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Infinite Possibilities
All is in the Now
All Versions of You Exist


As you know, Sweet Souls, I'm here to create a bridge between the spiritual and the physical - one is not complete, in this human lifetime, without the other!

So, what are we going to have as our foundation? The fact that everything is energy.


This spirituality piece begs the questions...


If spirituality is the foundation of my nutrition coaching, does that mean we'll be talking about spirituality during our sessions? How is this going to show up in the whole coaching venture?

One, we are not going to be talking about spirituality in our sessions and throughout our coaching unless you bring it up! The only spiritual element I will always, always, always encourage throughout our time together is intuition; you will have consistent encouragement from me to you to follow your intuition (which I promise you do have!).

Two, spirituality is simply the architecture of my work. It is my foundation, but nothing I place onto you. It is about me holding the space, the vision, the energy. It informs our interactions, the actions I take, and all of my approaches to the physical side of all this (i.e., talking about fitness, calories, macros, etc.). Let me break it down for you a little more now!


All realities and all possibilities exist in the now. The reality any of us are currently experiencing in the physical is just the reality upon which our focus, attention, energy, and beliefs are placed! And we are anchoring in said reality with the physical actions we take in alignment with it, guided by our focus, attention, energy, and beliefs.

Moreover, there are infinite possibilities! Have you ever heard it said that if you can dream about something or imagine it that it's a possible reality? That's true! We literally cannot conjure something up in our imaginations that could not be a reality. Ever. Our imagination is a portal into the infinite, quantum field. We tap into this field, first, with our energy.


Whoa. Is this getting trippy? Hang with me!

By extension of there being infinite possibilities, anything is possible for you. You are an infinite, cosmic, multidimensional being for which anything is possible - anything you can dream yourself to be, do, or have.

Manifestation (which is simply bringing your thoughts, dreams, and desires/preferences to life in your physical reality) is all about tapping into the quantum field to choose from the infinite possible realities that are aligned to each of us. We tap in with our energy. We tap in with our beliefs. We tap in with our actions.

Yes, a physical transformation journey (health, body, etc.) is about working with and taking action in the physical. But if we leave out the energetic/spiritual component, we're making ourselves work way harder than we have to and we're not getting the best results available to us! Why the heck would we want that? (Rhetorical question...)

So, here's where energetics and the quantum comes into my nutrition coaching:

  • It starts with you: your desires, goals, etc. You're here (working with me) for a reason, right? You have been/are being guided by your alignment (by your Soul) to the reality you want to choose from the infinite timelines available to you. Your alignment is all about following your highest joy in the moment, and it extends from knowing Who You Are as a Soul (which we'll talk about more in just a second!).

  • In the coaching space, I am here to hold this energy for you/with you as we go about your journey. As you move into the energy of this reality you have chosen/the version of you that you have chosen to embody, I am here (as your coach and guide) to help hold this energy and vision. I am here to tap into the quantum with you. The energy is already there in the quantum; it simply gets to be tapped into and upheld by me as your coach, with you getting to join in and tap into the energy yourself and begin to embody it/anchor it in - that's where the true transformation happens! I do not make the transformation happen for you - it is all about you tapping in for yourself, bringing it into your being, allowing it to flow through you, and taking the actions in alignment with it (the actions that anchor it into reality).

Let's elaborate on the last point a little more. Have you ever heard of quantum healing? It refers to distant energy healing where the facilitator (coach, practitioner, etc.) sends energy to the recipients ("clients") via the quantum field; this is possible because, in the quantum field, we are all energetically connected. The facilitator taps into the quantum to access the energy of the highest timeline(s), holds space for the energy, sends the energy out to the recipients, and the recipients open to/accept it and allow it in.

It's never about the facilitator forcing change - it's about the cultivation of energy and space. It's sort of like offering a gift that the recipients get to accept! It's all within the recipients to choose the change, choose the timeline, choose the energy, and anchor in the transformation/new reality/new timeline with beliefs and actions.

My approach to nutrition coaching is akin to quantum healing! But...let's just call it quantum transformation. Quantum shifting.

How is it akin to quantum healing, you may ask?

