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You’ve Heard of Vision Boards, But What About Vision Lists?

We all have different ways of utilizing tools, and that’s awesome! We love variety. Yes to uniqueness.

The tool I want to home in on in this post is: visualization.

Now, there are SO many ways to visualize. Some people like to sit in meditation and visualize. Some people like to do this (sit in meditation, I mean) and then record their visions in a voice note, so that they can go back and listen to it again and again (creating their own personal guided meditation!). Some people like to do the mental visualization and then script it out, literally writing a narrative of their vision. Some people like to take the mental images and find representations of them in the physical world, creating the vision boards that we know and love.

Wow, there are probably MANY more I could list! I’m sure. But I want to talk about another one that I love to do, which is making lists. Somehow, lists make sense to my brain. They are short, sweet, to the point, and easily-organizable. 

So, let’s jump into breaking this down!

How to Begin

First, no matter which tool you are using to extend visualization, you must start with visualization. In the noggin. Using the brain.

Oftentimes, you already have at least a vague idea of what you are wanting to bring about. “What you are wanting to bring about” falls into three broad categories: what you want to be, do, or have. Everything can fall within one of those categories!

So, yes, you usually have a vague idea (at least) of what you want to be, do, or have. This is step #1 in manifestation: dreaming. Dreaming and visualizing are very, very similar, at least walking hand in hand if not fully merged.

If you need to flesh out your vague inklings, go to social media or books or magazines or TV shows or other media. Yes - all of those can be used for positive things!! A tool is neutral until we decide how to use it - use ‘em for good, sweet soul! Seek out whatever is related to your general idea of what you want to be, do, and/or have. Allow the inspiration to come. Be open. Don’t go into comparison mode - that ain’t what this is about! This is about getting inspired and excited and cultivating more and more and more beautiful ideas. This is about stepping into the belief that anything is possible because that is so, so, so easy to do when you see what other people have done. 

This is about getting the ball rolling.

Now that you’ve got your starting place, let’s move on to step number two.

Start Making List Titles

Since the possibilities for what you want to be, do, and/or have are endless and I could not possibly cover them all in one post or ever, ever, ever in my lifetime…I’m going to use an example from my own life to illustrate the rest of these steps!

One thing I have been hugely focused on as of late is shaking off being someone I am not and finally stepping back into my Truth. My pure, simple Truth. Connecting with my soul. Living from there.

I know, it sounds broad! But really, it’s about recultivating my foundation. Getting back to my roots. And I already have such beautiful visions.

This is mainly showing up for me in how I dress, my health habits, how I interact with people in relationships, how I approach my business ventures, and how I show up on social media (not my personal social media, but The Joy Babe and Joy Babe Nutrition social medias). 

Here are some of my list titles:

What is Important to Me?

Who Am I?

What Do I Love Doing?

How Am I Different? 

My Aim

What Do I Want to Be Known For?

These are my starting places, my loves - definitely not a finished product! Heck, I don’t think I’ll ever have a finished product here! I don’t want to. Truly, I don’t. I love being in the process. It’s true what they say - it’s about the process more than the end goal! (For me, I can’t really have an “end goal” when it comes to being my soul because that’s an ongoing process that happens day by day moment by moment for all of eternity…for you, you may have an end goal! So, let this always be unique to you.)

I’m likely going to add more about how I dress, my diet, etc.

Okay, now that we’ve got some titles, let’s talk about list content!

What Goes Under the Titles

Now you get to flesh out your lists!

And, guess what? This is not one-and-done. Not by any means.

See, here’s another piece I didn’t tell you yet. Do you know where my lists live?

In the notes app on my phone.

Why? So that I can add to them the second I have a new vision!

Notebooks are wonderful, too, don’t get me wrong! I just work better by adding to my lists the moment I’m inspired rather than sitting down for a dedicated visualization and journaling session. I do those, too, but they are fewer and farther between. Everyone is different! So, if you are an “I gotta do this/write this/whatever this the minute I get the inspiration!” person, the notes app might be the place for your lists, too!

