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What Is the "New Earth" or "Heaven on Earth?"

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

You may have heard of these terms. They may have sounded a little...bananas? Like, a new earth? Heaven on earth? What the heck? Well, my sweet soul, it's what you're a part of creating! What we're ALL creating! Let's demystify these terms, shall we?

It's Just About Change

When we hear these terms, we might think they're "out there" or some big concepts we can't wrap our minds around. But...nah. It's pretty simple, my friends. God wouldn't make this too hard for us to understand!

It's just about change.

Heck, we've been talking about changing the world for...forever? Seems like it!

And that's all this is.

It's shifting from the way things have been going in the world, the way we interact with the earth, the way we interact with each other, the way we view ourselves, the way we go about our work, how we approach our purpose and what we're doing here...

It's just a total shift in those areas (along with many more!).

It's a beautiful transformation.

Well, that's it in a nutshell! So dive in deeper with some of the basics.

It Starts With God

It begins within, my friends. It begins with a connection back to God, back to Who made us, back to the truth of who we are. This leads to an all-around energetic change.

We change internally, first, and then the outward changes come (in our individual lives). And as our individual lives change, so to will this planet.

It starts within each of us, coming back to God, aligning with the soul.

God will guide. God will change you. Transform you to who you were always meant to be.

And as we change, so do we inspire the people around us to do the same. We don't have to do anything but go through our changes ourselves and be open about what the heck is going on. For our own energetic shifts then ripple out to touch others in ways we cannot see.

Your own internal changes also lead you to taking different actions, which lead to changes around us in ways we CAN see. This creates another ripple effect which I will talk about more below.

There are more people awakening to the fact that change is needed, and we're realizing more and more that it starts within. More people are waking back up to who they are, who God is, and what is going on here on this planet.

The energy is beginning to shift to love, unity, peace, joy, abundance...

The energies that have largely not been a part of our collective truth lately, eh?

And you may push back against what I just said about the energies beginning to shift, because those do not match with much of what we see out in the world, what we're told is happening...

But there ARE energetic shifts and we MUST choose to see those in order to bring more of them about. Do not deny the contrast that you see. Just allow it to fire you up even more to be intentional about your own energy and your own role in this planetary, universal shift.

Because as the energy changes, the outer will begin to respond...

From Energetic To Physical

As we know on an individual level, energetic change within leads to changes in the physical. We begin to feel different, we begin to live differently, we begin to take different actions.

That is also true on a global scale. And nope, it is not more challenging just because it involves the whole planet. All it takes is each person doing their own inner work, connecting back to God, building that spiritual foundation, and inspiring others to do this themselves - and the change happens naturally (again, more on that below!).

When we shift our ways of being, we begin to take different actions.

And it is these different actions that lead to the changes that we can SEE on this planet.

And when I say changes that we can SEE, I am talking about what we witness in the world around us.

We begin interacting with each other in new ways, interacting with our environments in new ways (our homes, our communities, the earth...), interacting with our work in new ways...

All because of the spiritual and energetic shifts within. And once you get enough of this going? Well, that's massive global transformation my friends.

I've been talking a lot about changes on the individual level, haven't I? Well, let's go ahead and get a bit more into your role then!

Your Role

As you connect back to God & embody more of your soul, continuously, you are doing your part.

How is it that simple?

The connection and embodiment leads to all the energy and actions that you need to take.

All of those energetic shifts I have been talking about, they come from embodying more of the soul.

This is intentional work. Yes, it can happen quite naturally and with ease. It is not something we must always FORCE (unless the human side of us is putting up some resistance, but that's okay - the soul is more powerful). And at the same time, we might experience challenges because we are having to move away from existing solely as a human.

We are having to go a different direction from how we've been living and the programs we've been subscribing to all along. We are now partnering soul & human, which is how it is supposed to be. Spirit leading the way.

We must be intentional because the default is to live as only a human, on autopilot.

Intentionally doing spiritual and soul embodiment work looks like surrendering your life to God, discovering the truth of your soul, and choosing to live out what you discover, each and every day.

In order to do this, what is counter to these soul aspects must fall away.

We do indeed have to change the way we are living. And this doesn't mean we were ever doing it wrong. Out of alignment doesn't necessarily mean wrong, it just simply means out of alignment.

We have to make the CHOICE daily, in each and every moment, to embody the soul.

We must keep journeying down this path. It's not a one-time thing! There are always more aspects of your truth to discover. You are much more multifaceted than you could even begin to imagine.

