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What's the Deal With Joy?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Well, I guess you may have guessed I have a thing for joy, huh?. And you might be wondering, "Why?" Why the name "The Joy Babe?" I've mentioned joy a few times in the introductory descriptions - what I'm here for and who I am. But, I want to break it down even more for you. It's foundational. Let's go...

Joy Is An Energy

A big part of life is energy. Not physical energy, like the energy to get up and do a workout. No, I mean vibrational energy. Everything around you is responding to your vibration. Everything you see is a reflection of that vibration, showing up in different ways. Your vibration, the energy you emit from your being, is rooted in your beliefs. What you believe about life and about yourself will impact the energy with which you exist.

Lower vibrational energies result in things not really being as you want them to be. You don't feel so great and the things that are happening around you are definitely not the things you would choose to be experiencing. That's for sure. An easy demonstration of this is stress. When you are in a stressed-out state, for whatever reason, how do you feel? Does it also seem like everything around you is falling apart at the same time that you feel like you're falling apart? Yep. I know. Been there many times, my friend!

Another example is confidence. Confidence (true, genuine confidence) has a certain energetic signature. Two people can be doing the EXACT same things, and the one that is confident (vs the other NOT being confident) is going to have a totally different experience. Results will be different. And think about how YOU experience the genuinely confident person. No matter what they're doing, you just feel GOOD about it - feel good being around them, even if you're not objectively interested in what it is they're doing. They just have a good ENERGY.

Now, think about the way you feel around certain people. Sometimes, you can't pinpoint what it is that's feeling good/bad. You look at their actions, and they could be the same actions as other times or what other people are also doing, but something just feels...different. That's energy.

Energy can ALWAYS be felt. Even if you do not consider yourself highly empathic, you can still feel other people's energy. And other people can always feel yours.

There is an energy associated with every state. Anger, stress, peace, bliss, excitement, confusion, overwhelm, stress, jealousy, fear, etc.

Joy Is An Energetic Magnet

Now that we've got that energetic foundation, let's move on to an extension of that energy. Magnetism.

Remember that all of life is responding to your energetic output. How you are vibrating energetically is impacting what you're experiencing in your reality. Joy is a magnet.

Joy is an energy that draws toward you what you truly desire.


Joy is an energetic match to the state of having your soul's true desires - what is meant for you.

Think about it for a sec. How would you feel if your dreams came true? Well, joy would probably be one of those things! Of course! ('s kind of like gratitude!)

Therefore, joy is a vibrational match to the desires of your soul.

(I just want to interject here that when I talk about your "dreams" I'm talking about anything - it can be about the person you want to be, your dream career, where you want to live, the partner you want to have, how you want to be able to spend your days, etc.)

And just like magnets draw toward them magnetic things, joy draws toward you your dreams that are a match to that vibration.

And the dreams that are for you, that are aligned with your soul, that are pure and genuine - they ARE a match to that joyful vibration.

Now, in addition to this joy being magnetic, joy also shifts your reality.

Reality Shifting

I want to start this section by saying that there are infinite realities that we can experience. Infinite. If that sounds weird, think about it this way: We all get to choose how we live life and the choices we make determine the lives we live. That's choosing a reality, my friends!

We are here (on earth) with a plan & mission. AND, at the same time, free will is also a truth - just a condition of this earthly, human life. Therefore, anything is possible - from the magical to the...very not-so-magical.

What impacts which reality you experience? Apart from your connection to God, your soul, your mission, your's your energy. Your vibration. (Which are actually extensions of those connections I just listed!)

That (or "those" if you think of energy and vibration as separate) is/are the foundation. That impacts your actions and what you attract to you.

That lines up the rest of what is around you to align with the vibration you are putting out.

Therefore, what LOOKS the same on the surface (i.e., the people, environments, etc.) are actually different in the way they are showing up in your life.

See, there are infinite versions of how all of the elements in life can show up. That is what creates the infinite number of realities possible.

Therefore, your vibration is going to impact which version of these elements you experience.

Reality shifting is that simple!

Joy Loosens You Up

When we think about our dreams becoming reality, we often think that we have to figure out what to DO. We have to map out all the steps and push and work and hustle and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We might have a death grip on the results or the way/the plan. this the way to make it happen? No. Nope, it sure isn't. Learned that through experience, my friend!

Now, COULD your dreams still become reality in this way? Well, maybe! But is it the BEST way? Nah.

(*And I'm not talking about being lit up, excited, on fire, and all that jazz, working hard in THAT way. That's totally different. That's a result of alignment.)

Your dreams becoming reality is meant to FEEL GOOD. It is meant to be a fun, exciting process. One full of magic.

God knows the best way. Let God lead.

You have INCREDIBLE amounts of guidance coming to you exactly when you need it. You are ALWAYS being guided. (You kinda gotta ask and open up, though...)

But, if you've got that death grip on the results and/or the way/plan to get're blocking that guidance. You just can't hear it or feel it.

You feel disconnected.

What's the antidote? Well, of course letting go. Loosening your grip. Embracing freedom. Surrendering to and trusting God to show you the way. Now, is that always easy? Nope, not always!

But joy creates a way.

Joy invites you into freedom, letting go. Reconnecting with God and with the true nature of life. Reconnecting to your pure essence, your childlike state, who you were at the very beginning.

Joy is an act of participating in all that God has gifted you with. It's flowing. It's leaping into the unknown.

It is appreciating what is here, it is a deep knowing that more is to come, it is excitement for what's next, it is curiosity for the future, it is living in the greatness of the now.

Joy is so much more than what we've possibly imagined it to be.

To Sum It All Up

Joy is that energy that is going to help you get where you want to go. Joy is that magnet that can help bring your soul's desires to you.

Joy is your fuel, your fire, your motivation.

Joy is a steady foundation to which you know you can and will return when things do not feel joyful.

Joy is your birthright.

Joy is a soul, God-given energy. Joy is an energy of our true home.

Joy is a result of living your dreams.

Joy is contagious. Your joy fills the world. Your joy lifts the vibration of the world.

Do you see?

Do you see how important joy is?

THAT'S the deal with joy, sweet souls.

XOXO Katie Anne (The Joy Babe)

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