of our Truth.

Human nature is part of the contrast we are here to experience. Contrast to our soul nature.

The contrast that helps us create the human experience that our souls came here to have.

Whichever aligned experience we choose out of the infinite possibilities.

We’re here on a journey to discover our soul Truth, reconnect to that soul Truth, and live out that soul Truth.

Which necessitates turning away from living led by human nature, alone.

It necessitates putting the power back into the spiritual nature of who we are, rather than just the temporary physical.

It’s shifting the balance to be spiritual > physical, not completely obliterating any concern for the physical.

It’s being good stewards of the physical, using it as the tool it is meant to be.

Not abandoning, hating, rejecting.


And in this whole process, the process of discovering Truth and working toward expressing Truth through the physical, "imperfection" arises.

Dissonance between True nature (soul nature) and human nature arises.

But we are not the human alone.

We’re here learning how to be a soul as a human. To have this experience, this adventure.

How might it change our lives if we remembered the perfection we Truly are?

That we’re on a journey to express this perfection? And, along the way, we sometimes engage in actions or have thoughts or say words that are not reflective of our True nature.

It is not a cop out to say we are perfect in Truth but that we may not always be expressing it.

Yes, we still have to take responsibility.

But we are not our actions, thoughts, words.

We’re not our emotions.

We’re not our experiences.

Those are not our identity.

We’re the witnesses to and the participants of them.

Again, we must take responsibility - we cannot fall back on, “Well this isn’t the Truth of who I am.” when we do something that hurts us or another.

No, we must take responsibility, all the while remembering the Truth of who we are is pure perfection. That we can always return to that.

Making it our intention to return to that perfection.

To live from that instead.

The "imperfection" we experience reminds us of our Truth.

Because it doesn’t feel good, it doesn't feel "right."

It’s contrast.

Contrast that we need to point us back to the light.

These bodies we're in and these brains we have do all sorts of things we can’t explain and don’t understand.

But when we come at what we experience from a soul-level perspective? Everything can shift.

Either we will become aware of a way to make or bring about a change...

OR we will have such immense, unimaginable peace that things are happening just as they are meant to.

And they will change when they change.

At precisely the best time.

Because the identification has shifted.

It is no longer with the “imperfection.”

It is with spiritual Truth.

With knowing we're all children of God.

You know we live in a loving universe loved by a loving Universe.

And all will be well.

Perhaps you'd be so bold as to even say all is well now.

You’ve just been led to believe things must look a certain way or a different way.

"Imperfection" is simply the back and forth between the physical and spiritual.

The spiritual is perfect.

The physical doesn’t automatically align, creating an illusion of "imperfection."

"Imperfection" to us as souls - because it’s not what we’re used to and it’s not who we are.

But the physical is perfect in its own way - for its own purposes.

The goal will always be to infuse the spiritual into the physical, to have the spiritual be in the lead.

To bring true perfection to this reality.

To always pursue perfection.

For that is what you are.

You get to bring that perfection to this world. To amplify the physical, not obliterate it.

By continuously aligning with the perfection that you are.

How does it feel to remember your perfection?

To know that this human adventure is just an adventure of aligning and expressing.

There’s no pressure.

Make love the ultimate goal.

In that, you’ll always be aligning.

Because you are love.

Love, God, soul, perfection - all wrapped up together.

You are made of all.

And you thought you were just a human?

Not even close.

Now, what to say about actions? The actions humans do that don’t make any sense? That harm themselves and/or others, "others" meaning anything or anyone outside of themselves.

Disconnection. Disconnection from Truth and God.

This disconnection is expressed differently by everyone.

No one is beyond hope. No soul came here to only take human actions that bring about harm. You may have heard it said that some souls choose to come to earth and play a role as a certain amount of contrast, in order that they may help others awaken. To be honest with you, my friends, I do not know where I stand on that view at the moment. I can see both sides. My immediate intuitive sense says...

Everyone is pure and perfect on the soul level.

And therefore, how could this be? How could this be the intention all along? Would that soul then never experience awakening on a human level? These are all wonderful things to ponder. Because we don't have to have all the answers. We'll have the answers we need when we need them. Until they come, we just have to be ready for them.

And until then, I am continuing with the belief that each soul is its own version of pure perfection. And each human, powered by the soul, can awaken to this truth. And live in this truth. And transform everything.

One last note.

Not everything we call "imperfection" is truly imperfection.

Much of it is pure uniqueness. The sweet differences that exist even at a soul level.

Each soul has its own personality.

When expressed in human form, the human sometimes gets labeled as "weird" or "eccentric."

What is seen as different is sometimes not accepted by others. Different can feel threatening.

The human brain likes for everything to be the same and predictable. That feels safe.

That is the animal part of us influencing those desires - those desires for consistency and sameness.

It's okay to acknowledge those - they are a part of this adventure!

Traits of the human that we get to learn how to use while we're here on the planet.

Traits that we get to recognize influence so much of the push from others for us to fit into boxes and molds - which you now know to not be the truth.

As you connect back more and more with your soul, you will know what is your human nature coming out and what is simply a unique facet of your soul's personality.

As you connect back more and more with your soul, you will find a boldness and courage to fully express these unique facets of your soul personality.

For you now be the soul is your purpose.

The perfect soul that you are.

XOXO Katie Anne

As always, sweet souls, I am here to chat if you would like to go deeper or have questions.

With all I do, my intention is to help you awaken to the Truth of who you are and live from there. To experience a life aligned to you. To experience the magic that is here for you.

Yes, even my nutrition coaching can help you awaken and live authentically, true to you. You can read all about that on the nutrition coaching page. You are always more than welcome to ask any questions you may have! I am here for you.


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