But, let’s talk about list content.

Start with whichever list you feel drawn to. And heck, you might just be starting with one list! (As in, you only came up with one list title so far.) No worries! Remember how this is a process? Inspiration will come at exactly the right time. 

Just start listing out whatever comes to you. It could be words. It could be sentences. It could be descriptions.

It’s just about what comes to your heart. That’s it.

Let me type one of my lists here for an example:

What Do I Want to Be Known For?

  • Being true to my word. Integrity. People can count on me.

  • Someone who always brings a smile, a laugh, some light.

  • Always seeing potential in people, never letting them forget that and treating them how I know they can be.

  • Radical self-responsibility

  • Bold action

  • Being a visionary, a dreamer

  • Living by my values each and every day

  • A strong relationship with God/the Universe

  • Good stewardship

  • Always sharing messages with gentleness and love (these can still be firm!!!)

See how each bullet point is different?

There’s simply no one right way for your lists to look. None. Nada. It’s yours, sweet soul.

Now that you’re getting some content down, I want to talk about a helper to all of this: Pinterest.

The Holy Grail of Pinterest

I became quite obsessed with Pinterest in high school. Back then I was all about baking recipes and planning my future wedding. Since then, Pinterest has just become my living vision board! And that is what I love it for currently.

As I said in the intro, sometimes people love to start with the vision boards! And Pinterest is very popular for creating those (as is Canva - love that, too!). But other times, people love to start with the words and then move to the pictures. Everything can be in flow and you can pick and choose what to start with and when - it may very well vary from manifestation to manifestation for you! Or, you may have your tried-and-true methods and processes. Either way, you do you my friend.

Anyway, once you’ve got some words on your lists, you can head over to Pinterest to search whatever is on your lists! See what comes up and if anything resonates with you. Then, you can make boards to accompany your lists.

This could be easier for certain manifestations than others. For instance, a health manifestation would be easier to find visual representations of than my abstract “what I want to be known for” manifestations (note: I’m not really manifesting “what I want to be known for,” but I am rather bringing about my True Nature!).

But this is just something you get to play around with! Find out what helps you in your manifestation journey. That’s all this is about!

Many people like to have notes/words and visual representations. Find what your brain loves and go from there. 

People love to talk about "the best" manifestation methods, but really…"the best" manifestation method is the one that works for you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. Do it your own way!

Really, friends, that’s it! That’s the whole of “vision lists.”

But, for a good ending, let me tell you a little bit more about why I love them.

Why I Love Vision Lists

For me, they have been much easier to revisit and add to than my Pinterest or Canva vision boards. I love to make edits all the time (as we should, because we gotta know if we’re still in alignment with what we thought we wanted!). Edits don’t mean we were wrong or that we don’t know what we want; they simply mean we’re learning and growing and changing! This editing has also been easier because of having them on my notes app on my phone.

And, just to reiterate, I love the fact that I can add to them the moment a vision hits me. I love to jump on inspiration and this has served me oh so well! For some people, they work better by sitting with an inspiration for a little bit and letting it marinate. Again, no right or wrong! It’s all about how YOU work.

I also love the fact that I can print them out or I can write them down and place them up around me in my room/apartment. I find this to be a little trickier with pictures, as that can take a whole lot of ink! Sometimes, if there’s one point in a list that’s really jumping out at me at any given time, I’ll write that one down on a notecard and put it up on the wall somewhere where I can see it often.

And, lastly, I love the organization of it! Sure, our lives are not categorized into these types of sections, but at the same time, we’re usually focused on one or a few sections of life at a time. For instance, I’m really focused on the core of who I am being right now rather than homing in on my relationships. Does that make sense?

I so hope this is helpful, sweet souls! Let me know if you try this out and what you think.

Thank you for reading! Until next time…

XOXO Katie Anne

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