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Sweet, wonderful humans, I am so glad you are here! (Have I said that enough on this site yet?!)

As of right now, much of my work (apart from nutrition coaching & nutrition consultations and my e-book sales!) is absolutely, 100% free. Might I sell some more things (again, other than nutrition coaching & related offers!) eventually? Sure! Anything is possible. But right now? Totally free!

That being said, if you have found any value whatsoever in what I put out into the world, you are more than welcome to donate in support of that! I appreciate anything you give.

Know that your monetary contribution goes to support:


Daily content creation for social media

Blog posts

Weekly (at least!) podcast episodes

E-book writing

Time with my nutrition coaching and nutrition consultation people

& more to come!

Monetary support allows freedom to learn, create, coach, and be here for all you beautiful, sweet, world-changing souls.

Once you submit your payment, you will receive an invoice from me (separate from your PayPal receipt) recognizing and thanking you for your payment.

Listen to your intuition and contribute what feels absolutely right.

I love you all the same, no matter what!

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