All throughout our time together, I am holding the vision and energy. You get to hold it with me, of course! But when I talk about myself holding it, I only mean that no matter what, I am holding this energy and vision. Because there may be times where you drift from belief in yourself and your journey! That's okay. I'm still holding this space for you.

In this process, I am not magic - YOU are; you are the magic that holds the power to transform your life and your human self into anything you so choose. This is a collaborative, energetic experience, Sweet Soul. YOU are the one who is ultimately in charge of and responsible for your transformation.

All of this? This is what I mean when I say it is my approach and foundation - it is what is happening "behind the scenes" during every single one of our interactions (whether that's a coaching call, a chat, a check-in, or me working on your plan after we've had a call or a chat or a check-in - we don't have to be directly interacting with each other in order for me to be in this energetic space!).

There's another aspect to my approach that informs my work that I would like to expand on for you. I've mentioned it a smidge already: identity.


Who the heck are you? You're not this human, that's for sure!

Now, I don't want to insinuate that your human identity does not matter - you picked it! As a Soul, you chose the human that you are - with all its many possibilities, reality options, and expressions.

Since you're not the human, you must be something intangible and nonphysical, huh? Yep, you are - you're a Soul.

A multidimensional, eternal, cosmic spiritual being. THAT is your Truth.

You are here on earth AS a human for this specific lifetime. It does matter! You chose to come here for a reason. You have things to experience, missions to complete, transformations to bring about for yourself and the world (the human collective AND the planet).

But you get to take care of your human form. You get to take care of this physical body.

Your body is how you exist on this planet! It is one of your tools for creation/manifestation.

Your body can do some pretty awesome things! Your body is one of the ways you get to enjoy this human lifetime (think of all its many senses!).

Your body is critical in completing your Soul's missions. Your body is the rental car/home through which you experience all you planned this human vacation/adventure/game to be.

Your body is the physical vessel through which your unique Soul characteristics/personality and beauty is expressed.

But all of that? Predicated on the health of the body. Your specific best level of health, relative to the parameters of the body you currently inhabit! And these can always change.

Even though you are not the human body, it matters. It is your tool, your vehicle, your home, your canvas for expression.

Through caring for it, loving it, and embodying it, we get to have a richer spiritual experience in this lifetime.

So, where does this identity flip (Soul > body) come into my coaching?

I always view you as the unique Soul that you are. I don't see you as this physical form (I mean, I literally do with my eyes, but I know you know what I mean!).

I see the You in the physical form. Yes, of course our coaching is focused in large part on the physical form! We are focused on improving your overall health, losing body fat that isn't needed or serving you, increasing your muscle mass, etc. But we can do so from a place of remembering your Truth.

Even if you dip into identifying with the physical body and its looks and its performance and its current health and all that jazz, I'll be here holding space for Who You Truly Are. You'll come back to aligning with this perspective, I just know it.

Aside from this approach mattering because it is coming from the place of your Truth, it also introduces lightness, freedom, joy, and excitement into the entire journey.

When you stop identifying with the body, you detach from it. When you detach from it, you can interact with it from the place of Who You Truly Are. When you interact with it from the place of Who You Truly Are, you can treat it with the love and care that it needs and is asking for. You can mold it to be your piece of art. You can allow it to change, always knowing that the physical form that is most aligned for you is consistently available - you just have to choose to tap in.


Access the quantum, the field of infinite possibilities

Reprogram your subconscious through constant repetition in thought and word of what is True for you, what you are embodying, and the reality that is already yours

Drop old stories we're telling ourselves about who we are and our past, remembering that all timelines are existing in the now and our most important decisions lie in the present

Bring about wild, aligned, life-altering transformation

If you're ready to learn more about my nutrition coaching, apart from the energetics and quantum aspect, head on over here and be sure to fill out the form at the bottom if you are interested! And if you're not yet ready for full-on coaching, no worries. Check out the nutrition consultation offer here! (Psst...this energetics approach applies to the consultations, too!)

Not up for either of those? Again - no worries! Be sure to check out my Substack (and there's a super cool one on the awesome possibilities the quantum offers the worlds of nutrition and fitness!), podcast, YouTube channel, and e-book shop! All those links can be found along the top menu, sweet souls. (Can you believe I'm about to say the quantum approach is behind all of this, too? Dudes, it's behind everything I do.)

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