It is a daily effort, but one of ease and flow and joy if we allow it to be.

So, as you embody your soul, you change. You become who you came to this earth to be.

Your soul came in with a plan - God has HUGE plans for you!

You came in with a mission. Partnering with God and embodying the soul puts you onto that path of living out that mission.

That mission involves you bringing about the New Earth/Heaven on Earth in your own unique way.

This might be through your work, through the energy you bring to whatever you do, through your relationships, through your unique perspective, through the messages you are able to bring through...anything!

But you DO have a role. It begins with your connection to God and being who you were made to be.

Begin within. Take your focus off of the doing for a little while, and trust that it will come naturally in the best timing.

What Does It Look Like?

Well, my friend, that is a wonderful question indeed.

It could look a number of different ways, if we talk about what we see with our eyes. And I can say, from this perspective, I'm not sure exactly what it will physically look like. I have a sense that not much is going to change on the outside.

By that I mean that if you were an observer, just looking in with no awareness of anything going on and just SEEING what everything looks like, you probably couldn't tell a difference between where we are now and where we're going.

There may be no massive aesthetic shifts. When we talk about New Earth/Heaven on Earth, it's not like it's going to transform into a dream world, something other-worldly or etheric (something we would see in a sci-fi movie). Perhaps? Sure! I mean, anything is possible, right? But that's all just speculation. Let's talk about what we WILL witness.

Visualize With Me...

We treat our fellow humans as awesome, sovereign beings. We honor their unique expressions, wants, desires, soul trajectories. We respond to them with love. We still protect ourselves, set boundaries, and work to protect others from harm, but we truly begin to embody the phrase "live and let live." And we extend from merely letting others live to actually celebrating their uniqueness, even when we do not understand. We help them along their paths, guiding them to where TRUE change comes from (God), but allowing them to choose their own path at the same time. Still honoring and loving them.

Inner work, spiritual work, and healing are promoted, celebrated, encouraged. They are no longer something that we do "when we have time," as an afterthought. We recognize them as essential. We WANT to clear and heal the shadows so that we can be free and be at peace. We know this healing is going to lead to more magic, more wonder, more LIFE. We treat our shadows with love, knowing they are a part of us that has wandered. We feel brave going into the darkness, for we remember our light and the light of God that is always with us. We courageously help others go into the depths as well.

We follow God and our soul to find our "work." We do what lights us up. We know there is room on the planet for each and every one of us to be doing our own thing, the thing our soul came here to do. We let ourselves change however often we feel called. We know that by following our heart, our soul, we light up the world. We don't conform to the old models of work. We don't do things simply because "that's how it's always been done." We don't follow "shoulds." We follow God & the soul. This applies to what we do for "work," when we work, how we work, etc.

We honor this planet and all of nature. We recognize God in all. We respect our home (Mama Earth). We do anything we can to care. We do our best with the damage we've already done and the systems we've already created. We are always striving for better. We are always striving for love.

We prioritize our connection to God. We encourage spiritual connection. For it is our true foundation. Our connection to our true home. Like the inner work, this is no longer an afterthought. It is priority.

And how do we humans feel?

We feel free, joyful, excited for life, peaceful, loving (toward self and others), bold, and full of purpose.

We WANT to heal, to discover more of our soul truth, to live out our purpose ANY way we can in ALL moments.

We KNOW we are here for grand, wonderful, magical, world-transforming purposes.

We no longer doubt our worth. We no longer doubt the worth of others.

Can you feel it?


Now, there's one super important thing to remember. Not everyone is going to be creating this world. Not everyone is going to participate. Not everyone is going to wake up and flow with this trajectory.

And this is hard to accept. I know. Especially for those of us that want to save everyone and everything and do it all.

But we have to honor the unique experiences of each human, the unique journey of each soul.

We cannot force awakening. We cannot force change.

Free will is and will always be.

We do our part and leave the rest up to God and to others.

Trust that the best will come about. If some people fall away from your life, you can feel grief, sadness, and disappointment while at the same time knowing that all will work out for the best.

All In All

So, my friends, can you now see the New Earth/Heaven on Earth? A bit? I just painted a small picture. I cannot possibly know it all. That is just a snippet.

Can you feel it?

It's amazing. And not at all "out there."

Are you ready to help bring it forth? We need you.

XOXO Katie Anne (The Joy Babe)

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